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The persons on this page have offered to perform a limited search of their personal archives for Dauphin County related genealogical inquiries or other type of records search.. Please limit your request to Dauphin county genealogy. Also, please be very specific as to your request, these folks are volunteers and can not do research for you, only look ups in their personal archives.

When you make your request, please indicate in the subject that it is a genealogy look up request.

All lookups comply with any existing copyrights as outlined at: The USGenWeb Project - Copyright Information

Lookup Volunteers are no longer being posted to this page. Please visit http://maley.net/dcgcforum/ and view the lookup volunteer forum. Also, if you wish to become a volunteer, you can add and maintain your lookup offer there.

Anyone who would like look-up on the 1900 Census anywhere in PA can email me. Once I find your ancestors I will mail you a copy of the actual census (from an on- line service).  I will do a quick look-up for free.
My web page is not genealogy related, but if you want to just see who I am go to:  www.realtor.com/baries/sharynbates.com

Sharyn Bates

 Northern Dauphin County? :I have about 50 books or records - including church and cemetery records from that area.

Evelyn Hartman deanh@voicenet.com

I have a great deal of information on Bucks, descending from Christian Buck, who settled in Londonderry, which I believe is now in Dauphin County. My family line scattered all over PA and various other parts of the USA, but I have quite a few of them tracked. I would be glad to share this information with anyone who needs it.

Rhonda Steele.  RHONDA5913@aol.com  

East Hanover Township, birth, death, and marriage dates, for several hundred Hetricks/Hedricks. George Nagle
Will search indexes to Harrisburg gen soc.on the Cemeteries in and around Harrisburg. Nadine Hensley (E-mail reported broken, if anyone has it let me know )
I have three Tombstone Inscriptions of Dauphin Co. by Oscar H. Stroh. Also have Dauphin Co. Vital Records by Rice,Germani,Dellock. Early Marriage Evidence from the Court Records of Dauphin Co. (Including Lebanon Co) 1785-1810. Compiled by Annette K. Burgert. Be glad to copy and or look-up. Gert Mysliwski
I have researched the name Hetrick on my maternal grandmother's side of the family back to Adam and Mary Burd Hetrick in 1792. The family was in Perry County. I would be willing to share that information with anyone interested.My email address is panda@epix.net Pat Anderson
I'm willing to search my Snyder and Hoover surnames to help someone.

Bob Snyder  Rcs3612@aol.com
I am willing to share information on my Dauphin Co. history.  I have over 6,000 names in my database that all originate from Dauphin Co. after arriving in America.  I have a lot of history that includes these names Matter, Motter, Schupp, Shoop, Lebo, Weiss, Schott, Smeltzer, Ritzman, Bowerman, Romberger, Light and other related names. 

Roger Cramer
I will do lookups in the following three references: "Geschichte der Familie JÜNGST" ("Historyof the JÜNGST Family), by Dorothea v CHAMISSO, Leverkusen, Germany, 1993 (in German, indexed); "The FISHBURNS", by John E. FISHBURN, Sunriver, OR, Revised Edition 1992 (no index) and "SESTERCENTENNIAL HISTORY HILL LUTHERAN CHURCH (Berg Kirche), 1733-1983"  at Cleona (Tombstone Inscriptions w/map [indexed] and some member, etc. names).

Donovan Yingst - alidon@rmci.net

DONOVAN'S GENEALOGY IDAHO -- http://home.rmci.net/dyingst/index.htm

Have "Early Families of Lancaster, Lebanon, and Dauphin Counties 

Pennsylvania" by Keith A. Dull and am willing to do look-ups.

Stacey Brahm cornfed4@earthlink.net






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