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These are scanned pages of all the entries from the 1892 Republican Poll-Book for Washington Township, Dauphin County. Information given in the book is the name of the voter, his party affiliation and if he actually voted.

Since the census for 1890 isn't available, this document is as close to an 1890 census for Washington Township as you can get!




The original book is owned by Marti Wise [rmwise@erols.com] and has been loaned to me for the purposes of making it available to the researcher. As this is the only known copy of this book, I chose to present it to the researcher in scanned format. You may make use of a scan if it contains an individual who is the object of your research. Use of the scan in publication or use on the web is forbidden without express written consent from Robert L. Maley

There are no entries for surnames starting with the following letters:


I, O, Q, V, X and Y


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