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PAXTON AND DERRY OFFER THEIR SERVICES" "Hon. Valentine Hummel, Sr., of Harrisburg, has in his possession, carefully preserved in a frame and glass, a manuscript containing the original agreement of certain settlers residing in Derry Twp. to serve in the battalion commanded by James Burd. The first name attached to it is that of Judge Hummel's father, then a very young man. The document reads as follows:

"July 25th, 1776 - This is to certify that we, the Associates of Derry Township, in Lancaster County, Province of Pennsylvania, in the fourth Battalion, commanded by James Burd, Colonel, do bind ourselves in all the rules and regulations made by the Honorable Congress in convention, for the militia of this Province."" The following is of the same date, and written immediately under, in in German, and then the names are attached: ""Derry Township, July 25, 1776 - We, the undersigned' are willing to serve in the fourth Battalion, commanded by Col. James Burd, agreeably to order of Congress, and agree to serve until the first day of November, 1776, in the land service of the country, in favor of the flag of Liberty. Frederick Hummel, Alexander Montgomery, David Hummel, Philip Blessing, Philip Fishburn, Henry Miller, Nicolas Zimmerman, Samuel Ramsey, Peter Grove, Mathias Hoover, John M'Farlane, George Lower, Thos. Roulin




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