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From "The Annals of Harrisburg" by George Morgan


The following letters are copied verbatim et literatim from the original, in the hand writing of John Harris, Jr. now in the possession of his grandson, David Harris, Esq.:

"PAXTON April 30, 1757

SIR: I sent you Butter with * * * Hambright last Command w'ch I hope you Received safe. I shall Endeavor to Procure another Crock for you against next trip. I forwarded all the Letters you sent me by * * * to Lancaster Immediately & Capt'n M'Kee was going to Philada. from there, & took them with him, so that there was not the Least Delay. Mr. West wrote me this week that there was an English Packet arrived at Antigua w'ch left Spithead the 26th Feb'ry. * * & that there was laying there 200 Transports, Storeships, &c, with 16 Sail of the Line Commanded by Admiral Knowles, which were to sail in a few Days for North America (God send them a Quick & Safe Passage) there is actually arrived at Ft. Cumberland 126 Catawba warriers & 50 or 60 other Indians & a number more Expected who seems Hearty in our Cause. I Expect they'll pay our Cruel Enemys in their own Coin this Sumer I am sir in Hase your most obed't Humble Serv't


To Major James Burd att Fort Augusta"

"PAXTON NOV'r 15, 1757.

"Dr. Sir:

I am Just arrived from Philada. No News of Importance, the Troops from the Northwerd are Part arrived in Philada., such as are to be Quartered there this Winter, & three Companys if not more of the first Battallion of Ye Royal American Riegement from Carlisle is to Pass here Next thursday, on their way to Winter quarters in Philada., the 2nd Battallion is to soon follow & Remain at Lancaster, Excepting some who is by the General Report, to be at York, Reading, &c, this Winter. We have acco'ts of our Grand English Fleet Sailing in September last on a Secret Expedition, & good accounts soon Expected from them. No Battles Lately in Europe Except Skirmishing between us, the French, Prusians, Austrians, Rusians, &c, tho' its currently Reported Generally Believed that ab't Seventy thousand Turks is actually on their March against the Queen of Hungary, & a Larger Army of Turks & Tarters is also marching against the Russians, to make a Diversion on the side of Prussia. Good accounts is also Expected from his Prussian Majesty, tho' his Enemy is numerous on all sides the French seems to be yet to strong for the Duke in Hanover but condidering the Numbers Greater Strokes might have been Quiet on all the Frontiers this Long time (from Indian Incursions) the Barracks in Philada. in Great Forwardness. I am sir your most obed't Humble serv't





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