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Information obtained from St. Michael’s Lutheran and Reformed Church 1894 – 1994 Klingerstown, Pennsylvania Mel-Co Printing 1994.


The Following deaths/funerals attended to by: Rev. Geo. J. Schaeffer

GEISE: Maria wife of George Geise & dau. of Jacob Stehr & Esther (nee Folk) Stehr b. 11/15/1834; d. 08/08/1897.
BAUM: Della Sophia dau. of Jacob M. & Mary Elizabeth Baum b. 03/18/1889; d. 05/04/1900.
DELP: Catharine wife of George Delp & dau. of Jacob Bush & Catharine (nee Paul) Bush b. 12/14/1823; d. 10/18/1900.
KLINGER: Marcus son of Jacob Klinger & Louisa (nee Alspach) b. 05/24/1839; d. 02/06/1901.
BROWN: Katie Malinda dau. of Richard Brown & Amelia (nee Wolfgang) b. 03/30/1900; d. 08/25/1901.
SNYDER: Peter son of John Snyder & Judith (nee Diehl) b. 11/13/1848; d. 10/08/1901.
KLINGER: Martha Edna dau. of Charles Klinger & Lizzie (nee Sheip) b. 03/04/1902; d. 04/28/1902.
ERDMAN: Mary Rebecca dau. of Samuel Erdman & Christianna (nee Maurer) b. 11/20/1901; d. 05/02/1902.
ERDMAN: Elmer Samuel son of Samuel Erdman & Christianna (nee Maurer) b. 02/11/1880; d. 05/04/1902.
RABOCK: Samuel son of Peter Rabock & Mary (nee Wiest) b. 12/07/1840; d. 05/16/1902.
WILLIAMS: Rufus Albert son of John S. & Emma Williams b. 05/07/1902; d. 08/21/1903.
HANZELMAN/HEINTZELMAN: Sarah wife of Collons M. Heintzelman & dau. of John George Paul & Maria Magda. (nee Thomas) b. 02/26/1820; d. 12/03/1903.
HEINTZELMAN: Collins son of Iaronymus F. Heintzelman & Maria (nee Bergner) b. 01/21/1826; d. 12/12/1903.
DELP: Andrew son of George Delp & Catharine (nee Bush) b. 07/04/1847; d. 10/01/1904.
HOFFA: Henry son of Abraham Hoffa & Elizabeth (nee Vanderlice) b. 12/26/1811; d. 02/02/1905.
DELP: George son of John Delp & Anna Maria (nee Brosius) b. 02/20/1819; d. 03/11/1905.
CLARK: Samuel son of Samuel Clark & Catharine (nee Wiest) b. 11/17/1844; d. 04/27/1905.
BROWN: Jesse child of Richard Brown & Amelia (nee Wolfgang) b. 02/10/1904; d. 08/11/1905.
WILLIAMS: Carrie May dau. of John S. Williams & Emma (nee Dietz) b. 04/05/1904; d. 09/26/1905.
BAUM: Joseph son of Jacob & Catharine Baum b. 12/01/1858; d. 0831/1906.
BOYER: Mabel Irene dau. of Chas. H. Boyer & Carrie V. (nee Klinger) b. 10/14/1906; d. 01/22/1907.
GEISE: George son of George Geise & Catharine (nee Schwartz) b. 03/26/1832; d. 03/13/1910.
ERDMAN: Christian wife of Samuel erdman & dau. of Mamases Maurer & Elizabeth (nee Kohlman) b. 11/27/1859; d. 06/15/1911.
ERDMAN: Samuel son of Jacob Erdman & Catharine (nee Seitz) b. 01/24/1857; d. 08/27/1911.
KNORR: Harriette wife of John S. Knorr & dau. of Peter Klock & Esther (nee Schlegel) b; 10/23/1848; d. 07/24/1913.
ROTHERMEL: Sarah Ann dau. of Daniel M. Schaeffer b. 03/14/1849; d. 11/12/1913.
KNORR: Elizabeth wife of Isaac K. Knorr & dau. of Peter Feterolf & Sarah (nee Reiner) b. 01/30/1836; d. 11/12/1913.
ERDMAN: Edwin son of Samuel Erdman & Christianna (nee Maurer) b. 04/23/1890; d. 05/12/1915.
WIEST: Ida May dau. of Wm. Allen Wiest & Ida M. (nee Bowman) b. 12/32/1914; d. 10/18/1915.
SNYDER: Emanuel d. 07/14/1916.
The following burials/funerals attended to by: Rev. M.W. Krause
LEITZEL: Benjamin b. 02/26/1839; d. 09/23/1916.
SHADLE: Harry b. 09/15/1862; d. 10/20/1916.
The following burials/funerals attended to by: Rev. P.G. Beer. A.B.
BROWN: Edward Early son of Richard Brown & Amelia (nee Wolfgang) b. 01/26/1908; d. 12/20/1917.
WILLIARD: Bessie May dau. of S. Morris Williard & Ida May (nee Heitzman) b. 06/07/1908; d. 07/18/1918.
ROMBERGER: Isaiah K. son of William Romberger & Susan (nee Klinger) b. 05/23/1864; d. 04/21/1919.
The following burials/funerals attended to by: D.E. Fetterolf
KLINGER: Homer son of Albert & Maude Klinger b. 04/18/1921; d. 07/29/1921.
LEITZEL: Mae Marie dau. of Paul & W. Helen Elizabeth Leitzel b. 07/17/1919; d. 11/23/1921.
ROMBERGER: Curtis Roy son of Thomas Romberger & Minnie M. (nee Klinger) b. 02/08/1922; d. 04/21/1923.
WIEST: Victor son of Tobias Wiest & Anna (nee McKay) b. 02/02/1856; d. 02/03/1924.
KNORR: John S. b. 1844; d. 11/1924. (approx. 80 years)
ROMBERGER: Elmira dau. of Samuel Clark & Joanna (nee Wiest) d. 05/14/1926; age 58y 1m.
WISE: Della Elizabeth dau. of W.O. Leitzel & Amelia (nee Wiest) b. 11/19/1888; d. 03/08/1927.
ROMBERGER: Stella dau.of Isaiah Romberger & Elmira (nee Clark) b. 12/23/1906; d. 12/28/1929.
MENSCH: Cleo May dau. of Ralph L. Mensch & Mazie I. (nee Zerbe) b. 12/18/1929; d. 03/16/1930.
ERDMAN: Otis Oliver son of Jacob & Catharine Erdman b. 07/21/1880; d. 05/23/1931.
KLINGER: Elizabeth dau. of Geo. & Catharine Delp b. 01/23/1843; d. 05/12/1932.
KLINGER: Elsworth L. son of Marcus Klinger & Elizabeth (nee Delp) b. 10/28/1862; d. 01/09/1933.
SNYDER: Emma (nee Okenrider) wife of Emanuel Snyder b. 08/12/1863; d. 12/10/1935.
WILLIARD: Vernon Eugene son of Roy Williard & Jennie (Kulp) b. 09/11/1936; d. 01/31/1938.
LEITZEL: Cora wife of W.O. Leitzel dau. of Geo. & Elizabeth Hollenbach b. 07/26/1874; d. 02/24/1938.
LEITZEL: Wm. Oscar son of Benj. B. Leitzel & Eva Eliz. (nee Tobias) b. 11/19/1866; d. 04/21/1938.
The following burials/funerals attended to by: Rev. Fred S. Blank
ROTHERMEL: Mrs. Austin (daughter-in-law of Manassas Rothermel) b. 03/02/1898; d. 12/10/1941.
DELP: Henry d. 04/29/1942; age 78years. (Mr. Delp leaves absolutely no family tree)
KLINGER: Myrtle Eliza dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Klinger b. 11/03/1928; d. 03/07/1944.
LEITZEL: Cyrus Tobias b. 09/26/1870; d. 11/24/1944.
BAUM: Mary Elizabeth b. 09/22/1864; d. 04/20/1945.
WIEST: Charles E. b. 01/21/1881 d. 07/06/1945.
STARR: John S. b. 03/22/1877; d. 10/13/1946.
WIEST: William Boyd b. 03/31/1909; d. 01/04/1948.
The following burials/funerals attended to by: Rev. Samuel F. Stauffer
HOKE: Charles Raymond d. 02/19/1940; age 20y 8m 6d.
KLINGER: Charles Milton d. 02/19/1940; age 75y 7m 22d.*Gratz Cemetery*
ERDMAN: Miles Monroe d. 05/14/1940; age 42y 3m 1d.
ERDMAN: Edna Regina d. 12/19/1940; age 55y 8m 28d.
**Pastor of the following burials/funerals not listed**
KLINGER: Mrs. W.O. Klinger d. 02/26/1951; age 66y
DAVIS: Shelly Lee d. 09/10/1951; age 8d.
UMHOLTZ: Mrs. Charles Umholtz d. 01/29/1853; age 65y
DAVIS: Baby boy d. 09/05/1953; age 1d.
WILLIARD: S. Morris d. 10/03/1953; age 78y.
ROMBERGER: Harry C. d. 11/06/1953; age 56y.
ROTHERMEL: Katie (Mrs.) d. 05/19/1954; age 82y.
WILLIARD: Isaiah d. 08/06/1955; age 67y
WIEST: Allen W. d. 05/20/1957; age 70y.
ROMBERGER: Stanley d. 09/20/1957; age 56y.
ZERBE: Clarence d. 01/19/1958; age 62y.
WOLFGANG: Charles R. d. 02/22/1958; age 17y.
LEITZEL: Richard d. 06/07/1959; age 72y.
LEITZEL: Jennie wife of John Leitzel d. 02/23/1960; age 65y.
KLINGER: Albert d. 03/25/1960; age 88y.
LUBOLD: Charles d. 04/20/1960; age 54y.
ROMBERGER: Emma Jane d. 09/08/1960; age 91y.
LEITZEL: Eleanor P. d. 10/06/1960; age 42y.
LEITZEL: Paul D. d. 01/04/1961; age 63y.
KLINGER: Randall L. d.02/13/1961; age 10y.
LEITZEL: John V. d. 06/27/1961; age 69y.
STRAUB: Roy I. d. 08/01/1961; age 52y.
KLINGER: Mabel M. d. 05/26/1962; age 66y.
BOYER: Charles H. d. 07/23/1963; age 78y.
KLINGER: Walter A. d. 12/30/1963; age 42y.
WISE: Beulah (nee Drumheller) d. 03/02/1965; age 69y.
KLINGER: W.O. d. 12/16/1965; age 91y.
ERDMAN: Grace (nee Atlinger) d. 04/25/1966; age 38y.
STARR: Harriet (nee Rabick) d. 10/18/1966; age 83y.
WARY: Ann Louise d. 02/24/1967; Age 24d.
KLINGER: Carlos Edwin d. 01/23/1968; age 67y.
MILLER: Jennie Alvena d. 10/12/1968; age 70y.
WILLIARD: Teresa d. 06/30/1969; age 73y.
ROTHERMEL: Austin D. d. 07/31/1969; age 74y 9m 29d.
MOYRGAN: Andrew d. 09/12/1971; age 71y 11d.
BOER: Carrie d. 11/23/1971; age 86y 6m 21d.
ROTHERMEL: Gertrude d. 08/13/1972; age 67.
HATTER: Henry d. 09/24/1972; age 58y.*Northumberland Memorial Cem., Stonington*
ERDMAN: Helen d. 12/07/1972; age 61.
ROMBERGER: William Ray d. 04/09/1973; age 65y.
MORGAN: Eva R. d. 06/10/1973; age 71y.
WILLIARD: Jennie d. 11/19/1973; age 59y.
HATTER: Lauretta d. 11/24/1973; age 49y 9m 24d.*Northumberland Memorial Cem., Stonington*
PRONKOSKIE: Ruby d. 12/09/1973; age 22y.
KLINGER: Lamar d. 02/17/1974; age 40y.
ROTHERMEL: John d. 09/02/1974; age 67y.
LEITZEL: Lillian d. 09/06/1974; age 82y.
WILLIARD: Clarence Ray d. 07/03/1975; age 58y.
WIEST: William A. d. 09/12/1975; age 80y.
WOLFGANG: Mabel C. d. 09/30/1976; age 59y.*Salem U.C.C. Cem., Klingerstown*
ERDMAN: Earl d. 04/07/1977; age 55y.
KLINGER: Charles M. d. 09/14/1977; age 50y.
WILLIARD: Roy d. 11/30/1977; d. 64y.
WIEST: Charles d. 03/16/1978; age 59y.
WIEST: Brian B. d. 11/11/1978; age 81y.
MAURER: Mary Kathryn b. 01/17/1979; d. 01/17/1979.
WILLIARD: Paul A. d. 01/19/1979; age 44y.
ROMBERGER: Verna d. 07/11/1979; age 78y 3m 11d.
BAUM: J. Marlin d. 06/28/1980; age 73y.
BOYER: Rosie d. 09/06/1980; age 77y.*Union Cem., Pillow*
LUBOLD: Isabella d. 10/16/1980; age 71y.
ZERBE: Homer d. 1980 *No other information listed*
ROMBERGER: Mae Elmira d. 08/14/1981; age 72y.
WILLIARD: Howard d. 05/21/1982; age 75y.
MAURER: Timothy Larry b. 11/18/1982; d. 11/18/1982.
BOYER: Ivan E. d. 05/13/1983; *age not listed*
ROMBERGER: Allen I. d. 05/26/1983; age 56y.
DAVIS: Hattie d. 08/08/1983; age 83y.
KNORR: Ray d. 12/05/1983; age 76y.
PHILLIPS: Jay d. 05/10/1984; age 95y.
BINGAMEN: Myrtle d. 10/25/1985; age 78y.*Union Cemetery, Jordan, Northumberland*
WILLIARD: Zack d. 03/12/1987; age 1y 2m.
LEITZEL: Fred d. 06/22/1988; *age not listed*
BOYER: Anna Catharine d. 08/17/1988; age 65y.
WOLFGANG: George d. 10/17/1988; age 68y.
HONYARA: Alex d. 02/09/1989; age 72y.*Schuylkill Memorial Park Cem., Schuylkill Haven*
DAVIS: Harry d. 03/19/1989; *age not listed*
ROMBERGER: Quentin d. 06/24/1991; *age not listed*
SHADE: Gary d. 08/03/1991; *age not listed*
KLINGER: Ray d. 12/19/1991; *age not listed*
ROMBERGER: Allen C. d. 11/25/1992; age 83y 7m 10d.
ERDMAN: Gregory d. 04/02/1993; age 33y.
WILLIARD: Mary d. 04/05/1993; age 84y 6m 2d.









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