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Dauphin County Deed

Courtesy of Robert L. Maley

Dauphin County Deed Book N, Volume 1, Page 179

Fitting, Peter and Henry Fitting

Memorandum of an Agreement made and agreed to Between Peter Fitting of West Hanover Township in Dauphin County and State of Pennsylvania of the first part and Henry Fitting is son of the same place, and as follows, whereas the said Peter Fitting hath Granted, bargained, sold, released and confirmed and by these Presents Doth grant, bargain, full release and confirm unto the said Henry Fitting, his heirs and assigns the Land and Improvements whereon the said Peter now liveth in the Township, upon the following terms, to wit, the Whole purchase Money to be two hundred thirty five pounds Lawful Money of the State aforesaid to be paid in the following manner to wit, he is to live ???? ???? on the premises from the date hereof before he pays any Money and then he is to pay fifteen pounds yearly on the first day of May until the whole is paid, the first payment to be on the first day of May A.D. 1807. It is further agreed by the parties that the one fourth of the purchase money shall remain in the hands of Henry for his share or part of the estate of the said Peter. The said Peter reserves to himself and his wife their Swing in the dwelling house during their life time, and the said Henry promises to build a new Chimney in the one end of said House for them and to cut and haul all the firewood they shall need and to keep them One Cow Summer and Winter along with his own Cows. And the said Henry promises for the first year to give the said Peter five bushels of Wheat, eighteen bushels of Rye, five bushels of Indian Corn and two bushels of buckwheat if he raises any. But in case they do not need so much grain as aforesaid for their yearly support is then to be regulated what grains of every kind they shall receive every year during Life. And at the death of the said Peter or his wife the said Henry is only to deliver the one half of the grain so regulated and agreed to the said Peter and Wife are to the third part of every thing that shall be raised on the two Gardens every year and the third bundle of all the flax when washed and also what potatoes they need for family use. The said Henry is also to fallow their One hog every year along with his own and he is also to deliver them the third gallon of Whiskey out of the Apples and peaches when they grow. Also if he makes Cider he is to deliver them the third part thereof, also he is to take all of their Grains to the mill and bring them home, the flour. The said Henry is to have immediate possession of the premises, and the said Peter to give him a sufficient Deed of Conveyance for said Lands and improvements. Now for the true performance of the aforesaid engagements to the afore names Persons bind themselves to each other in the final form of Four Hundred Seventy pounds lawful money aforesaid. Witness whereof they have hereunto set their hands and Seals the twenty second day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred & three.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of:

Peter Fitting (his Mark) SEAL
Henry Fitting SEAL

To the said Peter and Wife to have privilege in the springhouse for the Milk and butter, also privilege in the Cellar to keep what they need there, apples, peaches which they may need for their own use.

John Pooman, James McCreigh Recorded Sept 3, 1803




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