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1845 Harrisburg City Directory

This directory was transcribed and submitted by Ray Rhoads rhodoray@brinet.com

Abbott Marlin, carpenter, 50 South Front st.
Adams Lydia, widow, Mulberry st. below Front st. s s
Adams Richard, printer. Mulberry near Front st s s
Adams Geo., carpenter, n. s. State near Front st
Adams Alfred, clerk, Front and State
Allison William, farmer, 19 South Front st
Allen John, cooper, n e corner of Chestnut st and Dewberry alley
Alricks Hamilton, att’y., 64 Market st bet. Third and Fourth sts n s
Alricks Herman, att'y, 21 south Second st
Albright John, laborer, Fifth st below Strawberry alley, w s
Aldred Thomas, stone-cutter, s. s. Walnut above Second street
Ames E., H.   Buehler's inn
Anderson John, cabinet maker, Front, second door above State st
Anderson Samuel, cabinet maker, s e cor 2d st and' Barbara alley
Andrews P. J. Dr,   Front below Market st
Anderson Joseph, carpenter, corner of Canal and State st
Anderson Samuel, cabinet-maker, s. e. corner 2d st and Barbara alley
Anderson Mary, widow, e. s, Second above Pine st
Anderson John, printer, do do
Anderson Joseph N, pedlar, Mr. Hogans, Paxton st
Antes Henry, forwarding and rec. mer., s w cor. Front and North st
Appler C. A., printer, Bailey's, Locust st
Armstrong Alfred, teacher, n e Comer Front and South st
Armstrong Phoebe, widow, corner Tanner's lane and Cranb'y alley
Attar David, gentleman, Locust st, s s near Front st
Atkinson Amos, laborer, 110 s. Second st
Atkinson Benjamin, pedlar, Do
Austin John O., baker, Sourbeck's, Franklin house
Awl J. M., boot and shoemaker, 14 North Second st
Ayres William, att'y., Third st. 1st door above Market
Ayres Darius, laborer, Cherry alley, near Second st
Baab Jacob, printer, 7 Chesnut street
Barringer Michael,   76 Chesnut street
Bates Joseph, laborer, Strawberry alley, near Third street
Baily Mary, widow, north-east corner of Cherry and Rasberry alley
Balser Jacob, laborer, Raspberry alley near Market street
Balsly Elizabeth, widow, n. Second st, e. s. above Locust st
Banker A. V. musician, 81 n, Second street
Balsley Sarah, widow, n. e. corner Locust st and River alley
Barbour William C,   at H. Gilberts, 45 Market, street
Barnitz John C., brewer corner Third and Locust sts
Bailey Joel, boarding house, Locust 3d door from Third st
Bailey O. J., student at law, do.
Barber Wm. C., clerk, 45 Market street
Bay James M., founder, 79 Market street
Barnheizel Peter, carpenter, 108 s. Second street
Barnhart ______, machinist, at Mrs. Nill's inn
Bargle ludwig F., victualler, corner of Paxton Vine and Front sts
Barret Clinton, printer, 65 Market street
Bason Susana, widow, Mary's alley near Front street
Ball George, last maker, s. Third above Mulberry street w. s.
Baile Sarah G., widow, North street, e. of the capitol
Baughman Isabella, grocer, 71 1/2 Walnut street
Balsley Michael, boatman, Sixth between Market and Walnut streets
Bashore John, victualler, n. Fifth between Market and Walnut sts
Barnes Thomas, stone-mason, corner Fourth street & Cranberry alley
Barr G. W., auctioneer, 26 s. Second street
Bassler David, G. R, preacher, n s Pine below Third st
Berghaus C. H., lumber merchant, n. s. Market 3d door from 2d st
Bellman Washington, shoemaker, Raspberry alley near Market st
Benjamin Richard, innkeeper, Exchange, Walnut street
Berryhill Wm., saddler, 42 Locust street
Bevens Wm., gentleman, 22 Pine st
Bell Elijah, plaisterer, s.s. South near Front st
Bell Wm, Grocery, flour and dry goods store, 31 south Second st
Berryhill Matilda,   n s South near Front st
Bellman Oliver, shoe and boot maker, 11 n. Second street
Beck Jacob, translator of languages, Baab's. 28 Chesnut street
Bender Michael, stone-mason, Walnut near Fifth street
Benson Wilson, boatman. North street, e. of the capitol
Bennet Seymour, machinist, 26 s. Third street
Bergner Geo., printer, s. s. State near Third st
Beatty William P., gentleman, 16 s. Fourth street
Beader Henry, clerk, e. s. Second below State st
Benford James, laborer, Paxton street near the canal
Bechtold Samuel, grocer, &c. 71 Market street
Beissel Frederick G., pedler, Hogan's, Paxton street
Beattv George, brick-maker, 5 n. Second street
Bennett H. A.,   H. Buehler's inn
Berryhill John.   Front street, four doors above Locust street
Berryhill Andrew, gentleman, second street, below State street
Berghaus Henry C., lumber merchant. 34 Market street
Berry Samuel, plasterer, 47 Mulberry. Street
Bigler Samuel S., printer, 86 Market street
Bigler Alfred H., clerk, John H. Bigler's, n. side Market street
Bricker David, chair-maker, 17 Chesnut street
Bickler Elizabeth, widow, Paxton street near the canal
Bishop Mary, widow, 49 Chestnut Street
Bickler Zachariah, boat-builder, Paxton street near the canal
Black Joseph, constable, s. s. State below Second st
Black Thomas, laborer, 71 Chesnut street
Black John, carpenter, Cherry alley between Third and Fourth sts
Blackway Julia, widow, s. Second below Cheanut street
Boon G, blacksmith, Strawberry alley, near Third s. s., house below Fifth street s. s.
Boon Evans, blacksmith, s. s. South near Front st
Boyl Dennis, stone cutter, 79 Market street
Boyer W. W., coach-maker, s. s. Chesnut between 3d & 4th streets
Boyl Henry, weaver, between State and North streets near Canal
Bose James, laborer, candle factory Cherry alley, near Fourth street
Boas F. K., attorney, Prince’s Walnut street
Boas William D., printer, s. e. corner Pine st and Raspberry alley
Boas Daniel, lumber merchant, cor. Front st and Cranberry alley
Bombaugh Catharine, widow, 27 n. Second street
Boyd George W., Chair-maker, 22 south Front street
Bomgardner William, Inn-keeper, corner Front and Mulberry streets
Boyd G. W. & J. R. cabinet & chair-makers, 22 south Second st
Boyd James R., cabinet-maker, 61 south Second street
Boyd John R., cabinet-maker, 17 1/2 Chesnut street
Bombaugh Aaron, farmer, 26 Walnut street
Boger Jacob, dry goods & grocery store, cor. Mulberry & River alley
Boyer George, gentleman, 84 south Second street
Bostic William, ,   Second below State west side
Boyer Jerome K., printer, 43 Mulberry street
Boyer Catharine,   1 Lancaster railroad
Bowman Joseph, merchant, 39 1/2 s. Second street
Bowman David, plasterer, s. s. Pine near Third st
Brooks John, notary public, 7 north Front street
Brooks Agnes, seamstress, n. Second above North st
Brookens Wm., laborer, near corner Third st. and Cherry alley
Brown William, ornamental painter, Mulberry street
Brown Henry, tailor, Market st., dwelling house 88 Front street
Brown Michael C., printer, Second below State, east side
Brown Eve, widow, corner Short street and Cranberry alley
Brown Sarah, widow, Paxton street near the canal
Brodbeck Jacob, shoemaker, Blackberry alley near Third street
Bryan Sarah Ann, milliner, 25 south Second street
Bryan Samuel sr., carpenter, Paxton street, near the canal
Bryan Samuel, jr.,   Second street above South
Brady Letitia, innkeeper, n e corner Pine and Second sts.
Brady John, late merchant do. do.
Brady James, do. do. do.
Brady Patrick, gentleman, do. do.
Bratton John B., printer, Chesnut st, next door to Ger. Ref. church
Brenizer.Elizabeth, widow, Raspberry alley above Walnut street
Branizer Samuel, clerk, s. s. State near 'Front st
Branizer Rebecca, widow, Chesnut street l door from Third, s. s.
Briggens Jacob, blacksmith, corner of Paxton Vine and Front sts
Brumbaugh F. Samuel, boarding house Front below Harris alley
Brant John H., wholesale grocer, dealer in grain, & c, Canal street above Walnut street, dwelling house, 55 South Second street
Brua Jacob, printer, Sourbeck's, Franklin house
Branyan James, laborer, River alley,Griffith's row
Brannon Edmund, pedler, corner of Vine and Paxton streets
Buffington Alexander, clerk, cor. of Sixth st. & Strawberry alley
Buffington Benj., wood dealer, cor. Tanner’s lane & Cranberry aIley
Buffington W. T. grocery store, 20 north second street
Burnett Gilbert, chair-maker, 52 south Second street
Burke Michael, iron master, 67 Walnut street
Busher John C., dry good store, 1 Market street, corner of Front
Busher George H., gentleman, 43 Market street
Burrel Alexander, printer, s. Second street 2d door below Vine
Bull Matthew H., printer, 22 s. Fourth street
Buckhanan Joseph, blacksmith, Paxton street
Buehler Henry, inn-keeper, 17 n. Second street
Buehler Charles, inn-keeper, 41 Market street
Buck Elizabeth. widow, Cherry near River alley
Bush Wm.. locksmith, corner of Cherry and River alley
Burns Samuel, coffeemill-maker, State street, e. of the capitol
Burd H., widow, Third near Pine st
Burres Peter, painter, Strawberry alley bet. Fourth and Fifth streets
Byrne Thomas, forgeman, Walnut below Fifth sireet
Byers E., collector C. V. railroad, 45 Mulberry street
Cake Jos. W., att'y, 86 n Second st, d h 84 n Second st
Callander Daniel K., printer, 60 Chesnut st
Carson Charles, gentleman, Front and Locust st
Catrell William, gentleman, 9, s Second st
Campbell Mary, inkeeper, n. w. cor Second and Locust street
Carst John, laborer, Higher st., east of Capitol
Cassel Samuel, laborer, 91 Chesnut street
Castle Joseph, M. E. preacher, Pine near Third st
Cantine J. J. C., book-binder, 22 s. Fourth street
Carbaugh Daniel, laborer, s. e. cor R R and Paxton street
Caraher Godfried, brickmaker, Paxton street
Carrol George, clerk, Wash. Hotel, cor Second and Market street
Carnes Samuel, laborer, River alley, near Chesnut street
Cauffroth James, printer, 14 Market street
Cauffroth Randolph, printer, 14 Market street
Caslow Christian, county treasurer, s. s. Pirie below Third st
Case L. B., merchant, Wilson’s hotel, Market street
Care Thomas, moulder, s.s. North between Second and Third sts
Carpenter Eliza,   Cranberry near River alley
Carpenter Allen, millwright, s. Second street e.s. above L. railroad
Chesney Henry, saddler, cor. of Locust st and River alley
Chamberland Charles, carpenter, 52 Chesnut street
Chester James, carpenter, 112 s. Second street
Chritzman Henry, grocery and flour store, 116 Market st
Chandler Jonathan, genlteman, 70 Walnut street
Cilly Priee, stage driver, Raspberry alley near Market st
Clarke James, canal commissioner, H. Buehler's inn
Clarke Henry H., auctioneer, Pine below Second st
Clarke Alfred, clerk, n. s. State near Front st
Clark Wm., keeper livery stable, Locust above Second street
Clark John G., do do do
Clark James, sup't prison, n. e. corner Walnut st & Raspberry alley
Clay John C., boatman, cor. of Meadow Lane and Rasberry alley
Clay Henry, boatman, s. s. Mulberry street 4th door w. from Second
Clancy Michael, laborer, High st east of Capitol
Clyde & Williams, book-binders, s. w. cor. Third and Walnut st
Clyde J. J., book-binder, corner Cranberry alley and Third st
Cook Joseph, tailor, 54 Market street
Cook George, cabinet maker, 63 Market street
Coolidge Eliza.,   H. Buehler's inn
Cooper Thos., tailor, Front 3rd bel State
Coats Sarah, widow, s. Third st, s w cor. Cherry alley
Coit Joseph H.,   Front above Market
Colder Wm., mail contractor, 15 n. Second st, d h 16 n. Second st
Colestock William, carpenter, 30 Walnut street.
Colestock Jacob, carpenter, 30 Walnut street
Cole Timothy, carpenter, s. s. Mulberry street, between 2d and 3d
Coleman Louisa,   Strawberry alley s. s., east of Huckleberry alley
Cornman Ephraim, clerk, n s Pine below Third st
Corbet William, book-binder, 5 n. Front street
Cottom John, cooper, Locust st bet Rasberry alley and Second st
Coulter James R., printer, River alley Griffith's row
Coverly Wells, hotel, 17 & 18 s. Second street
Coverlv John C.,   17 s. Second street
Coyl James, boatman, Paxton street, 4th door from Front street
Cox Jacob, shoemaker, s w cor Fifth street and Swawberry alley
Cox W. M., widow, 45 s Second st
Crain R. M., clerk, n. Front st, next door above Locust'st.
Crangle Elizabeth, widow, Walnut near Third street
Crangle Henry' C., coach-maker, Do
Crawford David, carpenter, s. Second st w s bet Vine and Paxton
Cressap William S., printer, 30 Chesnut st
Crook Mary, widow, Tanner's lane
Creamer Alexander,   86 Walnut st
Curren Patrick, contractor, Brady’s inn
Cunkle Geo., merchant tailor, Market between Fourth & Fifth sts
Cunkle George, gunsmith, bel North st e. s.
Crukshank John,, painter, Front, 2nd door above Walnut
Cunningham Thomas, agent on R R, Market.st east of canal
Curson Mary, widow, 73 Walnut street
Curson Edwin, bricklayer, do
Davis William, gentleman, Walnut street, near Front
Davis John, stage driver, 22 Walnut street
Davis Elizabeth, widow, n. s. Walnut, next door to the Exchange
Davis Eliza, widow, Walnut near Front street
Dally James, laborer, Meadow lane, 6 doors from Second st
Day G., teacher, 40 north second street
Dairy Hugh, boatman, Market st. south side, east of canal
Daily Catharine, widow, back of arsenal
Denning James, blacksmith, 97 Market street
Denning Asbury F., blacksmith, Third street above Mulberry
Denwiddie John, currier, 7 south Third street
Derstine Jacob, capenter, corner Chesnut st and Dewberry alley
Dehart John, victualler, 43 Paxton street
Dehart Evans, weaver, 112 south Second street
Dehart Barbara, widow, do.
Dehart Addison, laborer, Mulberry st. between 2d and 3d streets
Deitz George, translator, Raspberry alley south of Market street
Demoss Thomas, shoemaker, Locust near Front st
Deverter Adam,   South above Front st
Dehaven John, stone-mason, n s North between Second and Third sis
De Pui Louisa, widow, Pine near Third st
De Witt Rev. William R.,   54 south Second street
Decolten Lewis, tobacconist, south Second street near railroad
Dickey Catharine, widow, Paxton street east of canal
Dickey George, Painter do do
Dickey Robert M., painter, 17 Mulberry street
Dock George, Dr.   43 Market street
Dickman Henry, stone mason, Strawberry alley, east of Fifth street
Dickson John, laborer, south Second street,, below Mulberry
Dimock Asa, clerk in treasury, Buehler's inn
Dock William, judge, 43 Market street
Dougherty Fanny, widow, Meadow lane near Second street
Dougherty Philip, gentleman, 78 south Second street
Dougherty George, shoemaker, corner of Mary and River alley
Dolan Thomas, laborer, Second street, below Meadow lane
Dougherty Daniel, laborer, Walnut, between Fifth and Canal sts
Douglass Mary,   69 Walnut street
Douglass Benjamin, carpenter, Front street near Mary’s alley
Douglass Louisa, widow Mrs Stehley’s, Market street
Donaghy Lena,   Cherry alley near River alley
Doland Andrew, stone-mason, corner Fourth street and Cranberry alley
Dunn John, blacksmith, Mary's alley, between 2d and meadow lane
Duncan John, ass't at car office, Meadow lane, near Raspberry ally
Dubbs Catharine,   south-west cor Strawberry and Dewberry alley
Dubbs Jacob,   Chesnut street, between Third and Fourth
Dunlap Samuel R., grocer, corner of Second and Mulberry streets
Dublin David, boatman, Market street, south side, east of Canal
Durmick John, laborer, Blackberry alley, near Front street.
Duet A. P.,   H. Buehler's inn
Duncan Wm., tobacconist, 54 Market st
Drain James A., boot and shoe-maker, 41 n. Second st
Dumars Wm., tobacconist, n. s. Locust st near Raspberry alley
Eagle Elizabeth, widow, Mulberry street, near Front
Eagle Valentine, carpenter, do do
Eagle Hiram,   do do
Earnest George, blacksmith, Strawberry alley, near Third street
Earls Susanna, widow, Walnut street s. s. near River alley
Eby Ephraim, merchant, Mrs. M'Quoid's, Market st
Eckard Sarah,   Raspberry alley near Market st
Edwards Abraham, boot and shoemaker, 61 Market street
Edwards Abraham, jr. clerk, cor Strawberry and Huckleberry alley
Edwards John, shoemaker, s. s. Chesnut street, near Fourth
Eicholtz Geo., clerk, n. Third near Pine.st
Ellinger Sarah, widow, Canal st, bet Market and Walnut streets
Eldred Hon. N. B., judge, s. side Market near Fourth street
Ely George, cooper, Second st, near Lancaster R R
Elvine John H., scissors grinder, 1 Lancaster R R
Elder Margaret, widow, n. s. Pine below Third st
Elder Thomas, sr., att’y, Between Harris and Mary's aIley
Elder Thomas, jr.   do do do
Emerson nulia, fancy store, 18 Market st
Ensminger Philip, auctioneer, 36, south Second street
Epler Benneville, tailor, n. e. cor Market st and Dewberry alley
Erchenbacher J., baker, Front above Mulberry street
Ergot Salome G., widow, Canal street near Walnut street
Espy James S., merchant, 2 s. Front street, d h. Front, bet Pine and South streets
Espy William, farmer, Front above Chesnut street
Etter Catharine,   Third near Chesnut street
Ettla Jacob, shoemaker, s. s. North near Second st
Etter Philip, gentleman, High street, east of Capitol
Etter Sarah, widow, s. e. cor Second and Paxton streets
Etter Charles, laborer, 30 Paxton street
Etlay David R., clerk, Mr. Foster, 11 Market street
Everson George carpenter 51 south Front street
Eyster Jacob, land agent and grocer, Second and Pine Streets
Faunce Samuel, High Sheriff, office Court House,
    d. h. corner of Strawberry alley, between Market and Walnut streets
Fager J. H., physician, Walnut street
Fager George C., tinner, 70 s. Front st, d h. back
Fager Catharine, widow, 71 Market street
Fager Charles, laborer, Walnut street, above Canal street, s s
Fahnestock Walter F., merchant, n. e. corner Pine st & River alley
Fahnestock A. K., fancy hat, cap and fur store, 18, n Second street
Faunce Caroline, widow, South above Front st
Farquhar Abraham, clerk, s. s. State between Front and Second sts
Fauss Thomas, waggonmaker, Meadow lane, 6 doors from Second st
Felix George W, confectioner, 6 s. Second street, Market square
Felix Henry, confectioner, 10 n. Second street
Felty Jacob, tobacconist, Front, 2nd door below State street
Felty Catharine, widow, s. w. corner Market Fifth street
Fenn Theo., printer, Mrs. Stehley's, Market street
Fenn Fredk. J.,   Burk's row, Third below Walnut street
Ferguson Martha, widow, Paxton street, near rail road
Ferguson John, printer, Mulberry st east of canal
Few Kirk, machinist, 49 Mulberry street
Few Jenkins, watchman, Mulberry near Third street, s. s.
Fleck Samuel,   Cherry alley, between Third and Fourth streets
Fleck John, moulder, n s Pine between Second and Third sts
Fleck Elizabeth, widow, do. do.
FIinn Michael, laborer, corner of Fourth street, behind arsenal
Fox Henry,   Second street, above North, east side
Foster Robert, clerk, Second street, bel south street, w s
Forster John M., attorney, s. w. corner Third st & Strawberry alley
Foster John E., Merchant, 11 Market street
Foster Wm., canal commissioner, Mrs. Stehley's, Market street
Foster John,   8 south Front st
Fox Sarah, widow, s. w. corner of Mulbery st and River alley
Fox James, attorney, 17 s. Second street
Fox Thomas, printer, 14 Market st
Fox John, late sheriff, 63 n. Second street
Foltz William, carpenter, 41 s. Third street
Fockler Elizabeth, widow, Cherry alley, West of Second street
Fowler Abraham,   Washington Hotel
Ford John, gunsmith, n. Front, bel Locust st, d. h. 2 Locust street
Freas John, soap and candle manufacturer, 90 Chesnut street
Fields Edward, shoemaker, 53 Mulberry street
Fisher Adam, boat-builder, Second st e.s. 2nd door bel Lanc’r R. R.
Fisher Edmond, cracker baker, s. s. Market street near Fifth st.
Fisher Mary, widow, 79 Chesnut street
Fisher Jacob, coffee-mill maker, n. Fourth st bet Market and Wal st
Fisher Eleanor,   corner of Mary alley and Meadow lane
Fisher George, carpenter, s. Second Street, e. s. above Paxton street
Fisher Sarah, widow, s. Second steet w. s. below Vine street
Fisher John A., attorney, 48 Walnut st
Fittery Stephen G., shoemaker, n. s. 'Walnut street, near Canal street
Fitzgerald John, tobacconist, 77 Chestnut street
Fridley. Jacob, laborer, 17 Mulberry street
Fridley Rebecca, widow, 33 Chesnut street
First Joseph, shoemaker, corner of Blackberry and Rasberry alleys
Fitch J. W., livery stable keeper, 10 n. Third st
Fisk Charles F., grocer, 40 Walnut st
Finnen William, brick-maker, Mulberry st east of canal
Fry John, baker, Blackberry alley, near Third street
Fry Edward, millwright, s. Second street, below Harris alley
Frankum Joseph, plasterer, Rasberry alley 3rd d. n. s. Meadow lane
Frankum Peter, book-binder, Market st, above Fifth street, s. s.
Frankum Christina,   Strawberry alley near Third st
Frank _______, carpenter, Gibson's, Walnut st
Frazier Eliza M.. widow, 57 s. Second street
Frazier Samuel, painter, Mulberry .street, near Second street
Freeburn Samnd W.,   88, Chesnut street
Fultz Geo., victualler, 40 Locust st
Fultz Susanna, grocer, s. s. South between Front and Second sts
Gallaher Augustus, tailor, e. s. Second below State st
Gallaher John, tailor, 120 Market st
Garman Rebecca, widow, Raspberry alley s. of Market street
Garman S., clock and watch-maker, 26 n. Second street
Gamber Jacob, carpenter, Paxton street
Garber John B., grocer, North near Canal stieet
Gastrock William, wagon-maker, s. s. State near Canal street
Gastrock John, teamster, 82 Walnut street

Garver Catharine,


e. s. Second above North street

Gavier Edward,


s. s. Walnut near Canal street

Gary Evans,


Strawberry alley e. of Fifth street

Gardner David,


21 Chesnut street

Geety William, tailor, s. s. Walnut near Second street
Geety Catherine, widow, n. s. Locust st, bet Second st and Riv alley
Geety Frederick, blacksmith, do. do do
Geety Maria, mantua maker, do do do
German Philip, brewer, 23 Chesnut street
German Henry,   do, do
German Emanuel, Printer, do do
Geiger John, dry good store, 15 Market st
Geiger George, gentleman, 12 s. Second street
Genslay Henry, plasterer, State st, bet Front and Second st, s. s.
Getz J. A., professor of music, Pine st corner River alley
Gillet Joseph, gardner, s. Second street e. s. 'near the Lan. railroad
Gillet Robert, carpenter, On an alley s. of Paxton street
Gillen Cornelius, laborer, Strawberry alley below Fifth street
Gilbert Lyman, tin-ware manufacturer, 16 Market street
Gilbert Henry, hardware store, 45 Market street
Gilbert John, potter, s. Second two doors below Vine street
Gilbert Leah,   strawberry alley near Third street
Gilnoch Thomas, laborer, corner Fourth street and Cranberry alley
Gibhart John, carpenter, 20 s. Front street
Gift Elizabeth, widow, n. s. Walnut near Canal street
Gish Jonas, blacksmith, 17 s. Second street
Gish Abraham, clerk, John Orth’s, Market st
Gibersod Ann, widow, e. s. Second 3d door below Mulberry street
Glover John, tailor, 25 Chesnut street
Good Mary,   Cranberry alley, below Second st
Griffith William R., gentleman, Front below Pine street, e. s.
Gray Eleazer, laborer, Canal near Walnut street
Groover John, laborer, e. s. Second street below Meadow lane
Gruver Peter, stone-mason, Cherry alley between Third & Fourth sts
Gruver Jacob, baker, s. s. Chesnut near Fourth street
Gregg Richard, carpet weaver and flour store, River alley near Locust street
Greenawalt Jacob, tanner and currier, 28 Walnut street
Graydon Andrew, gentleman, 44 Chesnut street
Graydon Eleanor M., widow, book-store, 44 Chesnut street
Graydon H. M.,   44 Chesnut street
Graham Sarah,   River alley near Chesnut street
Greenawalt William, innkeeper, Canal near Market street
Greenawalt Theo., tanner, 28 Walnut street
Greenawalt Theo., dry-goods merchant, 24 n. Second street
Grissinger J. B., tinner, 122 Market street
Griffith Thomas, laborer, e. s. Short street
Gross Ann Maria, widow, 9 s. Third street
Gross Anna Maria, 81, widow, north Second st
Gross D. W., druggist. 19 Market street
Green James, gentleman, 46 Walnut st
Griest Amos, carpenter, e. s. Second street below Meadow lane
Graff John, laborer, corner Paxton street and River alley
Griffith William, sen,, gentleman, Pine st., below Second st
Guterman Conrad, cabinet-maker, 17 Chesnut street
Gundy Mary, widow, 76 Walnut street
Gummo Edward,   84 Walnut Street
Guswiler Anna,   s. s. Locust between Front anl Second streets
Harris Robert, gentleman, 80 s. Second street
Hsrris G. W., attorney 80 s. Second street
Harris David, grocer, 25 s. Front street
Harris T. J., gentlemen corner of Second street and Harris’s alley
Harris, jr, Dr. Robert, do do
Harris George, pedler, s. s. Walnut ,street near River alley
Harris Nathan, laborer, Raspberry alley near Meadow lane
Hamilton Rosanna, widow, 74 s. Secornd street
Hamilton A. B., printer, do.
Hamilton Alexander, carpenter, do.
Hamilton T. A., printer, do.
Hamilton Wm., student at law, 74 s. Second street
Haldeans Jacob M, gentleman, s. e. corner Front and Walnut sts
Haehnlen Jacob F., grocer and baker, 42 s. Second street
Haehnlen C. F., grocer, 63 s. Second street
Haehnlen Mary, widow, s. Third street, w. s. above Mulberry
Haehnlen Christian, baker and flour merchant, 69 Market street
Hagen Terrance, stone-cutter, 16 Paxton street
Hagen John, carter, n, s. State near Canal street
Hanna Mrs., widow, n.e. corner Front street and Strawberry alley
Hailman J. & D., dry good merchant, 59 1/2 Market street
Hammond J. W., clerk, Washington hotel
Hatten Miss Rebecca,   88 Walnut street
Hall Herman, clerk, 18 s. Fourth street
Hays Samuel W., saddler, 9 Market sq. n Second st
Hartshorn Joshua, canal. commissioner, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq.
Hartline Charles, coffeemill-maker, 3, State street, e. of capitol
Hale B.,   Pennsylvania hotel corner Locust and Second streets
Hathaway Philip N.,   s. Second e. s. above Paxton street
Hare David, grocer, 67 Market street
Hafferty Nancy,   83 Walnut street
Haly Martin, laborer, Front below Paxton street
Haas Henry, blacksmith, Front below ,Paxton street
Hagey Hother, engineer, Wilson's hotel, Market street
Haslin John, laborer, s s. Market street, e. of the canal
Heisley M. J., druggist, n. e. corner Second. and Chesnut streets
Heisley Geo. J., mathematical instrument maker, n.w. corner Second and Walnut streets
Heilig, widow, Front below Mulberry street
Hepford John,   s. s. Chesnut, 2d door from:Front street
Heller William, tobaconit 78, Chesnut street
Heiner Samuel, boatman, s. s. Market above Fifth street
Heister Margaret, maid, Fifth between Market and Walnut streets
Heiser William, plasterer, cor Second st and Cranberry alley
Heininger Jacob, laborer, 38 Locust st.
Henlock Wm., printer, Bailey's, Locust st.
Helfer Mary A.,   s. w. cor South st and River alley
Hermansderfer Geo., laborer, corner of Paxton, Vine and Front sts
Herrington James, farmer, corner Mulberry st and River alley
Heckert Frederick, brick-maker, 66 Chesnut street
Heilig, widow, Mary's alley near Front street
Heitzman Matthias, clock-maker, Raspberry near Blackberry alley
Hetzel Hiram H., co. com'rs clerk, n. e. corner Pine st & Rasp'y alley
Herbst J. C., bar-keeper, at C. Buehler's hotel, Market street
Heckart David, genteman, Gibson's, Walnut st
Hiney William, laborer, 41 Paxton street
Hinkley Joel, grocer, n. Front street, above Locust.
Hines John, laborer, Walnut above Canal street, s. s.
HiIl Godfrey, boot and shoe-maker, s. s. Market bet. 4th &; 5th sts
Hiney Felix, victualler,. Market between Fifth mad Canal streets
Hisely David W., comb-maker, River alley, Griffith's row
Higham, R., clerk H Representatives, H. Buehler’s inn
Hinckley Charles, blacksmith, Second st, bet Locust st and Cranberry alley
Hippert Jacob, laborer, 83 s. Second street
Hickok & Cantine, book and stationery store, 70 Market street
Hiney John, brick-maker, Paxton street near the railroad
Holmes Calvin, laborer, 37 Paxton street
Hoyer Miss.   s. Second street, Market square
How Samuel N., teacher, North and Second streets, e. s.
Hooper Mrs., widow, s. s. Walnut near Canal street
Hoover Samuel, stage driver, 21 Chesnut street
Hoover Levi, victualler, cor Rasberry and Cranberry alleys
Hoxworth George, machinist, 51 Mulberry street
Housendoller Jacob, laborer, Fifth st below Strawberry alley, w. s.
Hovis Isaac, boarding-house, 50 Market street
Hogan Richard, innkeeper, s. e. corner Vine and Paxton streets
Holman Samuel, carpenter, 96 Market street
Houser Daniel, flour merchant, 50 Chesnut street
Houser Jacob, hardware merchant, 50 Chesnut street
Hocker Daniel, brickmaker, Paxton street, e. of the canal
Hogentogler Joseph, carpenter, s. Second w. s. above Paxton street
Holsinger Conrad, carpenter, s. Second street e. s. above L, railroad
Hocker Elizabeth, widow, s. Second street e. s. below L. railroad
Howard Daniel, tailor, 89 s. Second street
Horter Mary, widow, s. Second below Mulberry street
Hoffman James F., student at law, Burk's row, n. Third street
Hoak Christian, saddler, Strawberry alley near Third street
Hostler Polly, maid, 120 s. Second street
Hogan Richard, jr., gentleman, corner of Paxton and Vine streets
Houser & Lochman, hardware merchants, 15 s. Market square
Hocker Andrew, brick-maker, Mulberry St east of canal
Homer Esther, widow, Cherry alley e. of Second street
Hughson T. M., grocer, 6 n. Second st:, residence, 20 Mulberry st
Hutman George, fruit store, 19 Chesnut street
Hummel David, sr. farmer, 5 s. Secend street
Hummel Valentine, sr., lumber merchant, 21 s. Front street
Hummer David, Jr., saddler, 27 n. Second st
Hummel G. W. grocer, 14 Market street
Huntsberger Samuel, merchant, Market near Second street
Hutton James, boss on canal, 1 s. Fourth street
Hutton John, chair-maker, 5 s. Fourth street
Huston John, tailor, Cherry alley between Third and Fourth sts
Hunt Charles, fireman, corner Second and Vine streets
Humes Anthony, shoemaker, s. s. Mulb'y st, 3d from Second st
Hubley Barnard, printer, Raspberry alley, s. of Market street
Hughes E. P., innkeeper, corner Second and Market streets
Hynicka C. C., boot and shoe-maker, 12 n. Second street
Hyers John, laborer, s. Second near Mulberry street
Hyere George, tobacconist, Mulberry between Second and Third sts
Ibecker Lenhart, pedler, Paxton near Front street
Ingrain Margaret, widow, 28 Mulberry street
Ingram Samuel D., school teacher, 15 Market street
Ingram Eleanor, widow, n. e. corner Locust st and River alley
Ingrain John S., gentleman, comer Locust street and River alley
lrvin John, weaver, 45 s. Third street
Irwin, widow, 81 Walnut street
Jackson Benjamin,   89 s. Second street
Jack Wlliam, clerk H Represetatives, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Jack James, carpenter, cor Second st and Cranberry alley
Jack Elizabeth,   north east corner Locust st and River alley
James John,   Paxton street near the canal
Jauss John G., tinner, 45 Chesnut street
Jauss C., tinner, e. s. Second street below Meadow lane
Jeffries James, blacksmith, 7l Walnut street
Jeffries Piersol, blacksmith, 71 Walnut street
Jean Joshua, carpenter, 108 s. Second Street
Jinks George, laborer, n. s. Mulberry street e, of Raspberry alley
Jones A. J., merchant, 27s. Front street
Jones Thomas, store keeper, corner Second and Vine streets
Jones Elizabeth, store keeper 39 s. Third street
Jones Susannah, fancy store, 80 Market street
Johns William, laborer, 13 Walnut street
Johns Mrs. M. C., milliner, 13 Market street
Johnson John, forwarder of produce 16 Mulberry street
Johnson, ______, widow, Raspberry near Cherry alley
Karnes S. D., boat captain, s. s. Market near Fourth street
Kapp Catherine,   13 n. Second street
Keeffer Ann Maria, widow, s. s. Walnut near Fourth street
Keen Jane, widow, n. w. corner Second .street and Mary's alley
Keagy Isaac, printer, 69 Walnut street
Keller Peter. sr., gentleman, s, s. Pine near Third st
Keller Michael, notary public, 43 north Second st
Keller Lydia, widow, s. e. cor Second and Walnut sts
Keller Wm., merchant, do do do
Keller Peter G., do do do do
Keller Charles, gentleman, Coverley's Hotel
Keller George, saddler, Penn lock, canal
Keller David, student of medicine, 63 Market street
Kalker Immanuel,   5 south Front St
Kelker F., gentleman, 5 s. Front street
Kelker R. F., hardware merchant, 5 s. Front street, dwelling house 6 Market squar, n. w. side
Kelker John, temperance hotel and boarding house, s. w. corner Second and Walnut streets
Kemble Geo. S., tailor, 7 s. Market sq., residence 23 s. Front st
Kepner Mary Ann, widow, Paxton street near the railroad
Kepner Wm. H., burr millstone maker, 76 n. Second street
Kepner D. A., flour dealer, Second st, 2d door from Locust st, e. s.
Kepple John, tobacconist, 52, Market st
Kendig Abraham, gentleman, 29 Chesnut street
Kemp Benjamin, carpenter, 20 s. Front street
Kerr Wm., lumber merchant, s. Front above Chesnut street
Kennedy John, millwright, s. Second street, e. s. near Mary's alley
King Lucy, widow, s. s. Locust near Front street
Kiernan James, laborer, Strawberry alley near Fourth street
Kiel Geo., gardner, on railroad s. of Paxton street
Kieffer Andrew, grocer, 8 south Fourth st
Kirk Montgomery, gentleman, cor Locust st and Rasberry alley
Kipple Peter, laborer, Locust st, bet Third st and Rasberry alley, s. s.
Kinzer Geo. W., lumber merchant, 22 Chesnut street
Kinnison Samuel, tailor, M'Gowan's, corner Second &' Chesnut st
Kinter G., shoemaker, 102 Walnut street
Kline William, justice of the peace, 14 n. Third street
Kline Philip,   n. s. Pine near Second street
Kline Geo. W., tanner, corner Front and Mulberry streets
Kline Eliza, widow, milliner, Market st, below Second st, n e
Kling Elizabeth, widow, s. Second above Paxton street
Kleckner Mary Ann, widow, Paxton street below, the railroad
Kleckner William, bricklayer, 102 s. Second street
Kleckner, widow, e. corner Second street and Mary's alley
Kirkbride Eleazer, bridge builder, s. e. cor Second st & Mary's alley
Knepley John jr., victualler, s. Second street opposite Meadow lane
Knepley William, laborer, 37 Paxton street
Knepley Conrad, tavern keeper, Paxton opposite Second street
Knepley John sr, gentleman, s. Second st. e. s. near Mary's alley
Knox Sarah E., cake baker, 4 s. Front street
Knox Samuel, boat. builder, Sixth street above Strawberry alley
Koller Jacob, carpenter, Fourth near State street
Koutz Sarah, widow, corner Raspberry and Blackberry alley
Krause Andrew, tobacconist, Walnut near Fifth street
Krause David, jr., tobacconist, n. Fifth near Market street
Krause David,   n. w. cor Market and Third sts
Kreider Benjamin, carpenter, Blackberry alley near Third Street
Kreamer Christian, victualler, 37 Walnut street
Kreamer Adam, shoemaker, Mary's alley near Meadow lane
Kreamer Leonard, boot and shoe-maker, 40 s. Second street
Kunkel Elizabeth, widow, 17 Market street
Kunkle Rebecca, widow, corner Locust street and River alley
Kunkel Geo., merchant, s. Front between Market and Chesnut sts
Kunkle John, carpenter, e. s. Second above North street
Kunkle John L., locksmith, e. s. Second below North street
Kunkle Leonard, locksmith, Mr. Voglesong's, 33, north Second st.
Kurtz David, carpenter, Mulberry above Front street
Kurtz Israel A.,   Strawberry alley, e. of Fifth street
Lamb William, keeper railroad bridge gate, 35 s. Front street
Labille & M’Fadden, stone cutters, n. e. cor Fourth and Market sts
Lawrence Wm. J., teacher, Walnut st, above Second st, s. s.
Laubaugh Joseph, blacksmith, cor Third and Pine sts
Laporte John, surveyor general, Buehler’s Hotel, Market sq
Lantel Peter, stocking weaver, North st, e. Capitol
Lare Wilson, confectioner, 57 1/2, Market st
Laid Elizabeth,   Che’y alley, bet Fourth and Fifth sts
Lawrence Maria, widow, 43 Market st
Lanahan Edward, tailor, Rasberry alley, bet Walnut and Locust sts
Leamy Lorenzo, tailor, n. e. corner Market and Front streets, residence s. s. Locust near Front street
Lewis James, boot and shoe-maker, 60 s. Second street
Lesley James, cashier Bank Pennsylvania, 18, s. Second st
Lescure Joseph M. G., editor, 56 n. Second st
Leubken H., baker, 14 s. Fourth st
Leidy Daniel, wagon maker, Strawb'y above Huckleb'y alley, s. s.
Leib Elizabeth A., grocer, 78 Market st
Lewis James, shoemaker, 41, Mulb'y st
Levan John, engineer, Baickb'y alley, w. s. near Third st
Lewis Lawrence, laborer, 73 north Second st
Lewis William, printer, Walnut st, bel Third
Lingle David, sr., lumber merchant, cor Front and Harris alley
Lingle David, jr, brick-layer, do do
Lingle Joseph, carpenter, second door from do
Lingle John, carpenter, third do do
Lingle Levi, shoemaker, s. s. Mulb'y st, 4th d from Second st
Lintemuth Elizabeth, widow, s. s. Market st, near Fourth st
Linn Samuel M., clerk, 11 Market st
Looker Charles H., boot and shoe-maker, near Market and Canal sts
Loyer Philip, stone-mason, 32 Paxton street
Loyer George, sen., victualler, 94 Walnut st
Loyer Henry,   Geo. Loyer’s sen
Loyer George, brickmaker, e. Short st, n. s.
Lochman W. H.,   27 s. Second st
Longsdoff Josiah, ostler, Blackb'y alley, near Third st
Loyd Abraham, school teacher, River alley, bel Market st, e. s.
Loy Mathias, carpenter, Walnut st, bet Third and Canal sts
Long Joseph, morocco dresser, 70 Chesnut st
Long Henry, clerk, 19 Market st
Lotz Jacob, innkeeper, 63 Market st
Longanecker Henry, printer, 27 Chesnut st
Lutz Martin, druggist, Front above Market st
Lutz Henry S., plumber, Blackb’y alley, above Third st, s. s., d. h. 69 Chesnut st
Lutz Henry, painter, 47 Chesnut st
Lukens Aaron, carpenter, Meadow lane, 5th d from Second st
Lyne Henry, painter, Rasp'y alley, n. of State st
Lynch Charles, keeper at furnace, Mrs. M'Quoid's, Market st
Main James, boat builder, Sixth st, bel Walnut st, w s
Main George, boat-builder, Paxton street near the canal
Martin James, commission merchant, 89 Chesnut street
Martin James, jr., clerk, 89 Chesnut street
Martin Philip, laborer, Paxton opposite Vine st
Martin Perry, commission merchant, 24 s. Fourth street
Martin Edward, baker, Mr. Fisk’s, Walnut st
Manahan Peter, laborer, North street, e. of the capitol
Maxwell Jane, widow, Blackberry alley near Front street
Maher Pierce, Catholic priest, Rasp'y alley n. of State st
Markley Margaret, widow, s. s. North near Second st
Mansfield Nathan, trader, Washington hotel
Markley Jacob F., temperence hotel, cor. Locust St & Raspberry alley
Magshuman Chas., laborer, m. w. corner Second st and Mary's alley
Marshall Polly,   Mary's alley near Meadow lane
Magranahan John, laborer, Mary's alley near Meadow lane
Marshall William, labourer, Dewberry alley s. of Market street
Mesick F. J., German Reformed clergyman, 51 Cheznut st
Metzgar Lewis and Wm, victuallers, Paxton street near the railroad
Mertz John, taylor, n. Fifth near Walnut street
Metz Samnel., stone mason, State st. bet Front and Second sts, s. s.
Meredith Ross, constable, Walnut st, bet 2nd st and Rasb’y alley, n. s.
Miller Jesse, Secretary Commonwealth, 6 n. Front street
Miller Conrad, cooper, Meadow lane 2nd door from Second street
Miller John, laborer, Paxton street near the railroad
Miller Henry, carpenter, 118 s. Second street
Miller Francis, shoemaker., Meadow lane near Second street
Miller Adam, stage.driver, corner Tanners lane & Cranberry alley
Miller Joseph, tailor, Mr. Voglesong's, 33, north Second st
Miller Frances, widow, 18 s. Fourth street
Miller Charles, bookbinder, Strawb'y. alley, s. s. bet Fourth & Fifth
Miller Xaver, boot and shoemaker, Washington Hotel
Miley Jacob, messenger, Rasberry alley, below Chesnut st
Michael Wm., laborer. Blackberry alley near Fourth street
Michael Catharine, widow, 58 Chesnut street
Mitchell John, teacher, Strawberry alley near Third street
Mitchel Wm., teacher, State st, bet Front and Second sts, s. s.
Michael Elias, laborer, Paxton, 4th door from Front street
Mix Philip, machinist, Meadow lane near Raspberry alley
Moore Elizabeth,   corner of River and Harris's alleys
Moore David, chair-maker, Markley's, Locust st
Mooney Peter, brickmaker, s. Second st, above Paxton st
Moony Ann, nurse, Cranberry alley, east of River alley
Moyer Christian, laborer, Paxton street near the railroad
Moyer Wm., victualler, 37 Mulberry street
Moyer, widow, South st next door to temperance hall
Moyer John, blacksmith, do do
Moyer John, laborer, 70 s. Second st
Morsch Henry, boot and shoemaker, Market st, above Fifth st, s. s.
Morsch Jacob, boot and shoemaker, n. w. cor Walnut and Fourth st
Moehla Adam, laborer, s. Second street e. s. above L. railroad
Morton Edward, blacksmith, s. Second near Mulberry street
Morton Robert H, boat captain, 104 Market st
Montgomery Catharine, widow, 92 Markat street
Montgomery Sarah, widow, 30, s. Third st
Montgomery Samuel, clerk, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Mogger Henry, cabinet-maker, n. Fourth bet. Market & Walnut sts
Morgan Hannah,   79 Cheznut street
Morgan James, sen, brlcklayer, 68 Walnut st
Moser Fanney,   Rarbara alley, below Second st
Morse John, tanner and courier, 66 Market st
Morrison M,, carpenter, Front st, bel South st
Morrison Benjamin, scale-maker, n. Front, below Strawberry alley
Mowry Mary, widow, 80 n. Second st
Muench Charles F., loaf bread and biscuit baker 100Market st
Murray Charles, gentleman, Canal st, bet Walnut and State sts
Murray, widow, n. s. Pine near Third st
Murray Sarah, widow, 25 north Second st
Mitchell David, clerk, 47 Chesnut street
Murray'Wm. G., merchant, 25 north Second st
Muskop Jacob, shoemaker, comer Seocnd and Paxon streets
Munk Adam, turner, Second street, e. s. below L. railroad
Mungum Daniel O.B., stone-mason, corner Blackberry & River alley
Mullen Chambers, bottler, German's, 23 Chesnut street
Myers Peter, shoemaker, Blackberry alley near Third st
Myers Samuel J, carpenter, Second above North st, e. s.
Myers Margaret, widow, 49 s. Third st
Myers Wm., butcher, do do
Mytinger Geo. L., tailor, 39 north Second st
Mytinger Samuel,. tailor, 9 Market street
M'Allister John, gentleman, 15 s. Third street
M'Allister Richard, attorney, Burk's row, n. Third street
M'Cabe James, teamster, State st, near Canal st, s. s.
M'Callum John, ladies' shoemaker, 30 South Second st
M'Canna Patrick,   back of the Arsenal
M'Cartney Rachael,   at Mrs. Nevins', Walnut street
M’Carron Hugh, laborer, Second above North st
M,Caully Stephen, bricklayer, Rasberry alley, n. s. above Market st
M’Cabe Owen,   State street, e. oft the capitol
M'Cann Patrick, grocer, 76 Market st
M'Clurg Wm., laborer, 47 Mulberry street
M'Clure Wm., att'y, Market st, bel Third, n. s.
M'Clean Wm., clerk, Third near Pine st
M'Connel Charles, tailor, Franklin House, 47 Walnut st
M'Cormick Daniel, stone-cutter, Second st below Pine street
M'Cormick James W., att'y, 49 Market st
M'Connel William, laborer, Fourth near the capitol
M'Cord John, shoemaker, 41 Mulberry street
M'Curdy J. K., druggist, 13 Chesnut street
M'Curdy ______, machinist, Paxton street, at Mrs. Nill's inn
M'Curdy Colin, printer, n. e. cor Third st and Strawberry alley
M'Cumber Samuel and Lady   Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
M'Dermott Patrick, blacksmith, 79 Market street
M'Donald Hugh, victualler, State street, e. of the capitol
M'Elwee Robert, school teacher, s. s. Pine near Third st
M'Elwee Margaret, widow, do.
M'Farlane Patrick, laborer, s. Second street e. s. above L. railroad
M'Gaughy Eliza,   Raspberry alley, s. of Market street
M'Ganghey Theodore, coach maker, Chesnut between Third and Fourth st, s. s.
M'Glaughlin John, gentleman, 81 Market street
M'Glaughlan Susan, widow, Strawberry alley, between 3d & 4th sts
M'Goughy Andrew, laborer, Fifth near Walnut street
M'Gonnigle Hannah, widow, near Market and Canal streets
M'Granahan Martha,   Pine below Second st
M'Guire Isaac, shoemaker, 24 Mulberry st
M'Gee Bridget,   Market st, s. s. near Fourth st
M'Ilvain Hugh, printer, cor Locust st and Rasberry alley
M'Kinley I. G., printer, 18 s Front st
M'Keever Jesse, school teacher, 15 Chesnut street
M'Kee John J., carpenter, s. w. cor, Strawberry &Dewberry alley
M'Kinney Mordecai, att'y, Locust st, n. s. above Front st
M'Knight George W., shoemaker, Pine st, bel Second st
M'Millen Patrick, messenger, e. s. Second below State st
M'Kenna Philip, gentleman, cor Fourth and High sts
M'Kinney Henry, gentleman, 20 s. Fourth st
M'Laughlin John, painter, n. Second st, above Pine st, w. s.
M'Pherson C. W., druggist, 4 n Second st, d. h. Chesnut st near Front
M' Reynolds Francis,   Fenn's, Third below Walnut street
M'Vey John, R R agent, cor Third and Pine st
M'Williams Peter, printer, s. s. State between Front & Second sts
M’Williams Elizabeth, widow, grocer, 84 n. Second st
Napey H., printer, 24 s Third st
Nagle George, gentleman, 44 n Second st
Newman Nicholas, victualler, Short st, cor Cranb'y alley
Newman Michael, victualler, 92 Walnut st
Newkirk Frederick, dry goods store, s. e. cor Third and Chesnut sts
Nell Elizabeth, innkeeper, cor Vine, Paxton and Front sts
Nieur George, victualler, River alley, near Mulberry st
Nininger Anthony, victualler, 46 Mulbe'y st
Nininger John, do do
Nill John, collector at canal, cor Fifth and Market sts
Nighton George, laborer, State st, east of the Capitol
Nichols James, fireman, 74 Chesnut st
Nivins Catharine, widow, Walnut st, s. s. near River alley
Nolan William, stone mason, n. s. North between Second & Third sts
Norton Mary, milliner, Market st, near Second n. s.
Nugent Martha, widow, 17 s. Front st
Olewine Benj., tailor, n. s. North between Second and Third sts
Olewine John, gardner, n. w. cor Front and North sts
Orth John, merchant, n. w. cor Market st and Rasberry alley
Orth E. L., physician, 41 s. Second st
Orth George, shoemaker, 66 Chesnut st
Orth Henry, carpenter, River alley, near Chesnut st
Orth Leonard, do do do do
Osler John, moulder, Walnut above Fifth st s. s.
Osler John G., gardner, do do
Osman William, carpenter, s. e. cor Walnut and Fifth sts
Osman Charles, carpenter, Chesnut st near Fourth st
Osmer Sarah, widow, Locust st, n. s. bet River alley and Front st
Ott L. N., artt’y, n. e. cor Walnut St and Rasberry alley
Ott, George M., grocer, 14 Market st
Oves Judith, widow, 78, n. Second st
Ovington James, bricklayer, s. Front st, e. s. above Paxton st
Owen Richard, baker, Fifth st, bet Market and Walnut sts
O'Riley Martin,   Walnut st, n. s. w of Short st
O'Donnel Eleanor, milliner and mantua maker, 72 Walnut st
Pannebaker John, grocer, 83 Walnut st
Parkey John,   s. Third st, 2d door above Mulb'y st, w. s.
Parkey Sarah, widow, do do do
Parthemore John, gentleman, 39 Mulb'y st
Parke Benjamin, att'y, 68 Market st
Parkhill Wm., coach maker, Market st, n. s. bet Fourth and Fifth sts
Pancake Peter, gentleman, 44 s. Second st
Pancake Susan, widow, grocer, 12, Paxton st, d. h. 14 Paxton st
Parker. G. S., forwarding and commission merchant, Chesnut st wharf, d. h. 70 s. Second st
Peiffer George, weaver, North st, east of Second st
Peffer Henry, clerk, Third st, 3d door below Pine st
Petriken Henry, dept sec'y com'lth, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Peacock James, post master, 7 Market sq, n. Second st
Perkins Edwin, music teacher, s e cor State and Second sts
Peoples John, engineer, 74 Chesnut st
Peoples Robert, laborer, Blackb'y alley, near Third st
Penn Elizabeth,   Cherry alley, near River alley
Percy Parsons, printer, Mr. Hogan's inn, Paxton st
Philips Catherine, widow, 41 Mulb'y st
Piper A. M., merchant, n. s. Pine near Third st
Piper Geo., carpenter, Cranberry alley, bet 2nd st and Rasberry alley
Piper Thomas, wood and coal dealer, State, near Canal st, s. s.
Pittam _______, blacksmith, Rasberry alley, above Market st w. s.
Pool Samuel, carpenter, 64 n. Second st
Pool Albert C., printer, do do
Pool David., att'y, 66 n. Second st
Poorman William F., cabinet maker, n. s. Walnut.st, w. of Fourth
Porter David R., iron master, 84 MaIket st
Porter James, carpenter, South st n. s. bet Front and Second sts
Porter Margaret, widow, s Second st, e. s. 3d door bel Mulb'y st
Pocknell Thomas, laborer, River alley, Griftith's row
Poulton Joseph, gentleman, Walnut st, below Third st
Power Louisa K., widow, cor Second st and Mary alley
Prince Geo., innkeeper, n. w. corner Third and Walnut sts
Pritchett A. R., clerk, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Pratt C. & J., iron-masters, Wilson's hotel
Putt William, millwright, Cranberry alley, below Second st
Putman Wm., bricklayer, s. w. cor Pine st and Rasberry alley
Purviance Nelson J., auditor general, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Purdy Hannah, widow, cor of Rasb'y and Blackb'y alleys
Quick Alice, widow, Rasberry alley, above Market st, w. s.
Ramsey Alexander, att'y, near Court House, d. h. Second st, below Liberty alley
Ramsey Archibald, laborer, cor Walnut and Canal sts
Rawn Charles, att’y, 7 s Second st
Pawn David, gentleman, 7 s Second st
Raudabaugh Jacob, cabinet maker, Market st, n. s. near Canal st
Rauch John, lumber merchant, Walnut st, bet Fifth and Canal sts, n. s.
Rauch Frederick, bookbinder, s. Second st, w. s. bel Harris alley
Rath Eliza, widow, 42 Strawberry alley
Rau Mary, mantua maker, Cranberry alley, 2d door e. of River alley
Reed David A., innkeeper, s. Second st, e. s. above Lancaster R R
Reed George, boatman, s. s. Market st, e. Canal
Rees Jerenaiah, auctioneer, n. e. corner North and Second sts
Rees Cyrus, J., tailor, 120 Market st, d. h. back
Reever Jacob, victualler, 100 s. Second st
Reel Jacob, carpenter, 34 Paxton st
Redabaugh Harriet, widow, Cranberry alley, 2d door e. of River alley
Redabaugh Henry, tailor, do do do do
Reisinger Rebecca, widow, n. w. cor Walnut and Short sts
Reniker Joseph, carpenter, Blackb'y alley, near Fourth st
Reidle Peter, shoemaker, Blackb'y alley near Front st
Rehrer Thomas J., clerk, 2 n. Fourth st
Reamshart Nicholas, butcher 40 Locust st
Reiger Daniel, hatter, 58 Chesnut st
Rhoads Nathan C.,   Cor Mary and River alley
Rhoads John, merchant, n. w. cor Second and Market sts
Rhoads Jacob, victualler, Neuer's, River alley near Mulberry street
Rhoads John, laborer, Cherry alley, bet Third and Fourth sts
Rhoads Daniel, laborer, Blackb'y alley, near Front st
Riley Luther, physician, 43 s. Second st
Rightmyer David, gentleman, n. s. State near Front st
Rinehart Washington, laborer, Blackb'y alley, near Fourth st
Riter James, tinner, 63 Market st
Rickard Elizabeth, widow, s. e. cor Second and Mulb’y sts
Rickard Daniel, blacksmith, south of Paxton st
Rickert Thomas, tailor, 4 ½ Market street
Richardson John, laborer, South street, e. of the capitol
Robertson Thomas, trader, 86 Market st
Royal J. S., printer, Strawb'y alley, near Third st
Rogers Sarah, widow, 69 Walnut st
Rogers James N., tinner, 24 Mulb’y st
Roaderman Henry, blacksmith, Fourth st, bet Market and.Walnut sts
Roberts Joseph, blacksmith, n. Fourth st, bet Market and Walnut sts
Roberts John, att'y, 46 Chesnut st
Roberts John, att'y, Rasb'y alley, ab Second st, w. s., d. h. 46 Ches't st
Roberts E. W., physician, 46 s. Second st
Root Jacob, laborer, Paxton st, near Canal
Root Wm., tinner, s. Second st be'l Market st s. s., d. h. 28, Mulb'y st
Rudy Frederick, shoemaker, s. w. cor Second and Chesnut sts
Rogers Samuel L., tavern keeper, s. e. cor Third and Walnut sts
Rodgers A., architect, 79 Market street
Robinson John, shoemaker, Mr. Bellman's, n. Second st
Robinson Daniel, news agent, n. w. cor Market and Third sts
Roby Thomas, teacher, 40 Strawberry alley
Rodney John, saddler, s. Third st, e. s. bet Mulb'y and Chesnut sts
Russell Andrew, printer, Walnut st, below Third st
Rutherford Priscilla, widow, Mulb'y st, bet Second and Third sts, s. s.
Rutherford W. W., physician, 6 s. Front st
Rudy Jacob, waggoner, 54 n. Second st
Rudy James, victualler, cor Tanner's and Cranb'y alleys
Rupert Agnes, widow, Fifth st, 1st house above Market st
Rupp Conrad, baker, Walnut below Third st, n. s.
Russel John, carpenter, 70 s. Second st
Sayford Joseph, coach-maker, 32 s. Third street
Sayford Augustus, carpenter, Walnut st, next door to the Exchange
Sayford Wm., merchant taylor, Market between 4th and 5th streets
Salade Israel, gentleman, n. s. Pine belowThird st
Salade Charles, clerk, Locust st, bet Third st and Rrasberry ally, s. s.
Sourbeck John, innkeeper, 47 Walnut st
Sanders Jacob,   11 s. Third street
Sanders John, boatman, 24 Chesnut st
Sanders P., boot and shoemaker, 96 n. Second st
Scott Polly,   at John Seabold's, Second st
Scott Henry W., printer, Resberry alley, e. of River alley
Scott Frankin, weaver, cor River and Cranberry alleys
Schott Jacob, grocer, Market st., between Fourth and Fifth sts s. s.
Schott George J., constable, corner of Second st and Mary's alley
Seese ______, widow, Front, above Mulberry sts
Sees Emanuel, cabinet-maker, Mulberry, 1st door below Second st
Seiler Dr. Christian, jr.,   s. s. Market between Third & Fourth sts
Seiler Christian, justice of the peace, 48 Chesnut st
Sedgwick C. P., attorney, 11 Chesnut street
Sedgwick Ann, widow, e. s. Second above Pine st
Sedgwick Amanda, widow, do do
Selling George, stone-mason, e. s. Second above South st
Selling George, painter, e. s. Second above South st
Senate John, stone-cutter, Gibson's, Walnut street
Seltzer Rabecca, Widown, 57 s. Second st
Seaton J. E., merchant, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Seiler Daniel, gentleman, 48 Chesnut street
Seiler Jacob, clerk, secretary’s office, 56 Chesnut st
Seabold Jacob, laborer, Dewberry alley near Market street
Seabold John, blacksmith, Second street, e. s. above L railroad
Seiling John, painter, 81 Walnut st
Seig Samuel, tailor, 120 s. Second street
Seig William P., carter, Mulberry, s. s. west of Second st
Shearer Wm., laborer, s. s. Chesnut near Fourth street
Shaeffer Rev, W; C., Lutherah church, 62 n. Second st
Sheaffer Henry, cIerk, Wyeth's Drug Store
Shaeffer Jacob, laborer, 10 s. Fourth street
Shaeffer George, shoemaker, 38 Locust st
Sheaffer Michael, plasterer, Walnut st. below Fifth, s. s.
Shaeffer Theodore, printer, Strawb'y alley, between 3d and 4th sts
Shirk Samuel, clerk, State street, e. of the capital
Shiffler Christian, tanner, Fourth street, near the capitol
Shillinger Christiana, widow, Canal between Walnut and State sts
Shrewsbaugh Susanna, widow, Canal between Walnut and State sts
Sheehy Roger, stone-mason, Strawberry alley, e. of Fifth street
Shoop Daniel, merchant, corner Canal and Walnut streets
Shoop Jeremiah, burr-maker, s. Second below Mulberry street
Shartzer Samuel, laborer, e. of the canal above Market street
Shoemaker John, porter, near corner Strawberry and River alleys
Shoemaker Geo., gentleman, north Second st near Walnut
Shoemaker Geo. J., gentleman, 28 n. Second st
Shoemaker Mary,   Raspberry alley near Meadow lane
Shartle Mary, widow, 14 Market street
Shartle Jacob, taylor, 14 Market street
Shephert Alexander, tanner, Liberty alley e. of Second st
Shreiner William, carpenter, e. s. Second above Vine st
Shanklin Elizabeth, widow, s. s. State between Front & Second sts
Shanklin John, clerk Har. Bank, res. State.st bet Front and 2d, s. s.
Showers Frederick, hatter, Pine below Second st
Shade David, shoemaker, n. Fifth st. above Strawb'y alley
Shade Benjamin, laborer, Second st, above Cranb’y alley
Shade Christian, shoemaker, Cranberry alley below Second st
Shade Geo., laborer, do do
Shade Reuben, carpenter, do do
Shellenberger D., taylor, 11 s. Second street
Shealy Thomas, laborer, 67 Walnut street
Shroyer G. W., printer, 65 Market street
Shoener Jacob, shoemaker, s. side Market near Fourth street
Shiff Norman, watchmaker, Second street e. s. above L. railroad
Shutter John, laborer, Cranberry alley, below Second st
Shannon John, auctioneer, 112 Market st
Shannon Robert, merchant, 92 Market st
Shunk Fr. R,, gov'r, Front st, between Walnut and Market sts
Shell Jacob, lumber merchant, 3 s. Third street

Shott John,


n. e. corner Raspb'y and Cherry alley

Shooler Joseph,


Market st between Fifth and Canal sts

Sheetz John,


corner Second and North sts

Shutter Mary,   Strawberry alley near Third street
Simmons Lucy Ann, school teacher, Pine below Second st
Simmons George W. chairmaker, 69 n. Second st
Sickles J. E.,   Buehler’s Hotel, Market sq
Singer Samuel, grocer, 24 Chesnut street
Singer & Seiler, grocery store, 39 s. Second street
Simons John B., carpenter, 95 Market st
Slough Ab'm., boatman, Strawb'y alley, between 4th and 5th.sts
Slayer William, shoemaker, n. w. corner Fourth and Walnut streets
Sloan A., cabinet-maker, 54 s. Second street
Slayer Mary Elizabeth, widow, Strawberry alley, bet. 3d & 4th sts
Sloan Samuel, blacksmith, n. w. corner third and Chesnut streets
Slaysman John, laborer, s. s. Market street, e. of the canal
Small Geo., teller Har. bank, corner of Front and Pine sts
Small Jane,   Blackberry alley near Front street

Smull Henrietta,


Front, second door above Walnut st.

Smith David,


n. 4th st. between Market and Walnut-sts

Smith John,

stone cutter,

s. w. corner Market and Fifth sts

Smith Samuel, laborer, North street, e. of the capitol
Smith John, laborer, South st next door to temperance hall
Smith George D.,   s. s. State street, east of the capitol
Smultzreed Conrad,   s. Second street below Harris's alley
Snyder William, book-binder and butcher, North st, near canal
Snyder Susan, widow, 89 Chesnut st
Snyder Peter, potter, corner of Fourth and Chesnut sts
Snyder Geo., weaver, 93 Chesnut st
Snyder Sebastian,   Second st., above Pine st
Snyder Solomon, laborer, Walnut between Sixth and Canal streets
Snyder Charles A., justice of the peace, 8 n. Third st
Snyder Isaac, blacksmith, s. Second street e. s. above L. railroad
Snyder Daniel, potter, s. w. corner Chesnut and Fourth streets
Snyder Elizabeth, widow, Ninninger's 46 Mulberry street
Snowden James R., state treasurer, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Solomon Geo., laborer, River alley near Chesnut street
Springer Daniel, boatman, Walnut above Canal sts, e. s.
Spring Joseph, grocer, 73 Market st
Spayd Christian, gentleman, 78 Market st
Sprigman Solomon, bookbinder, 41 Chesnut st
Sprigman Henry, bookbinder, 45 Mulberry street
Spofford Jacob A., printer, Front st, near State st
Spearing J., clerk, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Spalding Ira., gentleman, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Speel John L.,   3 Market sq n Second st
Squiers Jacob, printer, Rasberry alley, below Second st
Stewart Henry, gentleman, n. w. corner Front and Walnut sts
Stahl John, inn-keeper, 79 Market st
Steese Benjamin, gentleman, Second st, above North st
Stevich Daniel, grocer, n. w. corner Walnut and Fifth streets
Stickle Catharine, widow, n. e. cor. Blackberry and Dewberry alley
Stickle Samuel, hatter, between State and North sts e. of the capitol
Stevenson John, shoemaker, State near Canal street
Stoner Julia, school-teacher, 78 Walnut street
SteckIy John, shoemaker, Cherry alley between Third & Fourth sts
Stehley Jacob S., gentleman, 46 Walnut st
Stehley Elizabeth P., widow, 10 Market street
Stine Peter, blacksmith, German s, 23 Chesnut street
Starkey Jane, Ann and Sarah,   North st, e. of Second st
Steen Charles, laborer, 47 Walnut st
Strauss Christian, grocer, Third st, below Walnut st
Strawman Daniel, plasterer, South st, n. s. bet Front and Second sts
Stouffer John, carpenter, State st, bet Front and Second sts, s. s.
Stees Rebecca, widow, Pine st, bel Second st
Stine Susana, widow, Locust st, e. s. between River alley and Fronts st
Stine ______, widow, Locust st, bet Rasberry alley and Second st
Steaner Catherine, widow, Mr. Orth's, Market st
Styers Jacob,   Cherry alley near Second street
Stants Elizabeth, widow, Mulberry near Second street
Stees Jacob, laborer, s. w. corner Pine st and River alley
Stout Mary, widow, corner of Front and Vine streets
Stutman Samuel, carpenter, s. Second street e. s. above L. railroad
Stutman John, carpenter, s. Second street e; s. above L. railroad
Swartz Charles, plaisterer, s. s. State below Third
Swartz Mary, widow, s. e. corner Second st and Barbara alley
Swartz Samuel, patternmaker, River alley, above Locust st
Swartz A. F., shoemaker, s. s. State between Front and Second sts
Swartz Rachel, boarding house, 42 south Second st
Swartz Frederick,   do do
Sweiler John, chandler, corner Blackberry and Dewberry alleys
Swain Lewis, plaisterer, n. s. Pine near Third st
Taylor Andrew, clerk, 17 s. Second Street
Taylor Robert, boot and shoe maker, s. w. cor. Second & Chesnut sts
Taylor Benjamin A., carter, River alley, Griffith's row
Taylor George, teacher, 56 south Second st
Taylor Q. Adams,   do do
Taylor Mary, widow, south Second st between Paxton and Vine sts
Tate Abigail, widow, Second st. below Liberty alley, e. s.
Templin James R., moulder, Locust near Third st
Tesch Lewis, laborer, Meadow lane, two doors from Second st
Thompson Charles E., clerk, Buehler's Hotel, Market sq
Thompson Wm., shop keeper, n. w. cor South st and River alley
Thompson Curtis, mill-wright, Second st two doors above Vine
Thompson Walter, merchant, 7s. 2d st. d. h. 28 Chesnut st
Troxel Augustus, hatter, s. s. North between Front and Second sts
Thompson B. J, copper and tin.ware manufactory, 63 Market st
Thomas David, pedlar, Raspb'ry alley, near railroad
Thornton Joseph,   Short street, east side
Thomas John, blacksmith, 71 Walnut st
Till John, boat-builder, 110 Walnut st
Tomlinson Isaac, coach-maker, Walnut st, between 5th and Canal sts
    dwelling house, Strawb'y alley, near Fifth st
Tomlinson John, Do do do do
Toy Daniel, laborer, North st, east of the Capitol
Townson Isaac, laborer, Paxton st near railroad
Traub John, ostler, 89 south Second st
Troxel John, laborer, cor of River and Blackb'y alley
Tracv John, laborer, 96 Walnut st
Truss Lewis, gardner, south Second st, two doors below railroad
Tribill Elizabeth, widow, Paxton st near the canal
Truss William, laborer, Vine st near Front
Trullinger Susanna, widow, 54 south Front st
Trullinger George, lumber merchant, cor. Paxton st and River alley
Tunis Charles, boatman, Walnut, between Fifth and Canal sts
Uhler Frederick, tailor, 25 South Front st
Umbarger Wm., inn-keeper and drove yard, cor. s. 2d and Vine sts
Unger George, grocer, Walnut, above Canal st
Updegraff Jacob, waggomnaker, n. w. cor Locust st and River alley
Updegrove Richard, carpenter, State, near Canal st
Utz John, laborer, n. Fifth st. above Strawb'y alley
Utz George, laborer, 87 south Second st
Varnick Joseph, coach-maker, Strawb’y alley, near Third st
Vance Elizabeth, widow, Third, bet. Cherry alley and Mulberry st
Van Horn Wm. hardware merchant, 3 south Fourth st
Van Riper Garret J., boot & shoemaker, Strawb'y, east of Fifth st
Van Horn Susan,   n. Second st below Pine st
Vandanicar Joseph, laborer, Mulberry st, west of Second
Varnes Mary, millener, Markley's, Locust st
Verbeke Dr. James C,   43 Walnut st
Verbeke Wm. K., merchant, 45 1/2 Walnut st
Voglesong Jonathan, boat captain, 33 n. Second st
Voglesong Jonathan, gentleman, n. e. cor. Walnut and Second st
Vogleburg Jacob, German preacher, 104 south Second st
Waber Fred'k W., music teacher, 17 south Fr6nt st
Wade Ignatius, butcher, Market st, between Fifth and Canal sts
Wagner Henry., tobacconist, 28 1/2 s. Third st
Waggoner Elias, coffeemill.maker, n. 4th, bet. Market & Walnut sts
Walter Joseph, laborer, cor South st, e. Capitol
Walters Henry, sexton Luth. Church, Chesnut, corner Dewb'y alley
Walser Matthias, victualler, River alley near Locust street
Walborn Perry H., chair-maker, Blackberry alley near Front street
Walker M. J., tailor, Markley's, Locust st
Waltman Joseph, farmer, 85 s. Second street
Walters Henry, gentleman, 82 Market street
Wallace W. Q., clerk, e. s. Second above Pine st
Ward Ebenezer, grocer, 75 Walnut st
Watkins Mary, widow, baker, Market st, above Fifth, s. s.
Watson Wm., keeper of prison, Walnut st
Watson, Susanna, widow, s. Second street below Harris's alley
Watson Alexander, painter, 42 Locust st
Waterbury Isaac, tailor, Second st, below North, e. s.
Weeber Philip, printer, n. Fourth, between Market and Walnut sts
Weaver Mary,   Mary's alley near Meadow lane
Weaver Daniel, carter, s. Second e. s. above Paxton street
Weaver John M., carman, s. Second st, e. s. near Paxton st
Weaver Frederick, printer; s. Second st, e. s. next d to G. L. Church
Weaver Peter J., laborer, south Second st., near Paxton
Weaver Levi, boat Captain, Walnut, below Fifth st
Weidler William, printer, Chesnut, second door from Front s. s.
Weitmyer Frederick, tobacconist, 77 Chesnut st
Weitzel Barbara, widow, Back above Strawb'y alley, e. s.
Weitzel Samuel, wood and coal dealer, 13 s. Third street
Weitzel John, grocer, corner Market st and Meadow lane
Wetzel Charles, laborer, State, near Canal st
Weltmer Joseph J., printer, 44 s. Second st
Wells Mary, widow, s. s. Mulberry street between 2d and 3d streets
Welker George, blacksmith, s. w. corner Mulberry st & River alley
Wenrich Peter, tobacconist, Meadow Lane 3d door from Second street
Wettmor John, jr., shoemaker, corner Second and Paxton, streets
Wesfall G. W.,   Mulberry street, under Bethel church
Wentz Solomon, blacksmith, e. Third below Chesnut street
Wenrich George, flour store, 19 Locust st
Wesfall Simeon, gentleman, south Second, bet. Paxton and Vine
Weltmer Joseph, printer, 44 south Second st
Wentz Jacob, collector, back of 72 Chesnut st
Wentz Jacob, gentleman, 43 s. Third st
Whitmyer Leah, widow, corner of Fifth st and Strawb’y alley
Whitehill George, boarding house, Front st, 2d door from Market
Whiteside Ruth, widow, 53 Chesnut st
Whidey Michael,   74 Walnut st
Whitnight Joseph, boatman, North st, e. Capitol
Whitman John, plasterer, 73 Walnut st
Whitman N. C., clockand watch maker, 6 1/2 n. Second st
White Mary, widow, s. Second w. s. above Paxton street
White William, boatman, s. Second w. s. above Paxton street
Whilcomb Wm., victualler, Neuer's River alley near Mulberry st
Wharen John, stone-mason, Cherry alley between 3d and 4th streets
White Ann, widow, e. s. Second above North st
Wickert Mary, widow, seamstress, 19 Paxton st
Williams Edward C., bookbinder, d. h. Third st, bel Walnut st, e. a.
Wingart Mary, widow, 90 n. Second st
Wier W. James, chashier Harb'g bank, dwelling same
Wiestling J. M., physician, 8 n. Second st
Wilt George, boat captain, Back alley, between Walnut st e. s.
Wilson John T., ice merchant, Front st. near Market
Wilson Hiram, machinist, n. e. corner Second and State sts.
Wilson H.T., Do do do do
Wilson M'Nair, shoemaker, State near Canal street s. s.
Wilson Matthew,   97 Walnut street
Wilson Robert J., waterman, Gibson’s, Walnut st
Wilson Gill, gentleman, Barbara alley below Second st
Winebrenner John,. clergyman, Mulb'y st, bel Front st, u. s.
Wingerd Elizabeth, widow, 90 Walnut st
Wilson Thomas L.,   south Front st, below Mulberry
Wilson H. T., machinist, corner State and Second sts
Wilt Samuel, gentleman, 12 south Fourth st
Wire Peter, carpenter, Walnut, between Fourth and Fifth.,streets
Wilhelm Elizabeth,   Cherry alley, between Third and Fourth sts
Wingart Wm., chandler, Canal st, near Market
Willis William, sr., laborer, corner Third and South sts
Willis William, jr., hatter, do do
Willis Augustus,   do do
Willis Abner, hatter, do do
Williams Gad, gentleman, Blackberry near Dewberry alley
Wiestling Geo. P., wood and coal merchant, 25 Walnut street
Wilkinson Lewis, eating house, corner Third and Walnut sts
Willmer John, Sen miller, Paxton street, e. of the canal
Windsor Mary Ann, widow, Mulberry near Second street
Wissel Elizabeth,   Raspberry alley near Market street
Wolf Jaeob,. stone mason, Raspberry alley near Meadow lane
Wood Susanna, widow, n. s. South between Front and Second sts
Wolfersberger Levi, merchant, Market near Second street
Woodman James, gardner, Putman's, cor Pine st and Rasb'y alley
Worley Jacob, laborer, 58 Chesnut street
Wolf Adam, laborer, Wilson's hotel
Wolf Samuel,   n. Fifth st., between Market and Walnut sts
Wolfersberger Geo., dry goods merchant, n. e. cor Third and Market sts
Worley Thomas, wagon maker, Paxton opp. Vine st,, d. h. back
Wright Susan, widow, 22 south Third st
Wright William, tanner, North st. between Front and Second
Wright William, tanner, s. s. North. between Front and Second sts
Wyand Wm., boot and shoemaker, 41 n. Second st
Wyeth John, druggist, n. e. corner Market and Second streets
Wyeth C. A., teacher, Markley's, Locust st
Wyeth Francis,   42 n. Second st
Yeager Christian, shoomaker, North street, east of Capitol
Yeager Philip, carpenter, 48 south Front st
Young Henry, carpenter, Second st below State
Young Catharine, widow, Mulberry, three doors from Front sts
Young Cyrus, hatter, 13 south Second st
Young John,. victualler, 106 Walnut st
Yoder and Miller, tailors, 15 1/2 Market square
Yoder Daniel, tailor, Raspberry alley near Market st
Youse Geo., gentleman, 6l n. Second st
Yousling George, carpenter, south Second st. below Harris' alley
Yousling Frances, widow, 102 south Second st
Zimmerman Adam, farmer, 47 south Front st
Zimmerman William O., carpenter, 49 south Front st
Zimmerman Henry, painter, south Second st. bet. Vine and Paxson
Zimmerman Frederick, painter, 118 south Second st
Zollinger Elias, hatter, 13 south Second st
Zollinger Elizabeth, widow, 24 south Third st
Zollinger John, hatter, do do
Zeigler George, gentleman, 15 south Second st
Zeigler Jacob, lumber merchant, 55 south Second st
Zeigler George V., do do
Zeigler John, clerk, do
Zinn Susan, widow, corner Fourth and Market sts
Zimmerman Frederick, teacher, Front st above Vine
Zoller Barnhart, victualler, Raspb'y alley, near Mulberry st
Zouber Christophel, huckster, cor of Paxton st and River alley
Zinn John, gentleman, 63 n. Second st
Zinn George, grocer, e. s. Second above Pine st


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