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Stauffer Cemetery


From: ARCIAY@aol.com

To: PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH genealogy list PENNA-DUTCH@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu

Subject: list/ Stauffer cemetery/Dauphin/part1

Date: Thursday, March 06, 1997 3:55 PM

This is a list of burials of the Stauffer cemetery of Dauphin Co.,Pa /Bachmanvile This is all I have on these people.This info was given to me by an elderly family member .It is among the boxes and boxes of files I received.It's typed up as a list, so this is as good as it gets!For more info I would contact the Dauphin Co. Historical Society.219 S. Front Street ,Harrisburg,Pa 17104. Idon't know anything else , but whats on the paper.I sure hope it helps someone.Sorry that I don't know anymore on the location etc. Bev

John Lehman - b- 12-31-1769 / d- 2-13-1841
Eliz. Leham(wife)- b- 11-23-1763 /d- 12-6-1837
Peter Longenecker b- 7-12-1795/ d- 9-21-1882
Catherine (his wife) b- 5-27-1798 / d- 6-13-1864
dau. Elizabeth Longenecker b- 6-23-1820/ d- 5-18-1880
dau. Susanna Longenecker b- 2-19-1819/ d- 3-26-1879
Maria Buchter(dau. of Henry &Maria Buchter) b- Aug. 1822/ died at age 3 months and 2 days
???????????- b- Sept. 1795/ d- 12-23-1864
Samuel Huntsberger b- 3-29-1830 / d- 8-7-1895
wife Anna, b- 5-16-1836/ d- 7-27-1899
Malinda Huntsberger b- 4-5-1862/ d- 9-12-1886
Mary Alice Huntsberger b- 8-2-1867 /d- 8-22-1880
Peter Lehman b- 3-18-1798/ d- 7-6-1873
Christina Lehman b- 2-12-1805/ d- 9-22-1878
Susanna(Witmer) Lehman(wife of Benj. Lehman) b- 4-6-1825/ d- 12-15-1847
* Susanna is the Dau. of Peter and Esther Witmer)
Catherine Lehman(dau. of John &Magdalena Lehman)died Sept. 2, 1841 age 13yrs/ 1 month/14 days
Daniel Lehman b- 9-7-1816/ d- 1-29-1863
his wife, Mary Lehman b- 4-21-1814/ d- 7-8-1855
Catherine Lehman died 1839 aged 65y/ 8m/
Magdalena Thomas (wife of Joseph) died - 8-20-1849aged 19y/ 9m/27d
John H.or F. Stauffer b- 9-25-1818/d- 7-14-1892 (See NOTE)
his wife, Mary (Gingrich) Stauffer b- 6-26-1826/ d- 8-28-1893
Amanda Stauffer b- 3-5-1851/ d- 5-25-1875
Rev. John Strickler b- 3-1-1810/d- 7-10-1885(he is the son of Ulrich&Lizzi Strickler)
his wife, veronica b- 2-10-1815/d- 3-25-1897
John G. Ebersole died - 2-19-1934aged 85y/ 21 days
his wife ,Sylvania (Patton) Ebersole died 10-25-1919 aged 68y/ 3m/26d
Jacob B. Ebersole b- feb. 1785/d- Oct. 1843 aged 58 y
Mary Ebersole(dau. of John G. Ebersole) died - 6-27-1898/age 14y/ 2 m/ 24d
a son(no name) of John G. Ebersole died - 6-1-1913ag 31y/ 4m /19 d* his name colud be John Jr. (?)
Peter Lehman died 1837
Elizabeth Lehman died 1844
Henry Lehman (infant) died 1837
Jacob Lehman b- 10-17-1763/ d- 6-21-1827
Catherine (Lesher) Longenecker b- 1723/ d- 1-29-1786
Jacob Longenecker died 1799
C.L. died 1810
Barbara Longenecker died 1814
Abraham Longenecker died 7-23-1823 aged 75 yrs.
Catherine Longenecker died 1828 aged 5 yrs.
Anna Longenecker died 1831
Barbara longenecker died 1820 aged 6 months
? unknown died 1822 aged 4 yrs.
A daughter (of Peter & Catherine Longenecker ) died 10-10-1854 aged 28y/ 2m/1d
Jacob Martin b- 9-21-1834/ d- 4-16-1836(he is the son of Henry&Catherine Martin)
Christina (Schmidt)Eschleman b- 7-8-1773/ d- 6-5-1855/wife of Jacob/ dau. of Christian Schmidt
Jacob Eschleman -b- 3-8-1774/ d- 5-20-1837
Jacob Eschleman b- 6-6-1811/ d 10-7-1864
Barbara Eschleman b- 4-1-1814 /d- 7-19-1876
Anna Fishborn(w. of Jacob Witmer) b- 4-21-1834/ d- 8-27-1870
More *Stauffers/LongeneckersBrubakers/Witmers/Feandt/ Gingrichs/
Huntsbergers/ Shearers/ Peters

NOTE: John H or F. Stauffer 1818-1892
To my knowledge it is a H. His mother's maiden name was Hostetter. That is whatthe H stands for.

Note supplied by:David J. Bachman




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