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Courtesy Rick Lingle [lingle@bright.net]

The Catharine Lingle 1821-1891 (spouse) Jacob Lingle. Catharines maiden name is Houser. Born Oct. 3, 1824
died Jan. 26, 1891. Her parents are John Houser June 24, 1794- Apr. 1, 1877, and Margaret( Braun?) 1796-Mar. 10, 1859.
  The Clara Lingle 1854-1893 (spouse) Moses Lingle
Claras maiden name is Wagner. Born Dec 31, 1854 died
Apr 21 1893. According to family stories, Clara died 11 days after giving birth to my grandfather, Irvin Jacob Lingle. But Irvin was born in 1892, and Claras headstone says she died in 1893. Claras parents are Thomas F. Wagner Apr 15, 1829-
Aug 1, 1875, and Catherine Light Jan 12, 1831- Aug 28, 1914.

  Elisabeth Lingle1785-1865 (spouse) Paul Lingle. Elisabeth was born Aug 12, 1785 died Nov 25 1865. Elisabeths maiden name is Wilhelm.

  Three of the next four are the spouses of the above ladies.

  Jacob Lingle 1822-1903 (spouse) Catherine unknown,is
Jacob Lingle Jan 5, 1822-Feb 22 1903 (spouse) Catherine Houser.

  Moses Lingle 1852-1926 (spouse) Clara unknown, is
Moses Lingle Jan 6, 1852-Feb 12, 1926 (spouse) Clara Wagner. married Dec 23, 1873
  Moses Lingle 1888-1889 is the son of the above Moses Lingle and Clara Wagner, although I have just a birth date of May 29, 1884. I can't verify this date.

 Paul Lingle 1783-1852 (spouse) Elisabeth unknown is
Paul Lingle Dec 23, 1783-Oct 23 1852 (spouse) Elisabeth Wilhelm. married Mar 16, 1806

  Moses Lingle is the son of Jacob Lingle and Catherine Houser.

  This one I'm not sure of, but I think Jacob Lingle is the son of Paul Lingle and Elisabeth Wilhelm.

I hope this helps you, for I appreciate the help your site has given me.  Thank you    
                             Rick Lingle




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