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Courtesy of Thomas L. Meredith

NOTE: (This is another dissertation on the life of John Shoop and his wife, Elizabeth Cooper/Shoop and no author is noted - it was written in the form of an article {newspaper?} from August 14, 1938) 

. . . .This is for my children. . . . FROM AN ARTICLE WRITTEN AUGUST 14, 1938

Elizabeth Cooper Shoop, your great, great grandmother, was born April 24, 1784. Eighteen years old at marriage. Fifteen years younger than her husband John (33?). They owned their own farm in Armstron Valley, Jackson Township, Dauphin County, PA.. Their farm, a plantation, consisted of 243 acres and 62 perches and was valued at $2600.00 at the time of John's death in 1855.

They kept a few slaves which was unusual for the people of this locality, as most people did not approve of slavery. John and Elizabeth had eleven children. The seventh, Christina, your great, great grandmother-to-be, married Issac Novinger. Christina and her sister Susannah were twins as were their brothers, Samuel and Adam. Although they were Lutherans, there was evidently no church near, for when their daughter, your great grandmother, was married to Isaac, the young couple walked 10 miles to St. David's Church in Lykes Valley, PA., to be married on August 17, 1837. This was the first joining of the Shoop and Novinger Families recorded. 

John, your great, great grandfather, made his will on May 20, 1853 making provision for his wife Elizabeth. Samuel, one of the sons lived on his father's farm and John willed that Elizabeth and Samuel would stay on the farm and that a cow and two pigs be maintained as food for them. Samuel would make fair payment for the farm to Elizabeth and provide for her for as long as she lived.  

At the time the will was made, 6 of John and Elizabeth's children lived in Dauphin County, PA., and the other 5 had moved to Adair County, MO., one of them being your great, great grandmother, Christina Novinger. 

John Shoop died on Jan. 11, 1855, past 85 years of age and was burried in Straw Cemetary, near Enders, Dauphin County, PA. . His tombstone reads Johannes Schubb. 

NOTE: (These are the notes of Walter Novinger on various family members that were transcribed originally by some of the Novingers prior to 1940. I can't find a cousin of Sarah Novinger with the name of Walter but he may be missing from my records?)


Dr. Novinger lived in Elmira, New York until Oct. 1940 (most probably died that year?) He made a very thorough job of the Novinger History.

(He was at Dan's house while Jay's were there and gave Anne this information. (This means like Jay & I)? From American Revolution records I have found that Ludwig Shott, Sr. and his two sons Jacob and Ludwig and Adam Cooper and George Shoop, whom I believe to be a brother of John Shoop, all were soldiers on the side of the colonies. Their records are in the state library at Harrisburg, PA., so all the descendents of John Shoop, Elizabeth Cooper Shoop and your great, great grandparents, are eligible to belong to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution and with pride too, for Ludwig was getting to be an old man and went to the aid of the colonies and became an officer of the 1st Battalion of Lancaster County, (now Dauphin County) Militia in 1777 ranking as 1st Lt. of the 3rd Company under the command of Capt. Philip Keiser.

The Shotts, Novingers, Motters, Shoops and Coopers were relatives and neighbors for close to 200 years. All these names appear in the 1790 census Book at Dauphin County, PA.. The 1790 census being the first census ever taken in the United States. Your great great grandfather John Shoop, died Jan. 11, 1855 past 85 years old and is burried in Straw Cemetary near Enders, Dauphin County, PA. His name is spelled Johannes Schubb on his tombstone. Your great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Cooper Shoop died in 1870 past the age of 86 years and is burried beside her husband, John. 

In the Commerative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, PA., published in 1896 by J. Rusk, page 924, the following is found:

 "John Shoop was born in Lykes Valley and was of Swiss descent. He moved to Jackson Township where he followed farming. He married Elizabeth Cooper. The both passed away in Jackson Township. Both were members of the Lutheran Church. In politics, he was Old Line Whig."  

There is also on record in the county of Dauphin a will book "F" and on page 465 it is noted where John, your great, great grandfather made his ill on May 20, 1853. John and Elizabeth had 11 children. The 7th, your great grandmother, married Isaac Novinger at the St. David's Church, Lykes Valley, PA., on Aug. 18, 1837. This was the first joining of the Shoop and Novinger families recorded. 





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