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BERRYSBURG.  This beautiful little borough, with a population of 329, is on the road which runs from Millersburg through Lykens into Schuylkill county, and is about 35 miles from Harrisburg. The town was laid out by John Adam Heller in December 1819. John Paul Jr. surveyed he town for Mr. Heller, who named it Berrysburg -  the name being suggested by that of Berry's Mountain, in the vicinity. The town was incorporated  as a borough in December 14, 1869, the first Burgess being Jonathan Tobias. The first school in the place was organized in about the year 1826, and the Berrysburg Seminary was organized about 1857 and reorganized in 1879. It is stated that Rev. H. S. Bosler, built the old Seminary in 1851, and that its first teacher was Edward Whitman. Many of the school teachers in the northern part of the county in the years gone by received instruction at this old Seminary, which has long been abandoned and the building torn down. That the people of Berrysburg were of a literary taste is shown, not only because of the existence of the old Seminary, but also because of the organization of the Berrysburg Library Association in 1863. the association has a library of about 500 volumes of the best books of  the time. Probably no other town as small as this one was in 1863 contained both a Seminary and a Public Library.




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