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GRATZ. This borough, now having a population of 615, was laid out by Simon Gratz in 1805. It was incorporated in 1852. The town is situated on the Millersburg and Reading Railroad and is about thirty miles from Harrisburg. Owing to the German ancestry of the majority of the people in this community, the Lutheran and Reformed denominations have always been predominant in the religious life of the place.

The Gratz Fair Association is one of the important organizations of the town, and the "Gratz Fair" has become one of the great events on the life of the community. This Association was organized in 1873. Owing to lack of interest, it nearly died in 1905, but owing to the energy and enthusiasm of Mr. Harry Smith the Association and Fair were saved, and the four day fair became an annual event of community life in the northern part of the county, being attended by thousands of people near and far.




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