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HERSHEY. This "Chocolate and Cocoa Town". which is situated in the Lebanon Valley, about 13 miles from Harrisburg, and which is on a fine macadam highway, as well as on the Reading Railway and the Harrisburg Railways, was laid out in 1903 by M. S. Hershey.

Near by where the largest chocolate plant in the world is located still stands the "Old Derry Church", and the old graveyard, which contains the mortal remains of many of the first settlers in the region.

Hershey is one of the most unique towns in Pennsylvania in many respects. Its large chocolate factory, where the chocolate which is known all over the world, is made, and which employs about 2,500 people, is the central feature in a "model town", which contains banks, stores, theatres, beautiful modern homes, parks, and all other enterprises and features of a modern city. Hershey Park, with its lake, bathing pool, zoological gardens, playgrounds, amusements, restaurants, etc. is the great playground of Central Pennsylvania.

The large convention hall, in Hershey Park, is used for all sorts of large gatherings, and here the Grand Opera singers and the best Orchestras and Bands in America, give concerts during the summer season. Churches and other organizations, secular and religious, have their annual picnics in the park, which is well supplied with every convenience for such gatherings.

The town of Hershey, the chocolate works and the park, are all visited by thousands of people every year. It is one of the "sight places" of the state, as well as of the county.




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