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HIGHSPIRE.  Situated on the Pennsylvania Railroad, about six miles from Harrisburg, was a post town before 1812. It was incorporated as a borough in 1867, but this act was annulled April 8, 1868. It was again incorporated as a borough in 1904. The place became famous in its early history as a shipping point for the whisky which was distilled in the territory about, by the farmers, who converted their rye into spirits, as did the farmers, of nearly every part of western Pennsylvania at this time. The whisky was shipped by boats to Havre de Grace and Baltimore. At a later time the Highspire Distillery was established by Robert Wilson (1823) who operated it until 1870. In more recent years the distillery came into the hands of Highspire Distilling Company (1901), which produced more than 5,500 barrels a year. The Constitutional Amendment changed the history of this industry of Highspire, as it did every similar industry in the country.

The United Brethren organized a church at Highspire in 1842. This church now occupies a beautiful modern church building. The Church of God erected a building in 1843, and now occupies a more recent place of worship. The Evangelical Lutheran was organized in 1893 and erected a brick church in 1901.

Highspire is now one of the growing towns of Dauphin County, having a population of 2.031 people.

The author has always thought that the site of Highspire was the site of one of the pre-historic villages of the Andaste, or Susquehannock Indians. The many artifacts fond here would so indicate.




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