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Linda S. McCleary, Arizona State Genealogy,  Librarian
The Pennsylvania Archives is a 138 volume set of materials relating to Colonial and Revolutionary times in Pennsylvania. The set contains a wealth of information for Pennsylvania researchers. Below is a summary of each volume in the Pennsylvania Archives set.

COLONIAL RECORDS = 16 volumes. Contains Provincial Council (1683-1776) and Supreme Executive Council (1776-1790) minutes. Chronologically arranged; Table of Contents; Index located in the last volume of Series 1. FIRST SERIES = 12 volumes of the Secretary of the Commonwealth papers. Arranged chronologically from 1664 -1786. Each volume has its own index. General index is located in the last volume of this series along with the Colonial Records.

SECOND SERIES =19 volumes. Church records, militia rolls included. Index at the end of each volume. Vol. 1: Minutes of the Board of War, and Navy Board (1775-84) Vol. 2: Penn. marriages prior to 1790; ships registers; naturalizations (1740-1790)

bulletVol. 3: Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Penn. 1776-94; Papers dealing with the Revolutionary War, Officers of the State of Penn. 1774-90.
bulletVol. 4: Whiskey Insurrection Papers (1794-5)
bulletVol. 5: Papers relating to the Colonies on the Delaware (1614-82)
bulletVol. 6: Papers Relating to the French Occupation in Western Penn.
bullet(1631-1764 includes maps)
bulletVol. 7: Papers relating to the Provincial Affairs; Papers relating to the Dutch and Swedish Settlements on the Delaware River  (1630-1763 with maps)Vol. 8: Penn. Marriages Prior to 1810 (part 1)
bulletVol. 9: Penn. Marriages Prior to 1810 (part 2); Officers of Colonies on the Delaware (1614-1776)
bulletVol.10&11: Lists of Penn. Soldiers in the War of the Revolution, (1775-83)
bulletVol. 12: Rolls of Penn. Volunteers in the War of 1812-14.
bulletVol.13&14 Lists of Penn. Soldiers in the War of the Revolution in Associators, Militia, and Battalions (1775-83)
bulletVol. 15: Journals and Diaries of theWar of the Revolution with Lists of Officers and Soldiers (1775-83)
bulletVol. 16: Boundary Dispute Papers between Penn. and Maryland.
bulletVol. 17: Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Penn.(1727-75 with foreign arrivals 1786- 1808)
bulletVol. 18: Documents relating to the Connecticut Settlement in the Wyoming Valley (1753-1801)Vol. 19: Land Grants (1685-1730)

THIRD SERIES = 30 volumes. Land, Military and Tax Records. General Index located in Volumes 27-30.Vol. I & 2: Land Grants 1681-1795

bulletVol. 3: Land rights and Revolutionary Soldiers (1682-1794)
bulletVol. 4: Maps of proprietary manors (1683-1773)
bulletVol. 5: Accounts of the Treasury of Penn. (1775-83)
bulletVol. 6: Accounts of County Lieutenants (1777-83)
bulletVol. 7: Military Fines, Finances and Land Grants (1773 -8 8)
bulletVol. 8-10: Commissions issued by the Province (1733-90)
bulletVol. 11-12: Chester County Tax Lists (1765-85)
bulletVol. 13: Bucks County Tax Lists (1779-86)
bulletVol. 14-16: Philadelphia City and County Tax Lists (1769-83)
bulletVol. 17: Lancaster County Tax Lists (1772-82)
bulletVol. 18: Berks County Tax Lists (1767-85)
bulletVol. 19: Northhampton and Northumberland Counties Tax Lists (1772-88)
bulletVol. 20: Cumberland County Tax Lists (1778-85)
bulletVol. 21: York County Tax Lists (1779-83)
bulletVol. 22: Bedford, Huntingdon, Westrnoreland, Fayette, Allegheny and Washington Counties Tax Lists (1773 -8 8)
bulletVol. 23: Muster Rolls and Pension Lists of the Revolutionary War (1776-1832)
bulletVol. 24-26: Warrantees of Land Including Name, Acres, and Date (1733 -1896)
bulletVol. 27-30: General Index of All Names in Series 3 in 4 volumes.

FOURTH SERIES = 12 volumes. Papers of the Govemors, Colonial, Provincial and State (1681-1903). Index in each volume. General Index in Vol. 12

FIFTH SERIES = 8 volumes. French and Indian War. Revolutionary War and Militia Papers. General Index in Vol. 15 of the sixth Series.

bulletVol. 1: Lists of Soldiers and Ships Registers (1743-1782)
bulletVol. 2-8: Military Rolls of the Revolutionary War, Associators & Militia (1775-83)

SIXTH SERIES = 14 volumes. Klitary Registers for Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Mexican War; Church Records, Estate Inventories. General Index in the five volumes of the Seventh Series.

bulletVol. 1-2: Military Rolls of the Revolutionary War for Philadelphia, Washington Co., Wesmoreland Co., and York Co.
bulletVol. 3: Lists of male white inhabitants between ages of 18 and 53 capable of bearing arms by county (1784-1790)Vol. 4: Military Abstracts (1790-1817)
bulletVol. 5: Militia Lists of Males Capable of Bearing Arms (1790-1800)
bulletVol. 6: Church Records from Lehigh Co. (1734-1834); Church Records from Lancaster Co. (1752-1786); Marriage Licenses by State of Penn.
bulletVol. 7-9: Muster Rolls of the War of 1812-1814.
bulletVol. 10: War of 1812 and Mexican War (I 846-47)
bulletVol. 11: Election Returns (1756-1789)
bulletVol. 12-14: Revolutionary War land papers.
bulletVol. 15: General Index for the Entire Fifth in two parts.

SEVENTH SERIES = Complete Index to the Sixth Series only. Over one million names in 5 volumes.

EIGHTH SERIES = Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the Province of Pennsylvania; reprinted from 18th Century records. 8 volumes. No Index; however, is chronologically arranged from 1682-1776.

NINTH SERIES = Executive Minutes, a Journal of Official Actions of the Governors; Revolutionary War Claims; Pensioners. 10 volumes. Not Indexed (1790-1838).

Neil McDonald, macbd1@arthur.k12.il.us




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