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OLD DERRY CHURCH. This old church site, not far from Hershey, is the site of the old Derry Presbyterian Church, which held services at this place, or near by, as early as 1724, although the church was not organized until 1733. Derry Township, like many other sections along the Susquehanna and in the Cumberland Valley was first settled by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, who erected their churches and schools as soon as they built their homes. The present memorial Church was erected in 1884. At the dedication exercises, which was held on October 2,, 1884, Dr. William Egle, a direct descendant of the Rev. John Elder, D.D., and former State Librarian and historical writer, delivered the historical address. A history of this old church is well worth reading and a visit to the site of it is an inspiration.




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