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PAXTANG. Much of the early history of Paxtang is given in the body of the history, in relation to the settlement at Harrisburg. The present borough of Paxtang, with a population of 822 (1920), which is rapidly increasing, is situated on the line of the Reading Railroad and the Harrisburg Railways, about three miles from the city of Harrisburg. The growth of the city has spread so unbrokenly to Paxtang within the last few years, that there is now no break in the line of houses leading to this historic and beautiful little borough. It is fast becoming one of the residential sections of the city.

Paxtang Park, which has most picturesque surroundings, is one of the amusement places and playgrounds of the city. The old Paxtang Church with the attached burial ground, is one of the most interesting and historic spots in Dauphin county. This old church, which was organized about 1733, was made historic during the days of Pastor, the Rev. John Elder, who was commissioned as a Colonel during the period of the French and Indian War. Probably no graveyard of its size in the state contains the graves of more officers and soldiers of all the wars of the Nation, nor more graves of men of national reputation. The Founder of Harrisburg, the first Senator in the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, and many of the most prominent men and women of early days rest here. The D.A.R. erected a most beautiful gate at the entrance to the graveyard, and also bronze tablets containing the names of the officers and enlisted men who rest in the little plot, and who served in the French and Indian, the Revolution and other wars. This spot, with its hallowed memories, is well worthy of a visit. The church is still one of the most active in serving the people of the community in which it has existed since 173.




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