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PORTSMOUTH. Was another of the old towns in this neighborhood. George Fisher sold to John Swar, of Lancaster, a tract of land between Middletown and the river, on March 17, 1814, on which they laid out the town of Portsmouth. The Union Canal and the Pennsylvania, Lancaster and Harrisburg Railroads intersected at this place. On the 9th of March, 1857, Portsmouth, which then had a population of about 750, was consolidated with the borough of Middletown, which had been incorporated February 19, 1828. The old state road, known as one of the "King's Highways", passed through Middletown from Philadelphia, and on to Carlisle and the Ohio, over what is now, for a great part, the Lincoln Highway. The present Main Street, at Middletown, occupies the old highway of these early days.

Near Middletown, the United States Army Air Intermediate Depot and Flying Field is on of the most interesting places in Harrisburg region. This field was one of the chief centers of mobilization of Pennsylvania troops in the Spanish-American War, 1898, and during the World War, 1917, it was selected as the location of the general supply depot of the Army Signal Corps. During the war the following troops were stationed here; the 25th, 503rd, 610th, 615th and 634th. Areo Squadrons. In 1922 this depot was transferred to the U.S. Army Air Service, and in 1924 it was designated for the conducting of engineering operations on a large scale. There are about 500 civilian employees in work at this station. The stock at this place is valued at $20,000,000. There are eight large warehouses and two steel hangars. This field is destined to be one of the chief stations of the U.S. Air Service east of the Mississippi. The depot now covers all of the activities of the U.S. Army Air Service in the eastern part of the United States and Panama.

The beautiful new building of the Odd Fellows Home, which was recently dedicated, is situated on the rising ground above the State Highway near Middletown. This home, with its 125 guests and which cost about $300,000, is one of the most complete Homes of any of the Fraternal organizations in the state. The long stretches of fertile lands lying along the Susquehanna river below Harrisburg, with the splendid facilities of transportation, and the central location of these lands in the state, makes this entire region on of the most suitable and convenient locations in the entire state for all sorts of institutions foe the service of the people of the Commonwealth, The far sweeping views of the winding river and rolling valleys, as seen from the river bluff above the highway, make the site of the Odd Fellows Home one of the most delightful places in the state for the guests of this home to spend the twilight of their lives. The surroundings make this a "home", rather than an institution.

("The Chronicles of Middletown," by C. H. Hutchinson 1906, gives a history of the town and it's churches)




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