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WILLIAMSTOWN. This thriving borough with a population of 2,878, is situated in the center of the Lykens-Williams Valley anthracite coal fields. The combined valleys, now called Lykens-Williams Valley, was formerly noted on the early maps simply as the Williams Valley, although on the Scull map of 1770, the valley is noted as "Liken's Valley"  (Morris map, 1848). The valley  and the town took their name from Daniel Williams, that of one of the earliest settlers in the valley. The town is not far from the Schuylkill county line, and is at the terminus of the Summit Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The discovery of anthracite coal in 1825 led to the development of Williamstown, as it did with the town of Lykens in the same valley. The Williamstown Colliery has been one of the largest in the anthracite field. As early as 1873 it shipped from its mines about 301,296 tons. The town was laid out by the Coal Company in 1869. The Williamstown Literary Society, composed of about 24 members, was organized in 1876. The statistics concerning the anthracite industry in Dauphin county are give in the chapter on "Modern Industries". Williamstown celebrated its Centennial August 18-21, 1926.




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