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WHITE, Rev. Clifton Glenn, died Jan 1, 1916, buried Jan. 4, Pastor L?. Manges? and Dr. J. Ott.

ROMBERGER, Nathan, died Jan. 3, 1916, buried 6.

FEIDT, William E., died Jan. 7, buried Jan. 11, Rev. Miller.

RICKERT, Mrs. Mary, died Jan. 15, buried 18th.

LENKER, Mrs. Nicholas, died Jan. 17, buried 21st.

SCHAEFFER, Durell, died Jan. 14, buried 18th.

KEBOCH, Henry, died Jan. 14, buried Jan. 18th.

FETROW?, Mrs. George, died Jan. 18, buried 23rd.

BOWMAN, Simon S., died Jan 23, buried 26th, Rev. Skeath.

LEBO, Levi, died Jan. 20?, buried Jan. 27, Rev. Hangen.

JARING, Mrs. Eliza, died Jan. 21, buried 24th.

MILLER, Stephen, died Jan. 24, buried 28th. Rev. Wehr.

KLINGER, Jacob and Mother died Jan. 7, buried 10th. Rev. Fetterolf and Gass.

NOLL, Mrs. Herman, nee Margaret SHEESLY, died Jan. 26, buried 29th. Rev. Jones.

LUDIS?, John M., died at Louisville Key Jan. 22, buried Jan. 25th.

WILLOUGHBY, Walt, died Jan. 20, buried 24th.

WELKER, Mrs. George, died Jan. 1916

MILLER, Preston B., died Jan. 24, buried 27th.

DOUDEN, Mr. A., died Feb. 24, buried 28th. Pastors Skeath and Jay Dickerson.

COLEMAN, Mrs. Sarah A., died Jan 21, buried Feb. 3rd. Pastor Haeseler.

RATHVON, Mrs. Sallie, died Jan. 31, buried Feb. 2nd. Rev. Haeseler.

SCHAEFFER, John B., died Feb. 4, 1916, buried 8th. Pastor Derr. Text

Genesis 5, ch. 24v. (This was Kate's Uncle, b. 11/16/1842)

RITZMAN, Mrs. Susan, Died Feb. 5, buried 9th. Rev. Miller

LEHMAN, Mrs. Susan, died Feb. 10, buried 14, Rev. Hangen

MOYER, James B., died March 11, buried 14th. Rev. Rhoads

KEEFER, Miss Annie, aged 89 years., died March 16, buried 19th.

MATTER, Mrs. Isaiah, died March 25, buried 29th.

JURY, Mrs. Benton, died March 26, buried 29. Pastor Skeath.

HOOVER, Charles A., died March 28, buried Apr. 2nd. Rev. Wehr.

ROMBERGER, Joseph, died March 30, buried Apr. 2, Rev. Huyett?.

ESHELMAN, Mrs. Salome, died Apr. 1, buried Apr. 4

LENKER, Aaron, died March 31, buried Apr. 3.

HOFFMAN, Emanuel, died March 30, buried Apr. 3

BOYER, Mrs. Henrietta, died April 6, buried 9th.

REED, Dr. J. J., died Aprl 8, buried 11th. Rev. Fetterhoff.

BENDER, Mrs. Charles, died Apr. 10, buried 12th.

EMERICH, Mrs. Doctor, died Apr. 12, buried 15. Rev. Fetterhoff

WERT, Harold Eugene, died Apr. 16, buried Apr. 19. Rev. Kohler.

ULSH, Jacob, died Apr. 29, buried May 2. Rev. Rhoads.

SHIFFER, Thomas, died May 6, buried 10th. Rev. Kressley.

SNYDER, Samuel, died May 14, buried 17th. Rev. Miller.

MAUREY, Mr. J. J., died May 19, buried 23rd. Rev. Skeath.

DEHAVEN, Mrs. William, died June 6, buried June 9. Rev. Musselman.

BORDNER, Mrs. William J? Y?, died June 6, buried 9th. Rev. Musselman.

NEAGLEY, Isaac, died May 1916.

MATTER, John H., died June 12, buried 15th. Rev. S. Rhoads.

ROMBERGER, John A., died June 9, buried 11. Pastor Farnsworth.

WEAVER, Christian, died June 10, buried June 20, Pastor Miller.

WEAVER, Mrs. Aaron, died June 17, buried 21st. Rev. Wehr and Miller.

DEIBLER, Laurence, was killed June 22, was buried 25th.

HENNINGER, Joseph, died June 23, buried 26th. Revs. Haessler and Miller.

FRALIE?K, FRALICK?, Mrs. Cornie, died July 3, buried 6th. Rev. Burger.

F?INTON, John S., died July 13, buried July 16. Rev. C. Jones

WITMER, Mrs. Jane, died July 13, buried 16th.

WENNER, Willliam A., died July 17, buried 22nd.

REINHART, Mrs. Mary, died Aug. 12, buried 15th. Rev. George Detweiler and Joseph Keefer?.

HOFF, Alma, died Aug. 19, buried 22. Rev. J. H. Musselman.

SLATE, Mrs. Catherine, died Sept. 3, buried 6th. Rev. M. L. Burger.

MILLS, Capt. William, died Sept. 21, buried 24. Pastor Rev. Musselman.

ZERBY, Raymond, died Sept. 21, buried 25. Rev. Miller and Kohler.

MATTER, Charles B., died Sept 26, buried 30th.

SCHAEFFER, Henry Luther, died Sept. 23, buried Sept. 26th. Rev.

Bergstresser. (This was Aunt Kate's Father...he was born 9/24/1840, and he

was married to Harriet NEAGLEY)

HOY, Mrs. Beulah, died Sept 25, buried 27. Rev. Kohler.

COLES?, Samuel Brainerd, died Sept 26, buried 29. Rev. Davies.

SULTZBAUGH, Jacob D., died Oct. 9, buried Oct. 12. Rev. Mark Burger.

KLINGER, James, died Oct. 4, buried Oct. 7th.

TYSON, Israel, died Oct. 12th, buried 16th. Rev. Musselman.

BORDNER, John W., died Oct. 14, buried 18th.

SNYDER, Jacob, died Oct. 19, buried 22nd. Rev. Miller.

KOPPENHEFFER, Mrs. Uriah, died Nov. 3, buried Nov. 6th.

GUNDERMAN, Samuel, died Nov. 13, buried 17th. Rev. J. Musselman.

SHADEL, Mrs. Viola Michael, died Nov. 13, buried Nov. 16. Rev. W. J. Kohler.

NEAGLEY, Uncle John, died Nov. 15, buried 18. Rev. Haessler and Miller.

(This was Kate's Mother's brother)

COOPER, Aaron, died Nov. 22, buried 24th.

HOFFMAN, Catharine, died Nov. 27, buried 30. Rev. Haessler.

LUBOLD, Bernice, died Nov. 29, buried Dec. 1st. Rev. Miller.

BELLER, Abraham, died Nov. 27, buried 30th.

SHORTESS, Ella, died Dec. 4th, buried 6th. Rev. Eagle.

SCHAEFFER, William P., died Dec. 6, buried 10th. Rev. M. Burger.

ORNDORF, Mrs. Ida, died Dec. 2, buried Dec. 4, Pastor W. Skeath.

JURY, Thomson, died Dec. 12, buried Dec. 15. Rev. M. Burger.

BUCK, Mrs. Maggie L., died Dec. 15, buried 19th.

LEBO, Harry A., died Dec. 21, buried Dec. 24th.

HECKERT, Mrs. William, died Dec. 26, buried Dec. 29th.

BARNHART, Mrs. Henry, died Dec. 29, buried Jan 2, 1917. Pastor Bergstresser.

WEAVER, Reily, died Dec. 29, buried Jan 1, 1917.

LENKER, Uriah, died Dec. 30, buried Jan. 3, 1917. Pastors Rhoads and Shoop.

ROMIG, Rev. M. S., died Dec. 30, buried Jan. 3, 1917.




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