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CAMPELL, Mrs. Ella, died Jan. 7, buried Jan. 10. Pastor Christ.

SHOOP, Howard, died Jan. 6. buried Jan.9

HOY, Mrs. Valentine, died Jan. 15, buried Jan 19. Rev. Clint Miller.

MECK, Nelson, died Jan. 13, buried Jan. 17. Pastor W. Christ.

MILLER, Michael, died Jan. 14, 1924, buried Jan. 17. Aged 88.

CLUCK, Mrs. Adeline, died Jan. 12, buried 14. Aged 82.

LOWER, Daniel, died Jan. 16, buried Jan. 20.

SWAB, Isaac, died Jan. 12, buried Jan. 15. Pastor W. Artz. Age 79 years.

ROWE, Alvin, died Jan. 19, buried 22. Rev. Sternat.

LENKER, David, died Jan. 30, buried Feb. 2. Rev. Shafer.

LIME, Mr., died Jan 29, buried Feb.1

TOBIAS, Mrs. Clinton, died Feb. 3, buried 7. Pastor Christ.

LENKER, Mrs. Davie, died Feb. 9, buried Feb. 13. Pastor Sternat.

FEIDT, Mrs. Mary, died Feb. 19, buried Feb. 23.Rev. Noon

MUSSER, Mrs. Edith , died Feb. 13, buried 16. Rev. Sternat.

FISHER, Mrs. Joanna, died Feb. 4, buried 6.

KEENES, William R., died Feb. 22, buried 26. Rev. Mease.

SMITH, Mrs. Bertha DEIBLER, died Jan. 22, buried 25.

JURY, Mrs. Hiram, died Feb. 22, buried 23.

STINE, Frank P., died March 1, buried ?.

BOWMAN, Mrs. William, died March 10, buried Mar. 13. Rev. Dundore.

HOFFMAN, Mr. Isaas?, died March 25, buried March 29. Rev. Noon. 87 years.

WINGARD, G?. C., died March 28, buried 29. Rev. Sternat.

HAVERSTICK, Addison J., died March 28, buried Apr. 3. Rev. Sternat. 80 years.

LAMBERT, Mr., died March 29, buried Apr. 4. Rev. Henry Noon, 81 years.

FACHT, Dr. J.? B., died March 10, buried March 13. Pastor Charles Aikens, Rev. J. Hartman, W. Rearick, and Y.Houtz.

AUCHMUTY, Miss E. Verna, died Alpr. 10, buried 17. Rev. Sternat.

WERT, Mrs. Annie S., died Apr. 16, buried Apr. 21. Rev. Christ.

BRUBAKER, John M., died Apr. 18, buried 21.

GRAY, Mrs. Sarah, died Apr. 22, buried Apr. 26. Pastor Christ.

NOVINGER, Samuel P., died Apr. 29

WEAVER, S. Edward, died May 8, buried 10. Pastor Rogers.

LEYTER, E. W., died May 8, buried May 13. Pastor Wehr.

LENKER, Simon, died May 12, buried May 17. Rev. Wehr.

DAY, David, died May 17, buried 20. Rev. Sternat.

BUFFINGTON, Mrs. Nathaniel, died May 20, buried 25.

BOWERS, Mrs. Johnie, died June 2, buried 5. Aged 88.

ULSH, Dr. J. A., died June 12, buried June 16. Pastors Frank Matter and Jones.

JURY, John David, died June 22, buried June 26. Pastor John N. Garner.

SCHREFFLER, William, died June 29, buried ? Rev. W. Artz.

ROWE?, Olives, died July 1, buried July 4, Pastor Sternat.

AGSTEN, Mrs. Mazie, died June 21, buried June 24.

COOLIDGE, Calvin, died July 7, buried 10.

ZERBY, Mrs. Ed, died July 13, buried 16. Pastor Garner.

SULTZBAUGH, Jacob J., died July 20, buried 23. Rev. W. Christ.

HARTMAN, Elmer, died July 22, buried 24.

GRABILL, Mrs. Phares?, died July 23, buried July 26.

DEVENY, Mrs. Sarah, died Aug. 1, buried Aug. 24.

FORNEY, Mrs. Lisle, died Aug. 29, buried Sept. 2.

WEAVER, Harry H., died Aug. 30, buried Sept 3. Pastor W. Artz.

LAUDENSLAGER, Mrs. John, died Sept 13, buried Sept 17.

VOSS, Mrs. Elizabeth, died Sept. 13, buried Sept. 16.

WOLFGANG, Mrs. May ROTHERMAL, died Sept 21, buried Sept 25.

WINGARD, Francis H., died Sept. 21, buried Sept. 24. Rev. W. H. Robinson assisted by W. H. Christ.

WEAVER, Geroge Allen, died Oct. 4, buried 9. Rev. John Sowa.

BERGSTRESSER, Mrs. Jane, died Oct. 18, buried 20. Rev. Christ.

WIRT, Miss Linda E. E., died Nov. 16, buried 19. 85 years.

MATTIS, Mrs. Mary Jane, died Nov. 16, buried Nov. 19. Rev. Wehr.

HARDING, Mrs. Florence, died Nov. 21, buried 24.

KEITER, Mrs. George, died Dec. 5, buried Dec. 9. Pastor Stabley. 79 years.

HEIB?, William H., died Dec. 7, buried Dec. 11.

HEAN, Mrs. Maud, mee CAMP?eELL, died Dec. 10, buried Dec. 13. Rev. Stauffer.

SPRUCEBANK, Mrs. Maggie, died Dec. 16, buried Dec. 19. Pastor Winfield Herman, assisted by Rev. Sternat.

SULTZBAUGH, Jeremiah, died Dec. 14, buried Dec. 17. Pastor John Sowa.

SWAB, Mrs. Francis, died Dec. 18, buried Dec. 22.

MILLER, J. Adam, died Dec. 15, buried Dec. 18. Aged 83. Pastor Wehr.

LENKER, Miss Amelia, died Dec. 30, buried Jan 2, 1925. Pastor E. Martin Grove.




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