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SWAB, Thomas, died Jan. 1, buried Jan. 4, Aged 83.

HOUSSLER, Mrs. Leah, nee COOPER, died Jan. 6. Pastor Charles Slinghoff.

LENKER, Francis N., died Jan. 16, buried Jan. 21. Rev. Sternat.

WALTERS, William, died in Feb. 1925. Aged 83 years.

DEIBLER, John, died Jan. 24, buried 27. Rev. Sowa. Aged 80 years.

MARKLEY, Aurie N., died Jan. 31, buried Feb. 3. Rev. W. H. Robinson.

OBERHOLTZER, Charles E., died Feb. 2, buried Feb. 5. Pastor Sternat.

BARNHART, Henry, died Jan. 31, buried Feb. 4. Rev. Sternat. Aged 83 years.

NACE, Philip, died Jan. 26, buried Jan. 30. Rev. Paul Johnson.

MARTZ, Henry, died Feb. 10, buried Feb. 13. Aged 96 years.

APEL, George Y?., died Feb. 16, buried Feb. 20.

KOPPENHEFFER, Harry W., died Feb. 12, buried 16.

BENDER, Mrs. Joseph, died Feb. 23, buried Feb. 27.

LUCKENBILL, Rev. B. F., died Feb. 23, buried Feb. 28. Rev. Schneider.

HETRICH, Mrs. John, died Feb. 23, buried Feb. 27. Rev. Paul Fridinger.

SCHEETZ, Annie, died Mar. 1, buried Mar. 3. Pastor Starr.

NOVINGER, Mrs. Cyrus, died Mar. 3, buried Mar. 7. Pastor W. Christ. Aged 91 years.

FOCHT, Mrs. Elizabeth, died Feb. 7, buried 10. Pastor Thomas Houtz. Aged 73 years.

KOPPENHEFFER, Cornelius, died Mar. 6, buried Mar. 9.

DEIBLER, Mellie, died Mar. 16, buried Mar. 21. Rev. Starr.

SWAB, Isaiah, died Apr. 14, buried Apr. 18. Pastor Artz.

HELLER, Mrs. John, died March 31, buried Apr. 4. Pastor Artz.

WERT, Ben, died Apr. 1, buried Apr. 5. Pastor George Groninger.

WILL, David, died Apr. 6, buried Apr. 10. Rev. Baker.

TROUTMAN, Mr., died Apr. 8, buried Apr. 11. Rev. Fasnacht.

WERT, William B., died Apr. 11, buried Apr. 14. Rev. Sternat.

KAHLER, Jerl, died Apr. 14, buried Apr. 17. Rev. H. Fasnacht and Stanly Baker.

ROMBERGER, Allen, died Apr. 20, buried Apr. 25. Rev. Sternat and John Sowa.

SNYDER, Mrs. Raymond D., died Apr. 16, buried Apr. 20. Pastor Wehr.

SNYDER, Mrs. William F., died Apr. 27, buried 30. Pastor Mease.

WITMER, Ephraim, died May 2, buried May 7.

FEIDT, Mrs. Aaron, died May 11, buried May 14. Rev. Baker.

WEAVER, Mrs. Charlie, died May 27, buried May 30.

MILLER, Mrs. Desser S., died May 28, buried June 2. Rev. Sternat.

HOLTZMAN, Mrs. M. W., died June 3, buried June 6. Rev. Sternat. Aged 81 years.

LEBO, Mrs. Caroline, died June 4, buried June 7. Rev. Baker.

STOCK, Ida, died June 2, buried June 5.

WEISER, Dr. Frank R., died May 22, 1925.

ENDERS, Mrs. Nathan, died June 19, buried 23.

BROWN, Rev., died in July, 1925.

GOODLING, Mrs. Ida S., died June 22, buried June 25. Rev. S. Baker.

WALBORN, Harry H., died June 27, buried June 30. Pastor Fasnacht.

SNYDER, Isaiah, died July 7, buried July 10. Rev. Sternat.

REBER, Rev. J. Alvin, died July 13, buried July 16.

SHOOP, Frank A., died July 31, buried Aug. 5.

MILLER, Earnest, died Aug. 4, buried Aug. 7. Rev. Sternat.

GLACE, George, died July 30, buried Aug. 3.

BRUBAKER, John J., died Aug. 19, buried Aug. 23. Rev. W. H. Robison.

SELTZER, Peter, died Aug. 20, buried Aug. 24. Rev. Kramer, Aged 82 years.

WERT, Calvin, died Aug. 23, buried Aug. 26. Rev. Mease.

NOVINGER, James H., died Aug. 26, buried 29.

BEARD, Mrs. Clara, died Sept. 6, buried Sept. 9. Rev. Sternat.

LENKER, Mrs. Uriah, died Sept. 12, buried Sept. 15. Pastor Dundore.

SCHAEFFER, Mrs. Levi, died Sept 15, buried Sept 19. Rev. W. Artz.

MARTZ, Milton, died Sept 19, buried Sept 22. Pastor Sternat.

BINGEMAN, Mrs. Katie, died Oct. 5, buried 9. Rev. Leo Horn. Aged 86 years.

MILLER, Mrs. John W., died Oct. 8, buried 14. Pastor Sternat and Kepner. Aged 81 years.

FEIDT, John, died Oct. 10, buried Oct. 14. Pastor Stanley. Aged 87 years.

MILLS, Mrs. Annie McGANN, died Oct. 13, buried Oct. 17. Pastor Sternat.

GILBERT, Mrs. Annie C., died Oct. 12, buried Oct. 15. Rev. Sternat.

HUMMEL, John A., died Oct. 16, buried Oct. 20. Pastor Manger.

ETZWEILER, John J., died Oct. 21, buried 25. Pastor Stanley Baker.

BOWMAN, Mr. Francis, died Oct. 22, buried Oct. 26. Rev. Robinson.

MATTER, Isaac W., died Oct. 26, buried 30. Rev. Mortensen.

LANDIS, Rev. Henry, died Oct. 25, buried 29. Bishop Henry Kreider. Aged 78.

FREELAND, Henry C. died Oct. 30, buried Nov. 1. Rev. Warden.

REYNOLDS, Samuel W., died Nov. 4, buried Nov. 7. Rev. F?eske?.

FORNEY, Mrs. George, died Nov. 8, buried Nov. 11. Pastor Miller and Mease.

MATTER, Mrs. Henry, died Nov. 8, buried Nov. 11. Rev. John Sowa. Aged 58.

LEBO, Mrs. Mary J., died Nov. 12, buried Nov. 16.

HARMAN, Mrs. Mary, died Nov. 13, buried Nov. 17. Rev. Stanly Baker. 77 years.

ENGLE, Daniel, died Nov. 13, buried Nov. 17. Rev. Kramlick. 78 years.

WEAVER, Mrs. Sarah, died Nov. 15, buried Nov. 18. Rev. Baker. 72 years.

DEIBLER, David, died Nov. 15, buried 19. 74 years. Rev. Mease.

MATTER, Jonas J., died Nov. 15, buried Nov. 18. Rev. Mease. 69 years.

HARTMAN, Charles L., died Nov. 17, buried Nov. 22. Rev. Sternat.

MATTER, Mrs. Elma J., died Nov. 16, buried Nov. 18. Aged 61. Rev. Herman.

FEIDT, Mrs. Emma, died Nov. 18, buried Nov. 22.

HEPNER, Cornelius, died Nov. 18, buried Nov. 23.

HOFFA, Mrs. Henry, died Nov. 24, buried Nov. 27.

LEBO, Ralph, died Nov. 24, buried Nov. 28. Pastor Clint Miller and Mease.

JOHNS, Isaac N., died Nov. 26, buried Nov. 30.

ARMBRUSTER, Mrs. Salome, died Dec. 4, buried Dec. 7. Aged 85.

SELIG, Mrs. Sarah NOVINGER, died Dec. 7, buried Dec. 10.

HENNINGER, Sebastian, died Dec. 18, buried 22. Pastor Wehr. 85 years.

DEIBLER, Miss Cora, died Dec. 28, buried Jan. 1, 1926. Pastor Wehr.

TROUTMAN, Mrs. Mary, died Dec. 25, buried Dec. 30.




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