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Washington Camp # 8, P.O.S. of A., Harrisburg

Do you know who these people are or what Washington Camp is? If so let us know at bob@maley.net

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Photo courtesy of and copyright by James Norman Blazier [james.blazier2@gte.net]

From Harold E. Wiest
    I recall my parents telling me many years ago that the P.O.S. of A. was an old private organization (Lodge?) comparable to the S.A.R.    I was told that the initials mean, The Patriotic Order, Sons of America.  Therefore the Washington Camp # 8, P.O.S. of A., Harrisburg was one of probably many local lodges.  This is just one more example of an old lodge that is, for all intents & purposes, now defunct.  Several other lodges that have also declined are the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) and the Redmen (There was an IOOF & Redmen's lodge up the river in Millersburg until, I believe, the 1950's).
From Darren Clossin


I just saw on the internet a photo of a group of men from 'Washington Camp No. 8, P.O.S. of A., Harrisburg, PA'. The gentleman who's answer to 'What is P.O.S. of A. and Washington Camp' is correct. It stands for 'Patriotic Order Sons of America'. The 'Washington Camp' is what each Camp begins with- ie: Washington Camp #___.

The Order was founded by Dr. Reynell Coates in Phila. PA on December 10, 1847, and still exists. There were at one time Camps in many states, but PA always had the most Camps and # of members. There were over 800 Camps in PA back in the 1930's, now there are about 53, plus one in both NJ and NC. There are only about 1400 or so members left in PA, so we are struggling for survival. We are still bringing in new members, though, so we're not licked yet!

We promote patriotism, protection of and respect for the American Flag, education, and patriotism in general. We were instrumental in the purchase and restoration of Washington's Headquarters in Valley Forge(The State of PA took it over after we did all the work), the preservation of Adm. Dewey's flagship Olympia, and it was through the efforts of the P.O.S. of A. that Flag Day was made a national holiday.

I was glad to see the photo- I just happen to have the exact same one myself! I hope all this helps.- Thanks for your interest!

Darren Clossin dclossin@hotmail.com
Recording Secretary
Washington Camp #387, P.O.S. of A.
Schwenksville, PA





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