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George Lerue's Will

In the name of God Amen, I George Lerue of Swatara Township in the County of Dauphin and State of Pennsylvania, Farmer, being sick and weak of body but of sound and Perfect mind, memory and understanding, Blessed be God for the same, do make, ordain and publish this my last will and testament in manner following viz.; principally and first of all Investments to the beneficent protection of a merciful God and redeemer my Immortal spirit and my body ???????? it's ???????/ earthly is to buried in such decent and Christian like manner as my executors hereinafter named shall direct and as to my Worldly estate I give and demise of it in the following manner to wit. First it is my will and I hereby order and direct that as soon as convenient after my decease my Executors shall sell by public venue all of my personal estate except such part as I otherwise dispose of in this my Will. Second. I direct that in like manner my Executors shall as soon as convenient whether at public or private sale dispose of my Plantation wherein I now live in Swatara Township and I hereby empower them to make and deliver to the purchaser or purchasers thereof as good a Title as I myself might could do if personally present there. After all my just debts and funeral expenses are paid. I order and direct that the residue of my estate be disposed of as follows to wit: To my dearly beloved wife Mary I give and bequeath one good featherbed, shade and bedding complete. My walnut bureau and as much of my household furniture as she may choose, my clock, which furniture she is to have the use of as long as she lives and at her death to be divided amongst my children equally. My clock which I have excepted I wish to be sold. To my wife I give and bequeath two cows and one horse ???? to have her choice. Also six hundred pounds in cash out of the monies arising from the sale of my land which several bequeathments is to be in full and in lieu of her dower at common law out of the whole of my estate.

To my youngest daughter Catherine, I give and bequeath twenty pounds in cash over and above her equal share with one of the rest of my ????? and direct to be equally divided amongst my three children. To wit, Nancy who is intermarried with John Laymer, Elizabeth intermarried with Robert Dickey and Catherine as yet unmarried. And in case my daughter Nancy's first husband George Wernick be yet in existence and should return it is my will that he shall not have any part of my estate in right of my daughter but that in such case her portion be reserved for her and her children's use and benefit but in such way and manner that the said George Wernick shall be utterly excluded and debarred therefrom, and in case my daughter Catherine should die before she is married or has a child or children, it is my will that her share be equally divided among my other children or their legal representatives., except George Wernick, who is excluded from every part of my estate. I give and bequeath unto my grandson Joseph, the son of my daughter Nancy, one hundred pounds to be paid out of my estate generally (any item or clause of this my will to the contrary in anywise not withstanding) is to be put out to interest for his use until he is twenty one years of age, unless his Grandmother should stand in need of the interest in such case she may have and enjoy the same but the principal must note be broke upon. Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my trusty friends George Moyer and Christian Kunkle Executors of my last will and testament hereby disannulling and making void any other wills made by me and declaring that this and no other to be my last will. In Witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the eighth day of april in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and six. 1806

George Lerue

Signed, sealed published, pronounced and declared by the said Testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request have subscribed as Witnesses.

Proved April 22nd, 1806

Transcribed by Robert L. Maley bob@maley.net




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