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Will of Ananes Fitting

Unrecorded Will - Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

In the name of God, Amen, I Ananes Fitting of West Hanover Township, Dauphin County, being very weak and sick at body, but by good understanding and memory, God be thanked, therefore it is come into my mind the mortality of my Life and Body, and knowing that it is ordained for all Mortal ones to die. I therefore make and order this my last WIll and Testament. That is to say.

In the first place, above all things I give and command my Soul into the Hand of God, who gave the same to me, And as concerning my Body, I order and recommend that the same shall be buried in the Earth, in a Walnut Coffin, but in a Christian way and manner.

Whatever concerns my Wordly Estate with which God has blessed me in this Life, I give and bequeath the same in the following manner and form.

First. It is my WIll and I order and recommend that all of my just Debts and expenses which I have left unpaid, shall be faithfully and justly paid out of my estate left at my Decase.

Secondly. It is my WIll and I order that all my goods-estate shall be sold at Public Auction.

Thirdly. It is my Will and I order and recommend that after all my just Debts are paid, the remainder of my Estate shall be divided in Equal shares between Henry Rothrock and John Jacob Prieckert. Share and share alike.

Fourthly. It is my Will and I order and Nominate and Recommend my good friend Johathan Beyer for my only and just Executor of this my last Will and Testament. And hereby revoke all other Will or Testaments and Executors I have heretofore nominated or conferred to at any time before this was made. This and no other is my last Will and Testament. And in witness whereof I have hereunto set with my own hand and signature which is sealed and undersigned by me this Sixteen Day of February, In the Year of Our Lord, One thousand eight hundred and four.

Ananes X Fitting SEAL

Signed and sealed by the said Ananes Fitting as her last WIll and Testament in presensce of us the undersigned.

Henry Fitting
Thomas Wenrich

The within mentioned and names Henry Rothrock is her Sisters Sons son and John Jacob Prieckert is her sisters son.

Transcribed by Robert L. Maley




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