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Will of Johannes Schuy

West Hanover Twp.; Dauphin Co., PA

Dated 22 January, 1808; Filed 23 April, 1816

Book D, Page 101


In the Name of god amen.

I, John Shuey of West Hanover Township, Countay of Dauphin, and Steat of Pensylvania, yeoman, Being Weake of Boday but of sound mind and memoray, Blissed be god for all his Merseys, Do Make and publish this My Last Will and testemant in manner and form following, to wit: Princibley and first of all I command my Imortal Sole into the Hands of god who gave it, and my Bodey to the Earth to be Burried in a Deasent and Christian manner at the Discrestion of my Executors herein after named, and as to such wordly estate wherewith it has pleased god to Bliss me with in this Life, I give and Dispose of the same in the following manner to wit --- it is my will and I order it that My funeral Charges and all my just Debts be first paid and Discharged -- -- and Next, I Leave to my Son Daniel, with whom I now Live, all my Frehold Estate to him and to his Hairs for Ever. He the Said Daniel, his Hairs and assigns to pay out of the same Frehold Estate the following sums to the persons here after menshoned in the following manner – that is to say I allow him to pay to Each of my Childrin here after Menshoned the following Sums, to wit – to my Daughter Catterin or her Hairs Nintey seven Pounds sixteen shillings; to my Son Martin or his Hairs one hundred and seven pounds fifteen shillings; to My Daughter Marght one hundred two pounds two shillings; to my Son Conraad Nintey pounds fifteen shillings; to My Son Hinnerys two childrin as follows -–to his Son sixtey pounds and to his Daughter fourtey pounds, to be paid to these 2 childrin when they come of age – and not sooner;

Page 2

to my Daughter Barbara one hundred twenty seven punds; to my son Fredrichs childrin Each an Equal Shair of one hundred and sixtey seven pounds ten shillings, Each to Receve their parts as they come of age; to my Son Michel thirtey five pounds; to my Son Jacob one hundred and fortey two pounds twentey shillings and one penney -- all the above sums to Be Pensilvanay Corrancey, and to be paid in gails(?) yearly of two hundred Dollars pr year, to Comence one year after my Death and to Begin with those who has the Largest sum to Recived, and the first payments to Continue so untill all the Hairs here Menshoned be as neair as May be alike, & then the yearly payments to be justly Devided at the Discreshon of my Executors. All the above sums anexed to the above Names Makes, when paid, the full sum of two hunderd pounds to Each, with what they have already Riceved By me. Be it alls understood that if any of these Hairs here Menshoned should be dead Before payments Maid that I alow, the sums anexed to their Names to go Equally shair and shair alike to their Hairs -- And Lastly I nominate Constitu and appoint My Son Daniel Shuey and My trusty Friend David Fergusin, Esqr to be the Executors of this my will, hereby revoking all other wills, Legaces, and bequests by me heretofore maid, and Declaring this and none other to be my Last will and testemant. In wittness whereof I have here to set my hand and seal this twenty seond Day of Januaray in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and eight. A-D 1808 –




(Johannes was literate in German, but barely so in English. The original document is not in his handwriting. I have transcribed the will as written, with all misspellings, but I did add some punctuation [there was none] in an attempt to enhance the readability. Direct questions or comments to John Shuey – jshuey@mindsping.com .)




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