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Will of Michael Koppenhefer Senior deceased

Endered in Will Book

D. page 319

 In the name of God Amen I Michael Koppenhefer Senior of Upper Paxton Township in the County of Dauphin and State of Pennsylvania, Farmer being at present in a healthy state of body and of sound mind and memory, /thanks be to God/, but considering my advance age and mortality, I ordain and Constitute this my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say, I recommend my soul in the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth, to be buried in decent Christian Burial according to the direction of my Executors, and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bleƒs me in this life. I give and dispose of the same in the following manner and form, that is to say…

I give and bequeath after my Death to Eve my beloved Wife, that she shall have for her Maintenances out of my landed estate wherein I now as yet dwell, the Articles and Conveniences more particularly described and mentioned in a certain bond of performance Signed and Sealed by my Son Michael. said Bond having even date? herewith that is to say, She shall have the use and poƒseƒsion of my house wherein I now live to her Commodity, and also the privilege of the Barn Stable and the other buildings for her use, as she may have need for.  Of the Winter grain, she shall have the one halfe part of the third part which will be raised on my plantation. Also the one halfe of the third part of the Buchla? wheat, six bushels of good shell'd Indian corn, said grain shall be delivered unto her by my Son Michael in the Bushel in good Order and in proper season, and he shall take her grain to the Mill and bring it ground unto her where she may __?___.

He my son Michael shall also give her seven bushels of potatoe he shall also give her the  one halfe of the third part of the fruit on the fruit trees, he shall sow for her use a quarter acre of flax with flax seed in such land as may be fit,  therefore she shall have the privilege of the part of the garden which I now occupy, which shall be kept in a proper State of Manure? by my Son Michael, he shall supply her with good firewood, which shall be cut and splitted and put up where it may be easy to apply for making fires. He shall also keep one cow, which shall by him sufficiently fed and pastured in such order as she may think conveniently.

He shall also allow my said Wife a Horse Creature? when and as often need shall require. he shall also feed two sheep for her use, which said cow and sheep I do hereby give her out of my stock I have or shall have at the time of my decease. It is to be well understood, that she my said Wife shall receive the above articles/except the cow and sheep which I hereby give her/duly and Annually without any diminution during her life time.

In case my Son Michael should build a new Dwelling house on these premiƒses, then and in such Case I Order and direct that he shall give her a Convenient Room with privilege in the Kitchen and Cellar as she may have need for her use. I also give and bequeath to my said Wife after my decease her Bed Bedstead and bed cloths thereto belonging and also she shall select for her Use such Articles out of the household and Kitchen furniture as she may think proper and be thereof poƒseƒsed during  life.

She shall have the ten plate stove which I have now and be poƒseƒsed thereof during her natural life.

And whereas I have different Obligations in hand yet of George Michael Groff(Groh or Groft) of certain monies due to me each containing the sum of thirty pounds. My Will and direction is that my Wife shall Receive the amount of the first of said bonds, which shall become due after my decease for her own use and she may have the same to deal therewith at her discretion, also the first payment which my son Michael shall have to pay out of the land which I give him Containing twenty pounds, which said sum I give her my said Wife also at her discretion to deal therewith as she may think proper.

She shall have my chest and her spinning wheel, and be poƒseƒsed thereof during life,  and in Case my said Wife should become troublesome by reason of Sickneƒs or Impotency or otherwise, and as I wish to have them of my Children in some measure Recompensed, who shall or may have the trouble with her in her Sickneƒs and Decease, I therefore give her hereby full power and Authority to make any of them such reasonable satisfaction for their trouble as she may think proper out of the goods aƒsigned to her.

I give and leave my Plantation and Tract of Land whereon I as yet dwell, unto my Son Michael Koppenhefer and to his heirs and aƒsigns forever-he paying thereout? and thereupon? to his Brothers and Sisters /and to my wife aforesaid/the just and full sum of Three hundred and fifty pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania;  in such payments and at such times as shall hereafter be more fully set forth and directed/that is to say/One Year after the date of my decease, he shall pay unto my Wife twenty pounds lawful money of this State. Two Years after my decease he shall pay unto my Son Martinus the sum of twenty pounds. Three Years after my decease he shall pay unto my Daughter Elizabeth Wife of William Bordner the sum of twenty pounds. Four Years after my decease he shall pay unto my Son John the sum of twenty pounds. Five Years after my decease he shall pay unto Catharine Wife of George Bonawitz the sum of twenty pounds. Six Years after my decease he shall pay unto Frederick my Son the sum of twenty pounds. Seven Years after my decease he shall pay unto my Daughter Eve Wife of Jacob Myer the sum of twenty pounds. In the eighth Year after my decease he shall pay the sum of twenty pounds unto my said Wife and so forth he shall pay unto his Brothers and Sisters Yearly and every Year the sum of twenty pounds in such Manner according their Ages in such turns as above directed.  And when he has pay'd as above mentioned he shall have paid the sum of two hundred and eighty pounds,  there will be a balance of seventy pounds unpaid, therefore it is my Will that the sum be paid by my Son Michael as aforesaid in payments of ten pounds to my Wife and Children in such Yearly payments as above mentioned.  It is to be well understood that by these last mentioned payments,  my wife will be entitled to receive the sum of thirty more than I at first bequeathed to her, but my Will is that she shall have it also in addition to the first mentioned sum in such manner as I have directed. I will have it to be well understood, that my son Michael shall not inherit any share of the foregoing payments, as I have given him his part or share in the Land or premiƒses which I gave him, so as he has not leƒs of patrimony than any of his Brothers or Sisters.

I also give him the old waggon which I now have on the premiƒses and whereas my said Son Michael has to give shares out of the grain in which is to be raised on the premiƒses. I therefore order and direct that the grain in the field in the _?___shall be poƒseƒsed and enjoyed by my son Michael and also the hay and other feed on the premiƒses without paying therefor to his Brothers and Sisters.

I ordain that all my personal estate,  /except the Articles aƒsigned for my Wife and Son Michael/ shall be sold at publick vendue, and after Debts be discharged /if any there be/ and the produce thereof shall be equally divided among my Six Children, /my Son Michael excepted, who shall have no share therein/ also of the Cash which I shall have at the time of my decease/ excepting the third part thereof which I aƒsign also to my wife/Also of Bonds,  Notes and Book debts I ordain the produce thereof to be divided among my said Six Children as aforesaid, Excepting the Bond aƒsigned to my Wife as aforesaid.

And now having endeavored to be plain and explicit in all the devises,  I hope and trust,  that no disputes will arise concerning the same,  but if Contrary to Expectation the Case should be otherwise from the want of legal expreƒsion or the use of technical terms or because too much or too little has been said on any of the devises to be Consonant with Law.

My Will and Direction expreƒsly is, that all disputes/if unhappily any should arise/ shall be decided by three Impartial and intelligent Men, Inhabitants of this vicinity, known for their probity and good understanding, two to be chosen by the inhabitants, each having the choice of one, and the third by those two, which these Men thus Chosen shall unfettered by law or legal constructions; declare the sense of the testators intentions, and such decision is, to all intents and purposes, to be as binding on the parties as if it had been given in any of the Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

And lastly I constitute and ordain, my son Michael Koppenhefer, and my son-in-law, William Bordner, to be the Executors of this my last Will and Testament revoking all others,  declaring this and no other to be my last Will and Testament.

In witneƒs where of I the said Michael Koppenhefer have to those present set my hand and Seal, this fifteenth day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and five.

Signed, Sealed, Published
And declared by the said
Testator, as his last Will
And Testament, in the presence       (signature of Michael Koppenhefer)
Of us, who in his presence
And at his request, have
Subscribed as Witnesses

John Hoffman (signature)
Michl Enterline (signature)       sworn November 5th AD 1823

Dauphin County

                    This 5th day of November AD 1823 Before

Me, Christian Seiler, Register for the probate of wills and
Granting letters of administration and for said County per-
sonally appoint Michael Enterline one of the subscribed wit-
nesses to the foregoing will and being duly sworn and to law
did depose and say that he was personally present and saw and
heard the testator Michael Coppenheffer sign, seal, publish, pro-
nounce and declare the foregoing instrument of writing as and for
his last will and testament and that at the time of signing he
was of sound mind, memory and understanding to the best of
his knowledge and observation & belief. And further says that the name John Hoffman signed to the foregoing will is the proper hand writing of the said John Hoffman and that he signed his name there as a witness in the presence of testator and ______and that the said John Hoffman ____ and further _________.

                                                                   Christian Seiler  Rgr (signature)

Michael Koppenhefer          The Executors Sworn November, 5th
William Bordner                 1823          Before me

(signature)                                                       Christ Seiler Rgr (signature)

 Transcribed by Ellen Koppenhafer [elle4@prodigy.net]





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