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Dauphin County Surnames


Surname Township, Area Researcher Date Submitted
MacDONALD   Teresa Moorman  
MAGARO Steelton Dennis Malto Sep 6, 1998
MALESIC Steelton Tony Malesic  
MALETICH Wiconisco Charles W. Maletich  
MALEY, MAILEY Harrisburg Robert L. Maley  homepage current
MANBECK Hummelstown sfree77414@aol.com  
MANION, MANNION   Dick Pennock  
MARENCIC Swatara Twp., Steelton Boro Don Marencic, Jr.  
MARKS Dauphin Co. Brent Barton Feb. 16, 1998
MARSDEN Middletown Suzanne Sense Aug 18, 1998
MARSH (MORSCH) Harrisburg Bob McCabe  
MASIMORE, MASIMER   Nancy Masimer  
MATCHET, MATCHETTE Halifax Township Carol A. Haagensen  
MATTER / MOTTER   Roger Cramer  
MATTIS Dauphin Co. Christine Gray Nov.27,1997
MAURER Unknown in Dauphin Co. Elizabeth Seal  
MAYES Upper Paxtang Ray N. Evans Jan.14,1998
MCBARRON Dauphin Co. James W. McBarron Sep 4, 1998
McCABE Harrisburg Bob McCabe  
MCCLARY / MCCLEARY / MCCLEERY Londoderry Township Michgnboy@aol.com  
McCLEARY Londonderry Twp. Robert V. Woods  
MCCLOSKEY Upper Paxton Andy McCloskey Aug 24, 1998
McCLURE Harrisburg Louise Belsby  
MCCLURG Lower Paxton Twp., Hummelstown, Derry Twp. Janice Buffington Jan.28,1998
MCCOLLY Jackson & Williams Twps. Douglas Gentile Aug 31, 1998
McCONNELL Dauphin Co. Ferne Southern May 1, 1998
McCORD Steelton, Harrisburg Mary Ann Lindsay  
McCORMICK Paxtang Township Donald McCormick  
McDONALD  Harrisburg Mary Ann Lindsay  
McFADDEN Harrisburg William A. Runner  
MCNAUGHTON Derry Twp. Tom Allen Dec.16,1997
McQUAY   Mel  
McQUILLEN Derry Township Alan Schroeder May 12, 1998
MECK Upper Paxton Twp. Stephen L. Meck  
MELL Harrisburg Bill Hawk Feb 23, 1998
MESSERSCHMIDT Upper Paxton / Lykens. Marc Thompson Jul. 4, 1998
MESSNER Lykens Maryann Messner Dec.18,1997
MESSNER   Richard Lebo  
METZ Dauphin Co.. Sara Finton  
METZ Middletown Candace Johnson Aug. 8, 1998;
MILEY   R. Braun  
MILLER / MULLER Halifax Twp. Elizabeth Seal  
MILLER / MUELLER Dauphin Co. Carol Mallory Jan.4,1998
MILLER   Richard Lebo  
MILLER Middletown Linnea Miller  
MILLER Jackson Twp. Fred A. Bowman Jan.31,1998
MILLER Lykens / Upper Paxton Marc Thompson Jul. 4, 1998
MILLER West Hanover Twp. Robert L. Maley  homepage current
MILLER West Hanover, Swatara Twp. Rich Aungst  
MILLS   Daryll G. Hepford  
MINICH Derry Lenella Rhodes  
MINNICH Dauphin Co. Ann Perry Jan.1,1998
MISH Middletown Suzanne Sense Aug 18, 1998
MOLTZ   John W. Irwin  
MONTGOMERY Paxton G. T. Boyd  
MOORE Steelton Eleanor Billmire Feb 20, 1998
MOORE Harrisburg JOY555@aol.com  
MOSER Lykens Sharon Bodet  
MUCHA Williamstown Donna J. Mucha Apr. 15, 1998
MUENCH Lower Paxton Township Glenn Stephens  
MULL   Nadine Hensley  
MUMMA Linglestown, Dauphin Co. Kathy Clawges Griffin Mar. 10, 1998
MUNDORF Steelton, Harrisburg Anita Camplese Mar. 8, 1998
MURPHY Middletown Pat Shadrick Aug 22, 1998
MURRAY Paxtang Twp. Gary L. S. Murray Mar. 10, 1998
MURRAY Upper Paxtang Ray N. Evans Jan.14,1998
MUSSELMAN Londonderry Twp. Pam Musselman Mauer  
MUSSELMAN   James B. Mussleman, Jr.  
NAPP East Hanover Robert L. Maley  homepage current
NEUBAUM   Calvin Neubaum, Jr.  
NEWMAN Harrisburg Hugh F.Clifford  
NOLL Millersburg Chris Dyer  
NOVINGER   Richard Lebo  
NUNMAKER / NUNAMAKER / NUNMACHER Dauphin Co. Janet Lynn-Smart  
OBER Harrisburg Karen Johnson Aug 10, 1998
O'NEAL Middletown David Crocker Jan.4,1998
ORR   Bill Kennedy  
ORENDORF Gratz, Lykens Twp. Gwen Maxard Nov.10,1997
ORENDORF Wiconisco Twp. Gwen Maxard  
OSLER Harrisburg Judy Gaddess  
OTTEY Derry Twp. Jan Dyer Apr. 7, 1998
PARKIN Lykens. Nigel Parkin Aug 10, 1998
PARMER Jackson Twp. Joanne Kennel Jun. 1, 1998
PARTON Harrisburg Ron Bryant Nov.15,1997
PASE Dauphin Co. Linda Ashby Guerrieri Feb 18, 1998
PATRICK   Dale Berkebile  
PATTON Lower Paxton Annette Patton  
PAUL / POWEL Upper Paxton Virginia Germano Mar 12, 1998
PEACE Steelton, Harrisburg  Mary Ann Lindsay  
PECK Harrisburg Robin Faught Collins  
PEFFLEY Derry Township Glenn Stephens  
PENNYBACKER N. Dauphin Marc Thompson Mar. 8, 1998
PERKEY West Hanover Township Preston R. Perkey Sr. Apr. 27, 1998
PERKEY West Hanover Township Rich Aungst  
PETERS Washington / Lykens Marc Thompson Jul. 4, 1998
PETERS Middletown, Harrisburg, Dauphin, Londonderry John Donis  
PHILLIPS Dauphin Co. Mark Cragle Apr. 10, 1998
PIFER, PEIFFER   Debbie Odasso  
PIKE Upper Paxton Twp., Elizabethville Joseph David Buffington Aug. 23, 1998
POORMAN Dauphin Co. Fay Miller  
PORTER Harrisburg Linda Edwards Aug 22, 1998
PORTER Derry Twp. Tom Allen Dec.16,1997
POTTEIGER   Nadine Hensley  
POTTER Harrisburg V. K. Jones  
POWELL Steelton Joan Gabrie Apr. 6, 1998
POWELL Williamstown Robert Sminke  
PRATTS Harrisburg Tom Howe  
PRUNER Dauphin Co. Shirley Combs  
PURCELL Harrisburg Merry Foster  
QUIGLEY Middletown Carol L. Switzer Dean  
RADEL Upper Paxton Township Dale Radiel  
RAKESTRAW Dauphin Co. Bobby Rakestraw Mar. 6, 1998
RAYMOND Harrisburg, Steelton Robin Faught Collins  
REAGER Dauphin Co. Shirley H. Shope  
REED Swatara Twp. Gloria Fackler Jul. 4, 1998
REED / REID   Bonnie K. Moore  
REEDY / REIDY Gratz Bob Kunkel Mar. 7, 1998
REEDY / RIEDY Gratz Helen McQ. Armstrong Dec.5,1997
REEDY Grantz Robert W. Shamblen  
REEL Harrisburg Eric Lemmon Jan.25,1998
REGART Paxton Twp. Elizabeth Flum Jan.21,1998
REICHERT Harrisburg Jack Reichert  
REIGLE Hummelstown, Middletown, Londonderry Twp. Janice Buffington Jan.28,1998
REISINGER Harrisburg James E. Reisinger Feb 19, 1998
REITER   Kathleen Musser  
REMLY / REMLEY / REMELY   Jane Remly  
RENICK Paxtang Twp.. Sylvia Renick Jan.5,1998
RHEAN Harrisburg Merry Foster  
RHIVER Dauphin Co. Bill Kennedy homepage Aug 7, 1998
RHOADES / ROADS Harrisburg K. Heckman Feb 16, 1998
RICE/REES   Gary Glen Price  
RICKERT Lykens Twp. Norman Mark Rickert Mar 1, 1998
RIDER   Kathleen Musser  
RIEDY   Paul H. Calhoun  
RIEGLE Dauphin Co. Fay Miller  
RIFE Middletown Dennis Lynch  
RINEER Dauphin Co. Elizabeth Parker. Apr. 2, 1998
RITTINGER   Nadine Hensley  
RITZMAN Dauphin Co. Edith Gillette Dec.29,1997
RITZMAN Berrysburg / Lykens Twp. Marti Wise Aug 17, 1998
RITZMAN   Roger Cramer Oct.16,1997
ROBINSON   Dave Schubert  
RODICHOK Sheridan John M. Casteline Dec.25,1997
ROGERS West Hanover Ruth Welch  
ROMBERGER Berrysburg, Lykens Valley, Upper Paxton Twp., Wiconisco, Gratz, Steelton, Lykens Twp., Mifflin, Uniontown Carol Mallory  
ROMBERGER Lykens Township Roger Cramer  
ROOF Steelton Kim Yunez Mar. 18, 1998
ROSE Dauphin Co. Mark Cragle Apr. 10, 1998
ROSE   Nadine Hensley  
ROSHON Dauphin Co. Debbe Tanner  
ROTHROCK Middletown Fay Miller  
ROW Mifflin / Lykens Marc Thompson Jul. 4, 1998
RUDY Lykens Amy Rudy Hoffman Jul. 14, 1998
RUDY Mifflin / Lykens Marc Thompson Jul. 4, 1998
RUMBAUGH Harrisburg  Mary Ann Lindsay  
RUMBERGER Elizabethville Isobel Berry  
RUMBERGER Lykens, Wicinisco, Mifflin Townships Phyllis White  
RUNKEL, RUNKLE, RUNCKEL West Hanover, Manada Hill Robert L. Maley  homepage current
RUSH   Carolyn Michaels  
RUSH   Cary Rush  
RUSH Paxton G. T. Boyd  
RUTHERFORD Dauphin Co. Pat Smith Jan.25,1998





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