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26 March 1998 Dr. Howard G. Lanham , HARRISBURG CENSUS OF 1850

I am looking to obtain the birth date of my ancestor Nell Blessing EYSTER who married David EYSTER in 1847 in Frederick Co., Md. After her marriage she moved to Harrisburg, Pa. where she lived during the Civil War years and her husband was a lawyer. They left Harrisburg in the 1870's for California. I would like to know if anyone can check the 1850 census index or the city directory to see if she or her husband are listed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

26 March 1998 Lon Doyle , HERSHEY

Looking for any information on the HERSHEY family of Hershey Pa. I have a relative, Phillip LAMASTER (1798-1883) who married a Sarah (1798-1869) and they are to be mentioned in some older genealogy. Looking for anyone with information.

26 March 1998 Diane M. Stober , GREINER / FISHBURN / WOLFESBERGER

Philip GREINER (Jr.) born 1786 in Dauphin County. Frederick WOLFESBERGER was sheriff of Dauphin County from 1806 to 1809.

John Philip FISHBURN, born 1722 in Germany, was one of the first settlers of Hummelstown. He was a gunsmith and made guns for the patriotic army during the Revolutionary War. He died in 1795 and is buried in Derry Twp.

Seeking anyone connected with the above family names. I have the GREINER and WOLFESBERGER lines traced farther back.

25 March 1998 Anne Stone , GARMAN

Searching for the parents of John GARMAN b. 27 Aug 1790, d. 6 Aug 1846. Married to Catherine WALLOWER. He was a farmer in Dauphin Co. He and his wife are buried in Duncannon, Pery County. Any help will be most appreciated.

24 March 1998 Leslie Kuhn , WEAVER / TCHUBB

I am trying to find any information I can on my family from Dauphin Co. My great grandmother was Annie Margaret WEAVER. She was born 12 Jul 1871. She married James WILLIAMS. Her parents were John A. WEAVER and Sallie TCHUBB.

24 March 1998 Bonnie Kelley , STONER

I am looking for information on a STONER family cemetery in Highspire. I would appreciate any help.

22 March 1998 Amanda Roberts , VEON

My husband and I are looking for Henry VEON b. 1819 in Harrisburg, Pa. He married Naomi DELONG but we don't know what date and the best guess is around 1857 since one of their children were born in 1858 in Ohio. Any info would be helpful.

22 March 1998 Kathie Marynik , CROSLEY / MALIN / WOODWARD / GRUBB

Is anyone researching the family of Charles CROSLEY, d. 1750 in Middletown? He was a tavern owner and wed Hannah, a Quaker, c. 1724. Their children were Elizabeth, born 1725, married 1749 to Wm. MALIN; John born 1727, married 1747 to Alice MALIN; and Samuel born 1732, married 1754 to Mary WOODWARD. John CROSLEY had a child out of wedlock c. 1746 with Margaret GRUBB, believed to be named James CROSLEY. I would be very interested in following the line of this James CROSLEY and would be happy to share the CROSLEY data collected so far.

19 March 1998 Minden Brooke Shadle , SHADLE / BAUER

Looking for information on Johannes SHADLE (SHAEDEL) and/or Salome BAUER and their children: Philip, Jacob, Marie Elizabeth, Johannes, and Johannes Adam. There were also at least two other females who I haven't found yet. Johannes was listed as the head of household for 1790 in Dauphin Co.

19 March 1998 Cheryl Heise , EMEHISER

I am hoping someone can get me some census records copies for the following:

1860 Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pa. for a Rebecca EMAHIZER: 4 W. Harrisburg. page 1079.

I would like a copy of the census record if possible and I will pay for the copies and the postage.

19 March 1998 Mae Reiner , WELKER

Searching for the family of Charles WELKER born 17 Sep 1883 in Dauphin Co., Pa.

18 March 1998 Carol Taudit , GRIMM

I am looking for any info on a Gregory GRIMM born ca. 1857 in Germany, immigrated in 1883 and originally settled in Lebanon, Pa. Recently found out he died in Hershey, Dauphin County in 1923, was not married?? Any help or leads will be appreciated.

16 March 1998 N. Sterling , ARMSTRONG

My ancestor James ARMSTRONG is located in the 1790 census of Lebanon Township, now Dauphin Co., Pa. His sons William b. 1793; Thomas, b. 1797; and Sampson b. 1798 were born there. What church records, marriage or baptismal records are available for this area for that time period? Thank you for any suggestions.

16 March 1998 Beverly Walmer Wyld , KOONS / POWLEY / ALLEMAN

David KOONS married to Sarah / Sohia POWLEY and lived in East Hanover Twp., Dauphin Co. during the early to mid 1800's. They had many children, including a son G. (George) Elias KOONS. This G. Elias KOONS married at least three times. One marriage was to Mary C. ALLEMAN. Am seeking information on any of these people.

15 March 1998 Dorothy Bumbaugh , BOMBACH / BUMBAUGH

In the 1790 census of York Co., Pa. it lists a John BUMBAUGH, and one male over 16. Two males under 16 and one female including heads of family. Does anyone have any information on this family? Also looking for information on Conrod BUMBAUGH that was in the 1790 census of Dauphin Co. I seem to be the only one researching this name. I later found a George, John, and Jacob in ca. 1818 in Mifflin Co.

15 March 1998 Joanne Mulherin Stanley Estes , MULHERIN / BUCHANAN

Looking for James MULHERIN and his wife Nancy BUCHANAN MULHERIN from Dauphin County.

15 March 1998 Charity Heinrich , RUDMAN / NEMANIC / NEMANICH / KLINE

I am looking for any information on Toney or Tony RUDMAN. He lived in a township outside of Steelton, Pa. called Swatara. He lived with Martin NEMANIC, his uncle, I think. They spoke Slovokian and were originally from Austria. Tony RUDMAN also had 3 sisters named Katie, Helen, and Anna. Tony RUDMAN was born 5 Jun 1882 and came to the U.S. in 1901. He is the youngest of the 4 children. His parents died in Austria. Any information or linkage of the RUDMAN line to the NEMANIC line would be helpful.

14 March 1998 George W. Jusko , HOLIC / HOLICH / VARGA / VARGO

I am just beginning to research my great grandparents, George and Julia VARGA / VARGO / HOLICH / HOLIC, presence in Middletown, Pa. from about 1893 to about 1908. They emmigrated from Helmec, Hungary, now Kralovsky Chelmec, Slovakia. George worked as a coal miner. A brother John HOLICH may have accompanied them. He died in a chemical accident in Middletown, Pa. Julia returned to Hungary, with my grandmother, approximately 1897. My grandmother Helen HOLICH then returned about 1901. Can anyone give me the best local sources of information, where I can begin my research??

12 March 1998 Barbara A. Mohr , WATT / BECKER

I am looking for my husbands great grandmother and great grandfather. She was Alice WATT and probably died around 1958 or 1959 in Harrisburg or Wormlesburg, Pa. We do not have his great grandfather's name, except that it was BECKER. I would appreciate any information that you can give me. She died at the age of around 90 so she would have been born around 1868. The grandfather was born in Allentown, Pa. on July 8, 1888.

12 March 1998 Beverly Wagner , WOODS / ESPY / FORSTER / FERGUSON

I am looking for information on the Andrew WOODS, Jr. family. He was married to Jean. Children: Jane, Matt, Sarah, and Agnes. Relatives: ESPY, FERGUSON, FORSTER.

12 March 1998 Andrew R. Slaten , BEIDEL / BAY

Seeking information on Ethel BEIDEL and her parents or other family members. Ethel BEIDEL was born arount 1897 in Steelton, Pa. She married Howard M. BAY and died in Shippensburg, Pa. 19 Dec 1959.

10 March 1998 Lynda L. Wirth , JAMES / HAMMOND

I am looking for the parents of Rebecca JAMES. She was born abt 1782. She married John HAMMOND who was from Donegal, Ireland. Her parents accompanied her when the family moved from Dauphin Co., Pa. to Perry Co., Ohio in the early 1800's. The parents were mentioned in the history of Perry Co. as being some of the earliest people buried there, but it did not give their names. I have not found any info on them.

10 March 1998 Jessie Felix , FELIX


10 March 1998 Don Kirby , KIRBY


08 March 1998 Stefanie Dragos , SPIDLE / SPIDEL

I am looking for information on Wilson SPIDLE / SPIDEL, who I believe was a child of Michael SPIDEL and Sarah DAVIS married in 1825 at Zion's Evan. Lutheran Church in Dauphin Co. Wilson was one of 8 boys living with Sarah SPIDEL, widow, in 1850. By then the family was in Bedford Co., but does not appear to have been there for long. Any information appreciated. Wilson died in the Civil War.

08 March 1998 Charles Lewis , BRANDON

I am looking for a John BRANDON who was born in Hanover Twp. about 1662. Also interested in his son John born in Hanover Twp. about 1700.

08 March 1998 Lonnie Doyle , DOYLE

Looking for information concerning an accident at the Steel Works about October 3, 1899. A descendant, Augustine Doyle, from Franklin County was killed at the age of 23 from an accident, noted as a railroad accident (blast) at the plant. Any information or history concerning the accident would be appreciated.

07 March 1998 George Hocker , HOCKER

I am new to genealogy. I can trace my surname back to a Joseph HOCKER born 1838 in or around Harrisburg, Pa. His wife's name was Lidia. I would appreciate any and all references anyone might have to this link.

09 March 1998 Richard T. Bracken , SHEETZ / SHEETS / SCHUETZ

Looking for parents and family of Joseph SHEETZ, born ca. 1775 and died 1825 in St. Louis, Mo. He married Ruth OWINGS in Baltimore County, Md. who died 1805 in Baltimore, Md. Joseph lived in Ohio from (1813 - 1821) however he had possible connections to Daulphin County.

07 March 1998 C. Tom Allen , PORTER / MCNAUGHTON

I am trying to determine birthdate and place for John N. PORTER who was believed to have been born about 1830 in Dauphin Co., Pa. and possibly in Derry Township. His parents were James PORTER & Matilda MCNAUGHTON.

07 March 1998 Hazel J. Menchinsky , MCNEAL / BINGAMAN

Searching for parents of John MCNEAL born 1853, possibly in Powells Valley, Dauphin Co., Pa. He married Sarah A. BINGAMAN. They were listed in the 1880 census as residing in Oakdale, (Loyalton) Dauphin Co., Pa.

06 March 1998 William M. Hawk, Jr. , HAWK / MELL / FREE

Seeking information regarding the family of my gg grandfather, John HAWK, born 1808 in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah A. ?? abt. 1831 in Pa. The 1850 census lists them in Hopewell Twp. They had the following children: Abraham born 1832; Charlotte E. born 1833; Henry M. born 1839; James B. born April 1841; William M. born 1843; and John E. born 1849.

My g grandfather is James B. HAWK mentioned above and born April 1841. He is listed as a Pvt. in Co. E 130th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the History of Pennsylvania Volunteers. He married Elizabeth M. ?? in 1865. The 1880 census had them living in Shippensburg. In 1900 and 1910 they were living at 337 Harris St. Harrisburg, Pa. Their children were: Annie A. born 1865; William J. born 1868; Allsestia B. born 1870; Roberta J. born 1872; Frank M. born 1875; Sara B. born Jun 1876; Sadie born 1880; Mary E. born Jun 1881; Clarence R. born Jun 1882 and Mamie born 1883.

My grandfather is Clarence R. HAWK mentioned above and born Jun 1882. He married Eugenie Howard MELL in 1904 in Harrisburg, Pa., daughter of William Champion MELL and Elizabeth FREE of Cumberland County. Clarence and Eugenie had the following children: My father, William Mell HAWK born 21 Aug 1905 in Harrisburg, Pa., died 22 Dec 1961 in Brookline, Del. Co., Pa. Married Jeannette Mary KILLOUGH 6 Oct 1934 in Philadelphia, Pa. and two brothers: Travis Howard born 30 Sep 1907 and Ray Eugene born 16 Jan 1912 in Harrisburg, Pa.

06 March 1998 Vera Mae Piccolo , FOLTZ / FULTZ

Searching for information on the parents and siblings of Jacob FOLTZ, born 12 Aug 1786 in Lancaster Co., died 11 Aug 1857 in Mifflin Co. Jacob married Elizabeth ?? abt 1808 in Lancaster Co., Pa. His second wife was Mary SMITH whom he married in 1818. Jacob has a total of 17 children. While this family is in Lewistown, Mifflin Co., Pa. area, the Foltz family of Deodate has attended the FOLTZ / FULTZ family reunions in the 1800's in Lewistown. I believe these two families are linked. Would appreciate any information.

03 March 1998 Robert L. Maley , COLLINS

Looking for information on the Reuben COLLINS family. He was born circa 1780. He married Susanna. Their children were Eva, born 16 Feb 1806; Elizabeth, born 27 Aug 1807; Harvey, born 18 Jan 1809; Susanna, born 1 Oct 1810; Thomas Finney, born 13 Feb 1819; Reuben, born circa 1823; and William, born 1826.

Reuben and Susanna lived in West Hanover Twp. By 1833 they were living in Lykens Valley.

A John COLLINS married Catarina FINLEY in 1761 in Lebanon Twp., Dauphin County (later was Lebanon Co.). Were these Reuben's parents??

Reuben & Susanna's son, Harvey, married Julianna ? circa 1835. They had 8 children, with daughters marrying into the KEEN / COPELAND / JACKSON and possibly the BRUBAKER families. Harvey lived in Perry County from 1840 through 1858, then moved to Millersburg, Dauphin Co. until his death abt. 1876

03 March 1998 Sharon (Catlin) Coleman , KAUFFMAN / HART

I am looking for information on Abraham Lincoln KAUFFMAN, born 9 Sep 1864 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pa. and died 8 Aug 1936 in Ketchum, Craig Co., Ok. He married Mary Bennett HART on 12 Feb 1886 in Carrollton, Carroll Co., Mo. Siblings of Abraham are believed to be William; Rebecca married to ? BARRISH; and Ann married to ? SIMS. I am also looking for the parents of Abraham.

01 March 1998 H. Ed Carlson , LINTNER / SCHAFFNER

I found reference in DeKalb, Illinois history of 1885 to a Jacob LINTNER born 1799 in Dauphin Co., Pa. He married Frances SCHAFFNER, also born in Dauphin Co. They moved to Richland County, Ohio in 1828 where they remained until 1844. They then settled in Lake County, Illinois. Jacob died in 1850 but Frances and her sons continued to farm the land. I would appreciate any information for they were my ggg grand parents.

01 March 1998 Kathie Marynik , CROSLEY

Looking for information on Woodward CROSLEY (1769 - 1848) and his wife Mary (died 1848). They lived in Middletown, Pa.

01 March 1998 Anita L. Hall , WILLIAMS / BALTIMORE / FITZHUGH

Looking for any information on my paternal grandparents Clarence WILLIAMS, married to Lucy ?? both of Harrisburg. They had two children, Philip and Clarence II. Clarence eventually moved to Pittsburg, Pa. Lucy went on to remarry George BALTIMORE and they lived in Edgemont in Susquehanna Twp., Dauphin County, Pa. Need to know their parents names, siblings and location.

Also looking for information on my maternal grandmother Ellen FITZHUGH. Believed to have been born in Virginia but came to Harrisburg when she was a little girl and after her mother died (year unknown). She was adopted by a family in Harrisburg. She had 3 or 4 siblings who all were adopted out to various cities. She died around 6 to 10 years ago in Osteopathic Hospital at age approx. 65.

01 March 1998 Patricia (McMund) Griffore , NOVINGER / VASBINDER / UMHOLTZ

I am looking for information on my ancestor Walter NOVINGER, Jr. born 19 Oct 1824 in Dauphin Co., Pa. married to Nancy Jane VASBINDER IN 1848. He drown in a log jam in Dauphin Co. She then married Benj MUNGER and settled in Michigan. There was a son Roswald Dode NOVINGER and possibly other NOVINGER children that also went to Michigan. I am trying to locate where Walter Jr. drown. He was the son of Walter (Aulter) NOVINGER, Sr. born 1781 in Dauphin Co., Pa. and Margaret UMHOLTZ.

28 February 1998 Victoria Cross Shimp , KENNEDY / HOUSER

I am looking for information on the parents of Joseph C. KENNEDY and his wife Sara HOUSER living in Dauphin Co. in the late 1800's. I believe Sarah was born in or around Hummelstown.

27 February 1998 Dorothy Bumbaugh , BUMBAUGH

I am looking for any information on the surname BUMBAUGH. George BUMBAUGH was born ca. 1795 in Northhanpton Co. the son of John and Juliann BUMBAUGH. They also lived in Dauphin Co. and Mifflin Co. Can anyone help me??

27 February 1998 Andrea L. Woodson , HOAK ISLAND

I have been led to believe that there is or was a HOAK ISLAND outside of Harrisburg. Can you tell me if it exists and if so, could you direct me to where I might learn something about it. Any comment would be appreciated.

27 February 1998 Bryanna Olson , SCHEETZ / SHEETZ / HARMON / HERMAN / WARDELL

I am seeking leads in locating parents for a Catherine SHEETS / SCHEETZ born in 1789 and her husband Joseph HARMON / HERMAN. They married about 1810 and had at least 2 daughters born in Dauphin County. Catherine and Mary, born 1811 and 1814. This family immigrated to Tuscarwaras County, Ohio where Catherine died in 1858 and her husband Joseph died in 1824. The 2 daughters married brothers, John and Peleg WARDELL in Ohio.

26 February 1998 Mae Reiner , GUNDERMAN

I am looking for information on my GUNDERMAN line. Michael and Magdalena GUNDERMAN are the parents of Michael GUNDERMAN Jr.,born 20 Mar 1809 died 7 Dec 1889. On 17 Oct 1853 he married Rebecca RIEGLE born 6 Jun 1817 and died 23 Jun 1892. Michael and Rebecca lived on a farm outside of Loyalton, north of Gratz in Dauphin county. Specifically, I would also like to find the name of the ship that brought them to America, the maiden name of Michael's mother, Magdalena, and the parents of Michael Sr. Any information would be appreciated.

23 February 1998 Richard L. Blanton, Jr. , HATFIELD

Seeking information on the John HATFIELD that settled along the Susquehanna River South of Harrisburg along Clark's Creek. Found a writeup stating he was son of John & Catherine SUPPLEE HATFIELD (my 5th great grandparents) who were married in the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia in 1738. John, Jr. was married three times with numerous offspring. Looking for additional information on him and on his parents. Where did they end up? Where did they die and get buried? Other children information??? etc.

23 February 1998 John P. Metz , EISENHOWER

I am looking for any information on the relationship of Valentine EISENHOWER(age 45 in the 1880 census) to the direct ancestors of President Dwight D. EISENHOWER. In Valentine's census listing he is living in Jackson Township. He is married to Susan FABER asge 43, and has the following children: J. Henry, age 24; Sarah E., age 19; Margaret E., age 17; Anna I., age 15; Clara, age 12; Charles F., asge 8; and Emma D., age 2;. Margaret EISENHOWER is my great great grandmother. I have been looking on the internet and in census date, and though there is plenty of information about The President DDE and his ancestors, I have been unable to link Valentine to the family. I thing that Valentine was the brother of Jacob Frederick EISENHOWER, the grandfather of the President. Can anyone help??

23 February 1998 Cleona Martin , SMILEY / STEWART

Looking for info on John SMILEY born 1730 in Scotland. About 1758 he married Ann Houton STEWART. They lived in Dauphin Co. There were 10 children: Thomas, James, Robert, John, Samuel, William and four daughters. I am particularly interested in Catherine who married Archibald BROWNLEE. I am also looking for the marriage certificate of John and Ann Houton STEWART. Any other information would also be most welcome.

20 February 1998 John E. Cashner , CASHNER

Looking for information on my grandfather Joseph CASHNER born in or around Harrisburg about 1869. Was in Philadelphia area about 1890. Married Emma DIXON. Two children: John and Harold Joseph. Harold died in Harrisburg area about 1940.

20 February 1998 Marie W. Hempy , WILLET / WILLETT / WILLETTS

I'm searching for information on Dr. Theodore L. WILLETTS, born 1834 in New Cumberland, Pa. He was married to "Marian E." and had four children: Elwood, George M. , Elizabeth, and John. Any information about any of this family or their descendants would be greatly appreciated. He lived in Harrisburg from approximately 1880 to 1900 or later.

20 February 1998 Melinda K. Green , WILT

Looking for information on Susan WILT born 1808, Dauphin Co., Pa. died 11 May 1884. Married in 1831 to Samuel DAUGHENBAUGH born 1806 in Chester Co, Pa. died 9 Apr 1891. They had a daughter Rebecca Ann born 1838 in Pa., who married 24 Dec 1858 in LeClaire, Scott Co., Iowa to Samuel Morris HOOVER born 25 Jan 1818 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland. Samuel was the son of John HOOVER and Maria (Betsy) DEBO. Samuel died 1889, Rebecca died 4 Apr 1888.

19 February 1998 Martha Reece Fulton , SHAY

Johannah SHAY was born 9 Apr 1856 in Dauphin Co., Pa. according to a family bible. Her mother's name was Catherine, born about 1822 in Ireland. She had at least two brothers; Edward, born about 1846 and Jno., born about 1848 both in Ireland. Is there any information about this SHAY family living in Dauphin Co. during the 1850's? I especially hope to learn the name of Johannah SHAY'S father. The SHAY family was living on a farm in Linn Co., Iowa in the 1870 census. At this time Catherine was a widow. I do not know where they were in 1860, but in the obituary for Johannah SHAY LARGENT, it stated that she recalled arriving in Linn County as a small child "with her parents".

18 February 1998 Patricia L. Morrison , MEFFERT / BENDER / GOOD / GIPPLE

I am trying to find the burial location for Benjamin MEFFERT died Jun 1810 and his wife Christina Jane (GOOD) MEFFERT died Mar 1844. Their son Jacob MEFFERT was reported born in Dauphin Co. 16 Nov 1799. Jacob's wife Elizabeth BENDER is also reported born in Dauphin Co., 13 May 1807. Elizabeth BENDER's parents are John BENDER and Elizabeth GIPPLE.

18 February 1998 Matthew T. Carpenter , HEPFORD

I am a twenty-seven year old Marine trying to track down my ancestry. I was raised in Perry County but both my father's and mother's sides of the family were from Dauphin County. I did not know my father whose name was HEPFORD and I was just trying to figure out where the name originated. Why did they leave Europe? When did they settle in Dauphin County?

18 February 1998 Mae Reiner , KOCHER

In the records of the Egypt Reformed Church, George KOCHER was born in Lehigh Co. in 1796. Can some one verify that this is the George KOCHER that married Magdelena? and had two children: Jacob born 1820 and Sara born 1819. Sarah married Jonas WELKER . The KOCHER'S were living in the Gratrz and Lykens Valley area in 1819. What is Magdelena's maiden name?

18 February 1998 Mae Reiner , SCHELL

I am searching for information on the parents of Michael SCHELL Jr. born between 1750 - 1760 in Lehigh or Dauphin Co. Need to know who he married and when and where. His father was Michael Sr. Any information on this family including siblings would be appreciated.

18 February 1998 Linda Ashby Guerrieri , PASE

I am looking for any information on Jacob PASE. He was born in Dauphin Co., Pa. in 1828. He was my gggrandfather. He was married to Catherine Jane HUBLER. His father's name may have been Christian PASE. He later moved to Clearfield Co., Pa. I believe he had a brother by the name of Christian PASE also. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated.

18 February 1998 Betty Rudolph , RUDOLPH

My gg grandfather, Abraham RUDOLPH, lived in Jefferson Co., Pa. In his journal he relates that on 6 Jan 1864, he, along with several other men in the area, were arrested by the Army for his activities in the Democratic Club. They were placed in the guardhouse at Curwinsville, and later taken to Phillipsburg, where he appeared before the Provost Marshall. He was then sent to the guardhouse in Harrisburg and finally released on 24 Jan 1864.

I have been unable in my Jefferson Co. research to find out what the Democratic Club was. Is there anyone in Harrisburg that could search the court records for this case. Its possible it would be in Federal Court records, in which case, I'm not sure where it would be housed. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

17 February 1998 Suzanne Baxtresser Sense , BAXTRESSER / SULTZBACH

Am searching for any information regarding Mary BAXTRESSER born 6 Aug 1903in Middletown, Pa. Her parents were Jacob Henry BAXTRESSER (1844-1904) and his second wife Angelia SULTZBACH born 7 Nov 1875. After Jacob's death in 1904, Angelia and Mary moved to Elizabethtown in Lancaster Co., to be with Angelia's sister. The only verification of Mary's birth is a listing in the 1910 census for Elizabethtown.

17 February 1998 Bob Blessing , WILT

I am looking for a WILTgenealogy book written by a woman from Harrisburg, Pa. I am not referring to one with just phone numbers but an actual Wilt family genealogy going back to the 1600's. Any information on where to find this book would be appreciated. Yes, I get to post my own queries too

16 February 1998 James W. McLaughlin , MCLAUGHLIN / MCGLAUGHLIN / MCGLOUGHLIN

I am looking for family of William A. MCLAUGHLIN, born 12 Feb 1826, Hummelstown. Later moved to Pittsburg, married Catherine WALKER. Also need information on John MCLAUGHLIN, Dauphin County, circa 1800.

15 February 1998 Mae Reiner , SCHELL

I am looking for the burial sites of Samuel and Barbara (FENNIE)SCHELL in the Halifax cemetery. Does some kind person know their where abouts and send me a message. Thanks for your information, it will be a blessing to receive.

12 February 1998 Mary L. Roeder (Robinson) , ROBINSON / WATTS / SNYDER / BENNER / SHAFFER / DRESSLER / BRITTON

I know that my grandfather and greatgrandfather grew up and lived in Enhaut near Oberlin, Pa. The rest of my family I am not sure of. I do believe they lived in Dauphin Co. and then moved to Perry, Junita and Mifflin counties. My grandfather and ggrandfather were both Daniel Robinson. My great grandfather was killed while working at the BethlehemSteel Plant in Steelton, Pa. in 1892. My grand father Daniel was a railroader. Most of my family still live in Pa. My parents still live in Harrisburg. Anyone that can help with info on my family would be great, my family knows very little of where they came from and I would like to know.

8 February 1998 Kim A. Bowman , BAUMAN / BOWMAN / STROH / STRAW / HOLTZMAN / SHEETZ

I am trying to establish my immigrant parents and where they came from. My gggrandfather is Samuel BOWMAN born 31 Oct 1820 and died 9 Dec 1886 of Matamoris and Powell's Valley in Dauphin County. Samuel's birth is recorded at Fetterhoff's Church in 1820. Samuel married Angeline STRAW (STROH) born 18 Oct 1828 and died 31 May 1909, the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth STRAW (STROH). Samuel and Angeline are buried in Long's Cemetery without markers. Samuel's siblings range in birth from 1811 to 1826 and have the surname spelling of BOWMAN OR BAUMAN. They are: David, Cadrina, Georg, Susanna, Elizabeth, Michael, and Barbara. Samuel's parents are given as Georg born 11 Feb 1788 died 20 Dec 1825 and Barbara born 3 Feb 1791 and died 16 Aug 1858 BAUMAN.

Samuel and Angeline Bowman had a large family. They consist of Isaac, George, Samuel, James, Emma, Louis, Cornelius, Joseph and Charles. Joseph Emanuel Bowman born 16 Oct 1868 is my great grandfather, married Agnes Leah HOLTZMAN born 1 Jan 1869. They lived in Matamoris, Dauphin Co., just north of Harrisburg. Their children were: Earl, Robert and Herbert. Earl Jerome Bowman was a Lutheran minister, my grandfather Robert Emory Bowman was the assistant Postmaster in Millersburg, Pa. He married Helen SHONTZ of Phillipsburg and had a son, my father, Joseph R. Bowman. I have specific dates and places for all of the above names and will be glad to share them with you.

8 February 1998 David Bonner , BAUM / HOLTZMAN

Looking for information on the parents and any siblings of Sarah HOLTZMAN, my GG grandmother. 1880 census records show that she was born about 1839 in Pa. and that her parents were also born in Pa. About 1863 she married John O. (or D.) BAUM and they had at lease four sons. Henry G.; Charles; Isaac Wellington (my Great-Grandfather) and John. This family lived in Lykens, Dauphin Co., in 1880. I also need information on John O. BAUM'S parents and any siblings. I am willing to share what information I have on Isaac's descendants.

8 February 1998 Sandra D. Sturgeon-Theisen , STURGEON

Samuel STURGEON, born 1680 N. Ireland and John STURGEON, born 1722 N. Ireland immigrated to Paxtang (Paxton) Township, Dauphin County, Pa. sometime thereafter. Anyone researching this lineasge, please email me.

2 February 1998, Lynne Sears , MESSNER / GARDNER

Looking for information on John MESSNER born: 17 Nov 1817 in Lykens Valley, Dauphin Co., Pa. He married Margaret Catherine GARDNER who was born 7 Jul 1836 in Millersburg, Dauphin Co. I know her parents were James GARDNER and Mary MCGINNIS.John MESSNER may have had a first wife named Maria CLAPPER. John and Margaret must have moved to Ohio by 1856. They had a daughter, Mary Ellen, born in Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio 1 Mar 1856. I don't know if there were any other children. Any further information about these families would be greatly appreciated.

1 February 1998, Kathie Marynik , CROSLEY

Is anyone researching Abraham CROSLEY, born 1780 in Chester Co., Pa.? His father may be James CROSLEY, & there may be a Quaker connection. Abraham enlisted in the War of 1812 giving his residence as Harrisburg. He served 5 years in the army and it appears that he never returned to Pa. He had at least one son James CROSLEY, born 1802 in Philadelphia, who also enlisted, serving as a drummer boy at first. Would be happy to exchange CROSLEY info.

1 February 1998, Joe Long , GOODMAN / GUTMAN

I am interested in exchanging information concerning this family in Dauphin and surrounding counties. I am trying to determine the parents of Catherine GOODMAN (1804-1888) who married Samuel LONG in 1822 in Cumberland Co., Pa. They later lived in Franklin Co., Pa. and Lorain Co., OH.

31 January 1998, Thomas McCulloch Colman , COLEMAN

I am looking for family connection between any or all of seven Jacob COLEMANS listed in the 1790 US census. These gentlemen were Jacob COLEMAN of Bedford Co., Pa.,; Jacob COLEMAN of Berks Co., Pa.; Jacob COLEMAN of Dauphin Co. Pa.; Jacob COLEMAN of Northampton Co., Pa; Jacob COLEMAN of Shenandoah Co., Va; and my ancestors Jacob COLEMAN Sr. and Jr. of Jefferson Co., KY. whose residence from 1770 to 1783 (except for army service) was on Dunlaps Creek, Westmoreland Co., Pa. The first five gentlemen listed all were located within about 150 miles of each other. Only one other Jacob COLEMAN (NC) was listed in the 1790 census.

31 January 1998, Fred A. Bowman , BOWMAN

Seeking info on John BOWMAN and his wife Rebecca KIMMEL of Philadelphia. John died 1798. Children were Catharina, married John GeorgeENDERS ; John (1785-1839) married Ann Mary ???; Peter (1790-1828) married Susanna ???; Henry (1791-1857) married Elizabeth ??; Barbara born 1795, married John B. HOFFMAN ; George; and Jacob. It is believed they lived near Halifax, Pa. and some are buried in the Fetterhoff Church Cemetery.

I am also researching the surnames SHOTT / MILLER / BIXLER who lived in the vacinity of Jackson Twp., Dauphin Co.

28 January 1998, Janet H. Riley , SHADLE / LEISINGRING / HENNINGER

Heinrich SHADLE (1761- 1828) , married Eva LEISINGRING (1769-1856) And had 14 children. One son, Gideon SHADLE (1794-1848) married Maria Christina HENNINGER (1795-1850 interested in these 3 family lines.

27 January 1998, Teresa Geiger , GREEN / SIDWELL

I am looking for info on the family of Abel GREEN, Jr. and Prudence SIDWELL. Abel was born 10 Oct 1759 in Edgemont Twp. Their children were Abel born abt. 1796 in Thornbury Twp.,; Sidwell born about 1800 in Thornbury Twp.,; Sharpless born 22 Aug 1820 in Middletown, Dauphin Co. and Morris born 6 Jan 1824 in Middletown, Dauphin Co. Are there anymore children? Could they have possibly have had a daughter named Prudence too. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

27 January 1998, Judy Laros , FOX / MCKNIGHT

Looking for a marriage between FOX & MCKNIGHT prior to 1838. My great grandfather was Adam Fox MCKNIGHT born in Dauphin Co., Pa. 26 Aug 1838. Any info on his parents would be appreciated.

26January 1998, Charles E. Kindt , MOYER / FLOWERFIELD

I am seeking info on the FLOWERFIELD family and James & Charles MOYER. These three were probably related. They lived in Enhaut, Swatara Township in the period from about 1900 to 1930. Any help will be appreciated.

26 January 1998, Mary E. Hoffer , MINNICH / MINNIG

Searching for parents and siblings of Sarah MUNNICH / MINNIG, who according to the family Bible was born in Hanover Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa. on 29 Aug 1791, married Anthony KLECKNER, Buffalo Twp., Union Co. on 6 Mar 1813. After their marriage, they moved to Sugar Valley, Centre Co., Pa. now Clinton County.

24 January 1998, Tnt , FELKIEL / FAJKIEL / DUBEK

Looking for any information on the above surnames. Paul FELKIEL married Sophie DUBEK. Lived in Steelton and surrounding area. Buried a child Mary FELKIEL in Steelton.

23 January 1998, Cora Baddorf , BADDORF

Looking for information on the BATDORF / BADDORF family of Williams, Lykens, and Wisconisco Townships. In particular, Daniel BATDORF, born about 1841 died 1905. Wife Eliz. ADAMS..

23 Jan 1998Mary Ann Lindsay PEACE / MCCORD

I am still looking for my Peace family since my 22 Oct. 1996 query. Charles L. PEACE (born 1875 died 1944) married Mary B. MCCORD (born 1877 died 1950) in Dauphin County about 1894. Need exact date of marriage. Charles' parents were Henry PEACE / PEECE and Emma RUMBAUGH. Need Emma birth and death dates and place of birth and death. Mary B. MCCORD parents were possibly John MCCORD and possibly Mary or Annie MCDONALD. Not sure of first names. Emma probably married Abe STALEY after Henry PEACE / PEECE. Also looking for Steve and Mary MCDONALD MARNEY. Address in 1930 is in 1996 query. She was a MCDONALD not a MCCORD as previously thought. Carl Lambert DECKER born 1891 Blair County, died in 1934 in Dauphin County, son of Thomas DECKER. Would also like any information on Edwin TROY parents of Camp Hill. Any help appreciated.

22 January 1998, George E. Schupp , SCHUPP / SHUPP / SHOOP

Looking for any information on any of these names in Dauphin County. My immediate query is for information on the children of John George SCHUPP, born abt. 1786 in Dauphin County and Elizabeth CRAGGLE. Married 8 Nov 1803. Lived in Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pa. and later in Harrisburg.

21 January 1998, Thomas Hannen , SUTTON

I'm looking for information on Nathaniel Atwell SUTTON. I believe he was in Dauphin County in 1860. There he married Lousia HERMAN 2 Jan 1860. They had a boy John Calvin SUTTON born 25 Sep 1861. They were married in the Vine Street Methodist Episcopal Church. What I'm looking for is his birth place and maybe his parents name. He left Dauphin County in 1863.

20 January 1998, Betty Martz , KNOP / KNUP / BURKHOLDER

Seeking information about the family of Hannah KNOP born 1832 at Harrisburg, Pa. She had a brother John KNOP born 1834. Their parents were Henry KNOP and Elizabeth BURKHOLDER born abt 1811. Henry's parents were probably Jacob KNOP born abt 1772 who married Rachel born abt 1777. Any help appreciated.

20 January 1998, Scott Alan Williams , WILLIAMS

I am trying to find any information about the WILLIAMS family. My grandfather was born in Dauphin County on 10 Oct 1890. His name was Roscoe James WILLIAMS. His parents names were James WILLIAMS and Annie WEAVER. If anyone can help me find anything about my family from Roscoe back, I would really appreciate it. Thanks alot.

20January 1998, Frank S. Harding , HERSHBERGER

Looking for information on the father and mother of Rebecca HERSHBERGER, born in Hummelstown, Dauphin County, 28 Jul 1865

19 January 1998, Joseph R. Umholtz , UMHOLTZ / RITZMAN

I'm looking for the burial site for Sarah Umholtz RITZMAN, wife of Henry William RITZMAN. Her last known address was the Dauphin County Alms House in the 1900 census. Sarah was born in 1847 and had three children Edward, Charles and Catherine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

19 January 1998, Kay Kirkman , BRADESTONE / BREITENSTEIN

Looking for information about Nicholas BRADESTONE, listed in 1810 census in East Hanover Township, age 42. Family included wife, Catherine, 2 sons under 10, 3 daughters 10-16. In 1800, he was listed in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. The name is also spelled BREITENSTEIN, BRIDENSTINE, AND BROADSTONE. Any burials in local cemeteries or mention in local history??? By 1820, he was in Union County, Pa.

19 January 1998, Anita P. Camplese , MUNDORF

I am seeking any information on my great-grandfather, Kempton Emanuel MUNDORF, of Dauphin and Cumberland Co. I have no birth dates or location. He died c. 1960 in Harrisburg. He married Flora MILLER (died 1914) and they ;had seven children: George, Frank, Sylvan, Thomas, Leona, Mae Pearlean, and Mary Adline. He married again to an unknown woman with a daughter named Thelma. At some point the family resided in Mt. Holly Springs, Cumberland Co. and may have lived in Steelton, as well as, Harrisburg. I have old photos of family members, many predating 1900. Any information would be welcomed.

19 January 1998, Anita P. Camplese , CAMPLESE

I am researching the CAMPLESE family of Harrisburg, Pa. Pantaleone (Paul) CAMPLESE immigrated from Farindola, Abruzzi, Italy before 1918 and married a local woman, Mae Pearlean MUNDORF about 1919. They had four children and lived in Harrisburg and in the Borough of Penbrook. Raffaele CAMPLESE, his brother, also immigrated and settled in the Colonial Park area of Harrisburg. Chesidio CAMPLESE lived in Harrisburg and Fiorindo CAMPLESE lived in Penbrook.

17 January 1998, Leon E. Hertzler , ESHLEMAN

My great great grandfather Jacob ESHLEMAN 1796-1878, was born at Black Swamp, Dauphin Co., Pa. His father was John Shaub ESHLEMAN 1765-1807. Jacob ESHLEMAN married Elizabeth SCHENK and they moved to Lancaster Co., Pa., later they moved to Perry Co., Pa., settling in Cumberland Co., Pa. Jacob & Elizabeth are buried at the Slate Hill Cemetery at Camp Hill, Pa. Can anyone help me learn more about BLACK SWAMP Dauphin Co., Pa.???? Where can I go to find this Black Swamp Area??? Are there other ESHLEMAN descendants looking for their Dauphin Co., Pa. locations???? Will I find John ESHLEMAN buried at Black Swamp?????

14 January 1998, Linda Steinke , DUNKEL

My gg-grandfather George DUNKEL, born 1813, in Millersburg, Dauphin County, son of John and Maria (BAUMAN) DUNKEL, married "Mary Ann" sometime around 1838. I'm trying to determine who her parents were. George died in 1854 and is buried in Halifax Methodist Church Cemetery. I'm not sure what happened to Mary Ann. In the 1860 census, we believe their daughter Sarah was living with George W. and Elspy (SMITH) FINNEY family. Elspy was the daughter of Isaac and Susan (BAKER)SMITH. There may be a connectrion to the SMITH or the FINNEY families, and I would like to know if anyone has any information that might help me.

14 January 1998, Ray N. Evans , MAYES / MURRAY / GREEN

Col. John MURRAY born 1731 in Scotland died 1798 in Dauphin Co., married 1762 to Margaret MAYES, daughter of Andrew MAYES and Rebecca MC FARLAND. Margaret was born 1738 and died 1807 in Dauphin Co. Children of John and Margaret were: William born 1764, married Deborah LATTA; Mary; Anne married John REZNOR; Jean married John MC MAHAN; Margaret born 1770 married John MURRAY; Thomas born 1770 married Charity ARBOR; Rebecca born 1774 married Innis GREEN. Looking for information on the descendants of the seven children of John and Margaret.

14 January 1998, Lynn E. Applegate , STAUFFER

Seeking information on STAUFFER family of Dauphin County. Magdalena STAUFFER was born in Dauphin County, Pa. on 30 Dec 1812. Around 1830 she married Abraham MINNICH in Dauphin County. Magdalena and Abraham moved to Montgomery County, Ohio around 1832. Seeking Magdalena's parents names and any history of this STAUFFER family.

14 January 1998, Steven L. Bonnell , BONNELL / BUNNELL

Looking for information on John BONNELL, born abt. 1757, who was in the Paxton (?) area in 1790's. He was married to Betsy (Nancy) PANDY and had about 7 children, one being George. John came from the N.J. area, was in Paxton, then moved to Pine Creek Valley, Lycoming Co., for awhileand then on to Erie, Pa. where he died abt. 1845.Would like any and all information about him in the Paxton Area, especially any siblings and parents. Also having a BONNELL Reunion on 4 July 1998 at Little Pine State Park for all BONNELL / BUNNELL's. Visit my web page "Bonnell Family Tree, Genealogy, and Information" for more information and updates.

14 January 1998, George F. Nagle , SLAVE BURIALS

I am searching for the burial sites of Dauphin County slaves and former slaves so that the sites can be catalogued, mapped, and photographed for my website. If you know of any graveyares or burial spots of African American slaves or former slaves please email me with details and/or locations. I am interested in marked, unmarked, rumored and folklorical graves. Also interested in any slavery information from Dauphin Couinty, especially pre-1830.

12 January 1998, Larry Johnson , KEARNS

Looking for Rose KEARNS, born in Harrisburg, Pa. 26 Aug 1862, father was John Charles KEARNS, mother was Catherine. Rose was married to Jerry MAHER

08 January 1998, Walker Baumgardner , BAUMGARDNER / HERSHEY / LANDIS

Seeking parents and siblings of John BAUMGARDNER, b. 1804, probably in Lebanon Co., Married Elizabeth Hershey, b. 1809, Lebanon Co. Elizabeth's parents are: Christian HERSHEY and Susannah LANDIS, both buried Union Deposit Cemetery, Dauphin Co. John and Elizabeth had four children in Lebanon Co.: Benjamin Franklin, born 1830; Israel, born 1832; Lidia, born 1833; and Mary born 1835. They then moved to Ohio. They lived in Stark, Holmes, Wayne Cos. before settling at Richfield, Summit Co., Ohio. Children born in Ohio were: Peter, born 1837; John Henry, born 1839; Jacob William, born 1843; Levi, born 1845; Sarah, born 1848; Millard Fillmore, born 1850; and Issac, born 1852. John's brother, Peter, also moved from Lebanon Co. to Ohio. Would also like to know parents and siblings of Susannah LANDIS, born 19 Aug 1784, died 11 Nov 1867, mother of Elizabeth Hershey BAUMGARDNER.

08 January 1998, Bert Shaw , MAXWELL

Mary Caroline MAXWELL is said to have been born in Harrisburg, Pa. 14 Jun 1849. Her parents were John MAXWELL and Matilda CROSS, both Scots, though perphaps born in Pa. Mary's brother William MAXWELL is shown on census records as born in Pa. in about 1860. The family had moved on to Neosho Co., Ks. by about 1867. Can anyone confirm Mary Caroline MAXWELL's birth information. Or locate a marriage record for John MAXWELL and Matilda CROSS? Or find any reference to the family in or near Harrisburg in the period 1840-1860?

07 January 1998, Barbara J. Smith , CULP /KULP

Looking for connections to family of Emanuel (1807-1882) and Mary R. (1812-1882 KULP (also spelled CULP) of Dauphin and Perry Countys in Pa. Know children: Jonathan, born 1833, married Emily, children: Harrison, Clara, Robert, Abraham, and Williaml; Harrison, born 1864, married Margaret A. LEEDY, died 1909, a taylor by trade, children: Jerome, Ira, Myrtly, Mary, Flora, Minnie, Matilda, and George; Elizabeth O. born 1839, died 1863.

05 January 1998, Barbara L. Oldham , FRITCHEY

Researching the life of John Godfrey FRITCHEY who lived 1756-1821 in Dauphin Co., Pa. He came with a friend to America from Germany and he settled in the Harrisburg area. He married a Dorothea BUCHER who lived 1770-1853. They lived between Harrisburg and Linglestown. They had 13 children: Cathering, George, Marie, Joseph, Elizabeth, Frederick, John Godfrey, Dorothea, Benjamin, Rosanna Matilda, Anna Maria, Gustavus, and Emilia. Interested in information concerning this family.

03 January 1998, J. Scott Barnes , SCOTT

Researching the life of James SCOTTwho appears in the 1790 and 1800 census in Derry Township, Dauphin Co. He is also listed as being a First Lieutenant in Third Battalion, First Company of the Lancaster County Militia, which was based in Derry Twp. Married in 1771 to Mary CLINGAN of Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co., who died (apparently a widow) in McConnellsburg, Fulton Co., Pa. in 1824.

03 January 1998, Robert C. Burke , ROBERTS / CONRAD

I am looking for information on Simon Snyder ROBERTS born 9 Oct 1808 in Harrisburg, Pa. married to Elizabeth CONRAD born 3 Aug 1820 in Middleton??? (there is a North Middleton Township and a South Middleton Township bordering Carlisle, Pa. or a Middletown, Londonderry Twp., Dauphin County, Pa.) This family later moved to Marion Co., Iowa where Elizabeth died 20 Dec 1849. They had two children; James Polk and George. Simon later married Nancy DONNELL born 12 Feb 1823.

03 January 1998, Alan M. Davidson , MCDERMOTT

I am looking for information on my grandmother Mary Ann (MCDERMOTT) MURRAY, born in Wiconisco Twp., 6 Oct 1870. Her sbrothers and sisters were Ellen Tamson MCDERMOTT born 16 Feb 1868 and married to John HANRAHAN in Buffalo, NY. 10 Apr 1889; Theresa Jane, born 6 Oct 1872 ands married to John SMITH in Youngstown, NY 1 Sep 1890; John Francis, born 16 Mar 1874 and married to Clara YINGLING in Cresson, Pa. 25 Nov 1902; Charles Edward, born 25 Feb 1876; Margaret Marcella, born 31 Mar 1880; Elizabeth May, born 9 May 1878 and married to Frank MCFARLAND in Limestone, NY. 19 Jun 1900. My grandmother Mary Ann, married Michael PatrickMURRAY in Niagara Falls, NY 8 Dec 1888. They lived in Cresson, Pa. and raised their family there. Any information on the MCDERMOTTS would be appreciated. They were all born in Wiconisco Twp. except for Theresa and Elizabeth who were born in Williamstown and John who was born in LaSalle, Illinois.

03 January 1998, Gina M. Kirkland , STAKLEY

I am looking for the families of Frederick C. STAKLEY or his son Virgil Ambrose STAKLEY. They lived in Dauphin County circa 1910.

01 January 1998, Connie , BAUM / LOCUST GROVE HOTEL

I ams looking for any information on John BAUM, who owned the LOCUST GROVE HOTEL near Oberlin, Pa. around the years 1800's onward. I found this information in an 1896 book called, "commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin Co." This is my ggg grandfather. I would like to know where the LOCUST GROVE HOTEL was located. Also, any information on Michael Simeon BAUM, born in 1811 to John BAUM. Michael BAUM owned a farm around 1875 in West Hanover Twp. near Hanoverdale.

01 January 1998, Mary (McCarty) Weese , GOTTSHALL / MCNEELY / ADAMS / PURCELL

Searching for information on Charles GOTTSHALL born 15 Mar 1866 in Lykens, Pa. Who were his parents? First wife may have been Margaret PURCELL. Second wife was Catherine MCNEELY of Dauphin, Pa. married 11 Nov 1891, daughter of John Wesley MCNEELY and Francis Hannah ADAMS.

01 January 1998, Mary (McCarty) Weese , ADAMS / MICHAELS / KLING

Searching for information on Levi ADAMS born 2 Sep 1792, died 31 Oct 1860, married Catherine MICHAELS or KLING born 14 Apr 1807 at Fishing Creek, died 19 Aug 1895 in Dauphin. Any information would be appreciated.





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