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Submitting a surname is now an automatic process on Dauphin County Genealogy Resource Center. The old surname pages are still kept on this site. You can click on the appropriate page in the column to your right or use the general search page to check for names. Also, my thanks go to Bob Blessing who helped maintain the surname pages and kept them on his website. Without his assistance I would never have been able to keep the surname pages up to date.

You can now search, add and edit your surnames that you are researching in Dauphin County.

The Dauphin County Genealogy Resource Boards have specific areas for surname researchers.  Click here to go to the boards. Select the Surname Researcher Category. There are 4 forums in the category, A-f, G-L, M-R and S-Z. Add a new Topic to the forum that corresponds to the surname you wish to post. In the Topic subject, put the SURNAME only (no need to use caps). DO NOT put given names or dates in the SUBJECT. In the message, put some info about the surname like location, time frame, etc.

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