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bullet   Margery Crosbie: Sherrie has been an invaluable help to me researching my Dauphin County ancestors. She traveled from her home to a small cemetery outside of Harrisburg where there was no records or office available for help. She tramped the cemetery grounds searching for stones, photographing same and sending them off to me promptly. She's also searched church records along with old books in pursuit of information to help me unlock the secrets of the past. Since I live in California, far from these sources, she's been my right hand - don't know what I'd do without her.
bullet10 June 2000 - Susan Young, Seminole Florida. Sherrie Yuhas has helped me with my research on numerous occasions.  Since I live in Florida sometimes I need to have research done or specific records located from the courthouses, libraries or Historical Societies in Dauphin, Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties.  Sherrie has been a tremendous help and is fast, accurate and efficient.  Often times she has found unexpected "treasures" that I would have never been able to find myself.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sherrie on one of my recent genealogy trips to PA and she has a wealth of knowledge about genealogy and the resources available in the area.
bullet2 February 2000 - Bob Maley Sherrie has been doing follow up for me on tax lists and census pages that I just couldn't find the time to do myself. She works fast, is very thorough and does great work. Highly recommended.





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