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Researchers in Dauphin County

The following are researchers who are available for hire to do research that is specific to Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. I have include this page as a service to the Genealogists who can't travel to PA and need someone to do the legwork. The fact that a person is listed here in now way guarantees the quality of their work or their qualifications.

Also, the fact that they are listed here does not indicate endorsement by me or any other entity. When choosing a researcher it is best to ask for references and for you to follow up on those references. Also, be very specific about what you expect and what you are looking for. Remember, they may spend time on your research project and find nothing. Be up front with all of the arrangements for payment, reports, etc. so you won't be disappointed.

If you use one of these folks, please e-mail me with your comments about their performance, good or bad. I will add  a comments section for each researcher.


fax & voice mail: 888-522-7167
email: stefhoover@earthlink.net
Web page:

My web site is called GenoGraphs. I offer professional photography services to PA genealogy researchers. My service is reasonably priced and, as a paralegal and genealogical researcher, I know what shots are of most value to those looking for family history.


Sherrie Yuhas
E-Mail - work-work-work@msn.com 
HomePage - http://homepages.msn.com/HobbyCt/work-work-work
About her:
By researching estate, land, military, and church records, as well as other genealogy sources and cemetery visits, I can help you track down your ancestors. Covering the counties of Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Schuylkill, I'll trace your history.

To add yourself as a researcher please e-mail AddResearcher@Maley.net. Include your e-mail address, your home page address and a small paragraph about you. Your area of research MUST include Dauphin County. 





Sherrie Yuhas



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