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This page lists success stories from folks who found a connection, information, new ancestors, cousins, whatever by using the Dauphin County GenWeb Page. Please submit your stories to Robert L. Maley. Thanks!
bulletDear Mr. Maley:

I am considerably new to genealogy, beginning with only very brief outlines of different sides of both my and my husband's families. Although we met, married and live in Arizona, through your site I have found that we both have Dauphin County backgrounds! I have even discovered that Rev. John Stoever (Early Lutheran Baptisms and marriages) performed marriage ceremonies for my Uhler ancestors and my husband's Rudy ones. Talk about coincidences.

I have especially been excited to find so much information about my great-great-grandfather, George Bergner. All I started out with was his name, and his daughter's name and her husband. In the 1896 COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DAUGHIN COUNTY that has been partially transcribed on your site, I found a whole mini-history of his life. To learn that he came to America as a 12-year-old boy in 1830, apprenticed himself as a typesetter, and end up as the wealthy owner of several newspapers, an influential political backer, and was appointed by President Lincoln as Postmaster General and other details was like opening a treasure chest. Without that biographical sketch, I would have no personal information on him and his family, nor the wonderful starting point for more research.

I was also extremely excited to find the two Harrisburg and Susquehanna atlases. I was able to locate his home and several family businesses on them! When I present my family history book I am preparing for my family and other relatives, they will think I have spent days examining dusty records in a Harrisburg record office basement, but lo and behold! I found it all in my home study here in Chandler, Arizona.

Thank you and everyone who has contributed to this site. It truly is a gem of priceless value. ----Kathryn McCorkle


bulletHello Mr. Maley, I have used the Dauphin County and Lancaster County GenWeb pages and email, especially several years ago, and I would like to share several successes with getting new Patriot ancestors for the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution through family research carried out in Dauphin and Lancaster Counties. I have discovered that my ancestor Johann Adam Hacker, father of Martin Hocker, who is buried in the old graveyard behind the old Lutheran Church in Hummelstown, signed a loyalty oath during the American Revolution in Lancaster Co. This is considered patriotic service by the DAR and SAR. I submitted a supplemental application on this Hacker/Hocker line and it was accepted by the DAR just about a month ago. The lineage of Johann Adam Hacker, his son Martin, and the rest of his descendants is included in a book called a Hacker/ Hocker American Genealogy. The Hummelstown Area Historical Society has a certain amount of data on the family, as they lived in the area. If anybody cares to use this Johann Adam Hacker for membership in the DAR or SAR, they can write to the DAR to obtain the information, or email me for more details. Likewise, I submitted an application on John Manning, of Manor Township, Lancaster Co., also because he signed a loyalty oath in Lancaster, which was approved last year by the DAR. Branches of his family remain in Lancaster Co., and my branch, his son George Manning moved to Londonderry Twp. just outside of Middletown, and my research in that township helped toward solving a couple of family puzzles and linking me back to this John Manning. Again, anybody who cares to use this John Manning line for DAR or SAR membership can contact the DAR for the necessary information. Barbara C Barnes


bulletWhat a gold mine I have found on your site!!! I have found 3 generations of siblings for my Runkle family on your site. I had the pedigree line but could not find the immediate families. My grandfather was Earl Harper Runkle, my g-g grandfather was (John)Phillip Runkle, my g-g-g grandfather was Johannes (John) Runkle, my g-g-g-g grandfather was Jacob Runkle, my g-g-g-g-g grandfather was Nicholas Runkle. I just found out from another source my g-g-g-g-g-g grandfather was Casper Runkle. I did not have all the children for these generations I now have 3 complete generations thanks to the information on your site! A thousand thank yous for your site!!!

Mary (Runkle) Clayton

bulletA February query from Diane Etter Smelker about the Lerch family led me to contacting her and, surprise, we are cousins (although distant ones)!! And not too long ago we "collected" another cousin, Joan Bretz. All three of us connect through Christopher LERCH of Dauphin/Lebanon Cos. By pooling our research we hope to get back another generation or so. We all have connections to Steelton, Harrisburg, Middletown, and other locations in Dauphin Co., too. In fact, the more we talk the more connections we find. Thanks so much for all your hard work in making the Dauphin Co page an easy place to find "lost" cousins! Robin760@aol.com


bulletHi Bob, long time no chat. I do not remember if I told you but I think I have a success story for you. We are not quite certain how to prove our connections but I think I found a cousin from the gen web page. Lynn Scott of NY contacted me a while back and asked if my Peace family included a Henry Peece. Well, Henry Peace was my great grandfather. We got to chatting back and forth and found that Henry is Lynn's great great grandfather and her great grandmother Effie is my grandfather Charles Peace sister! We found that they had been given out to foster homes when they were young and one side of the family does not know the other side of the family, etc. Except for my mother's notes on her family, I would not have known to look for Effie Peece. Turns out my mother was best buddies with Lynn's grandmother! My Mom knows best. She is the only survivor of that Peace family to be able to authenticate all this but Lynn and I are working on it really intensely to gain more information. This is just a start on what proves to be a very interesting family story. Thanks for your time and thanks for the page! If you check my homepage you will find Lynn's homepage as the link "Carriage House Woodworks". Mary Ann Lindsay http://netdex.com/~malincal


bulletLast week, I received e-mail from Vicky Shimp in Tempe, AZ. Her husband, it turns out, is my distant cousin. She first contacted me for Kennedy information and almost immediately sent another note when she discovered my Houser query. Joseph Kennedy and Sarah Houser are our common great-great grandparents.Her subsequent information confirmed the identity of my great-grandfather which had previously been in doubt. In doing so, she provided me confirmation of his immigrant parents and a surname for a 3rd-great-grandparent in Germany. John W. Irwin


bulletI received a query from Julie Wollard Trout of MO, about her great-great-grandparents, George Washington Shalenhamer and Rebecca Lingle. Turns out George was the son of Abraham Shellenhamer and Sarah Fitting. Julie and I are 6th cousins. I was able to give her 4 generations of George's Shellenhamer ancestors and 5 generations of Fitting's. She in turn was able to fill me in on the Westward migration of George and Rebecca. She also had 10 letters from William Fitting to the Shellenhamer family that he wrote during the Civil War. He was killed at the battle of Fredericksburg. William is my 1st cousin 4 times removed and Julie's 2nd cousin 4 times removed. Robert L. Maley


bulletBob: Just thought I would let you know what I have found about the elusive John McFadden. Visited the Civil War Museum in Phila, found about 15-20 John Mc who served in the Civil War, narrowed to five from south central Pa. Went to Carlisle and found the old bugger, wrote to the National Archives and about a week ago received his pension records. We found that he died in Philadelphia, have a date of death and I am going to Phila. to get a copy of his death certificate this week. Hopefully it will show the name of the cemetery in Harrisburg where he was buried, and maybe his wife will be close by. Getting close, but still have no idea about him prior to his enlisting in the Civil War. We did find a marriage date and the minister who married them. Have written to Joe Patterson in Cumberland County to see if they know of a Rev Swartz in Mechanicsburg..Just wanted to let you know of our little success-you were helpful in our quest.. Bill Runner...




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