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The purpose of these pages is to provide a forum for people who are conducting Genealogical research in Dauphin County Pennsylvania. These pages are limited to postings and information that I consider relevant to that purposed.

Any information that is posted that is not related to Dauphin County will not be considered.  Postings in the comment's forms and the Auto Query boards that do not conform will be deleted without any notice.

Material for submission to these pages must be the property of the submitter, or the submitter must have permission to post it.  Material from non-copyrighted publications must have the source clearly identified.

Links and e-mail addresses that are invalid will also be removed without notice. If you change your e-mail or Internet  Service Provider, please notify me at DCLinkChange@maley.net

Also, as material is submitted, I will post it as soon as possible (which may not be immediate).

All submitted material remains the property of the original submitter.





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